Obama’s Desperate ‘War With Russia’ Gambit

Yesterday, WND published my article: Obama’s Hitlerian Departure, which compared Obama’s anti-Trump maneuvers in his final days in office to Hitler’s response to the American post-D-Day assault on Cherbourg, France (sabotage and tactical ineptitude being the common elements). http://www.wnd.com/2017/01/obamas-hitlerian-departure/

In it I said “I’m not terribly worried about Obama’s scorched-earth strategy, now that it’s clear the Russians will not be suckered into a hot war with the U.S.” I’d like to expand on that point.

Today, one of the most important articles yet published on the anti-Russian war propaganda campaign appeared on The Intercept, written by liberal Glenn Greenwald. It calls out the Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC and others for their highly unethical practice of hyping anti-Russian news stories, then failing to correct the record in any meaningful way when the stories proved to be fake news. (Welcome to my world as the chief target of LGBT propaganda! – but that’s an aside).

Here’s the link, followed by my comment posted on the site: https://theintercept.com/2017/01/04/washpost-is-richly-rewarded-for-false-news-about-russia-threat-while-public-is-deceived/

“Kudos Mr Greenwald. However, as brilliant and important as this analysis is, we wouldn’t be reading it if Putin had taken Obama’s bait and expelled American diplomats from Russia. Instead, we’d be at the next level of fear-mongering, dramatically showcased by news items like today’s announcement of US Special Forces being sent to the Lithuanian/Russian border, and perhaps an uptick in our DefCom threat level. The lies of the propaganda campaign you’ve exposed would go unchallenged (or unpublished) or even characterized as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” Obama wants a war to justify police state powers, if not necessarily for himself then for Merkel and the rest of the globalist team increasingly desperate to stop the erosion of its control of world affairs. That’s the one aspect of your excellent article left untouched: motive.” By which I mean motive of those creating the fake news [Obama’s CIA perhap?] that these outlets published.

This article is really must-reading, especially for conservatives who have been suckered into the Obama/McCain cold war mentality toward the Russian nation and people – people who would otherwise be our closest friends and allies if not for the steady campaign of lies since 2013 when Russia passed the ban on “gay” propaganda to children. That game-changing decision gave hope to conservative nations around the world that the globalists could be stopped from cramming their godless agenda down the world’s throat. Obama then staged the coup in Ukraine to revive the cold war, and force Russia to annex Crimea (to protect its centuries-old strategic interests there), or watch it be transformed into a NATO base under hostile US and EU control.

That devious chess move by Obama gave undeserved credibility to his subsequent propaganda campaign casting Russia as an aggressor nation seeking to rebuild the “Evil Communist Empire” of the Soviet Union. That cynical US and EU (always a US puppet) chest-beating was followed by regional war games and provocative military encirclement tactics by NATO (always a US puppet as well) which Russia or any other nation would have no choice but to counter, simply for the sake of prudence. Putin’s responses were reasonable and measured.

President Elect Trump, presumably being advised by the best and brightest military minds of the US (many of them high ranking officers fired by Obama for ideological incompatibility with his Socialist and LGBT agendas) saw through the Obama/McCain deceptions. He publicly reached out to Russia and proved to the nation that the war propaganda was false and allowed those willing to see it that Russia shares many of the same goals for the world that American conservatives and populists do.

It’s pretty obvious to me that Obama intended to launch a hot war with Russia. The now demonstrably fake news about Russian hacking of the election results [utterly baseless] was a transparent pretext to expel the Russian diplomats, which was intended to provoke retaliation in kind. That would be followed by a false flag attack on the US with Russia in the frame-up – exactly what occurred with the now demonstrably fake news of the Vermont power grid being shut down in the dead of winter. (Why Vermont? Because it’s home to some of the most vocal and dedicated anti-war activists in the nation, whose criticism of a sudden shift to a US war footing would be blunted).

On its heels would come some major sabre-rattling to give voice to US “outrage” such as today’s news that Obama is sending troops to the Lithuanian/Russian border. Next would be some sort of incident with shots fired and sudden, rapid escalation into war. That hasn’t happened yet, but still might.

Importantly, a conspiracy such as I have outlined would take time to set up, and once set in motion would be hard to abort. President Putin threw a monkey wrench into the works by not retaliating in kind by expelling American diplomats. That took the air out of the pre-planned Vermont “grid attack” story, and exposed the troop deployment tactic as an act of American aggression. The propaganda machine is still spinning it as justified but only those in the general public who still don’t realize that the fake news was debunked are going along with it.

In conclusion, then, I am retracting my statement of yesterday that implied we are out of the woods regarding an Obama war with Russia. I’m back to warning that these next three weeks are fraught with the risk of war because the elites are desperate, and I know I am by no means alone in this assessment. Perhaps by stating this suspicion openly and widely we can deter them. We should also be praying that Mr. Putin and the Russian people resist the natural inclination to retaliate militarily if Obama strikes first, understanding that Trump would make right any harms the Russians suffer in that last-ditch attempt to trigger war.

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