Hollywood Chickenhawk Scandal Part Two


The tidal wave of sex abuse claims by women against powerful men in Hollywood might suggest that the industry is run by a cabal of heterosexual predators, and it’s good some are being exposed, but which other group of sexual deviants ACTUALLY dominates Tinseltown? – And has been cramming their political agenda into almost every film of the past decade? – And assuring that the most envelope-pushing ones (e.g. Brokeback Mountain) always receive the highest industry awards? If anyone really believes that Kevin Spacey’s alleged sex assault of the teenaged Anthony Rapp (to whom Spacey has apologized but claims he can’t remember) is a Hollywood rarity, or that the “gay” abuse scorecard is just a sidebar to the “larger” heterosexual abuse story, then I’ve got a Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act I’d like to sell you.

Sorry, is that too obscure a reference for you? It shouldn’t be, since the Matthew Shepard “hate crime” on which America’s federal hate crime laws are based was a far bigger and more consequential hoax than that of con-man George C. “I’ve got a bridge to sell you” Parker’s frequent “sale” of the Brooklyn Bridge to gullible marks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_C._Parker And when we’re talking about the political shielding of Hollywood Chickenhawks from exposure and accountability, we’re talking about world-class powers of deception and fraud few groups possess.

Matthew Shepard was the young homosexual man (age 21 but looked 14) whose brutal murder in 1998 – supposedly by “homophobic bigots” – was cynically exploited by the Democrat Party and its powerful “gay” activist constituency. They used it to push through the novel and constitutionally corrosive idea – now a federal law! – that a perpetrator’s malice toward a victim’s “sexual orientation” should earn him more punishment than if he harms a non-homosexual. That criminalization of speech-when-connected-with-a-violent-crime was step one of a multi-part strategy to eventually criminalize ALL stand-alone speech critical of homosexuality as “hate speech” (which is still on their agenda).

The “gay” movement and its co-conspirators milked the Matthew Shepard hoax for a decade until a renegade “gay” journalist let the public in on the secret that Shepard was not an innocent college student murdered by “homophobes,” but a meth-addicted “gay” prostitute slaughtered by a couple of his meth-dealing sex partners.

Speaking of milk, let’s not forget that “gay” icon Harvey Milk – whose ugly mug has been immortalized on a US Postage Stamp, and for whom a US Navy ship is named – was a known pederast who preyed on teen boys: https://americansfortruth.com/issues/harvey-milk/ How did that little fact escape public scrutiny? Hmmm. According to another “gay” writer, Milk was even connected to infamous “Jonestown” cult leader Jim Jones (also a pederast).

There have been many teachable moments in recent years when the public could have been educated about the America’s pederast underworld: the Catholic priest scandal, the John DuPont “Foxcatcher” scandal, the Jerry Sandusky scandal, the Denny Hastert scandal, The Terrence “Terry” Bean scandal, the Portland Mayor Sam Adams scandal, the Seattle Mayor Ed Murray scandal, and on and on and on.

What do these seemingly unrelated stories have in common with the Spacey scandal? They each involve a conspiracy of Democrat political strategists, media gate-keepers and “gay” activists to hide the significant correlation of “gay” male culture and pederasty from the public. In the Spacey and Milk cases, they also knowingly lionize and elevate men who “allegedly” prey on boys to positions of great influence in society.

This conspiracy, which protects and advances all aspects of the LGBT agenda, not just pederasty, greatly affects all Americans because it has literally reshaped our society over the past half-century. To the extend that their deception has changed laws and public policy it amounts to fraud in furtherance of felony malfeasance.

So to just what extent does their deception affect public policy? If the Matthew Shepard federal hate law isn’t consequential enough for you, how about the creation of false, legally baseless “constitutional right” to homosexual “marriage” in Obergefell v Hodges? That was only possible through the judicial malfeasance of leftist Supreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Elena Kagan, who were both guilty of actual (not merely perceived) conflict of interest by voting for that result despite having performed “gay marriages” during the pendency of the case: the most blatant and egregious violation of judicial ethics in the history of the court.

Ginsberg and Kagan’s judicial activism is not as clear an example of fraud as it is of abuse of power, until you recognize all the steps of the LGBT conspiracy to deceive the public along the way. We’re talking decades of strategic planning and implementation.

First, it required a suppression of the roots of the modern “gay” movement itself, which was (and is) steeped in pederasy (man/boy sex), closely linked with Nazism, and, in more recent decades, responsible for triggering the global – and globally lethal – GRIDS renamed AIDS crisis (“gay” men remaining by far the #1 source of new cases even today according to the CDC). Raise any one of those three thoroughly documented (ultra-consequential) facts and watch your life and reputation be destroyed by the leftist smear machine.

Second, it required the complete corruption of academia and the scientific community on the question of the normalcy and health consequences of homosexual conduct (which began with the “gay” takeover of the APA in 1973). Today’s strictly enforced, punishment-backed, uniformity of agreement among academics and professionals is alone evidence of their success in that. The breathtaking extent of their fraud in their process of achieving that is detailed by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover in his eye-opening expose “The Trojan Couch: How the Mental Health Associations Misrepresent Science.” http://factsaboutyouth.com/wp-content/uploads/TheTrojanCouchSatinover.pdf

Third, it required the total corruption of journalistic integrity in the mainstream media on issues related to the LGBT agenda. Today, that transformation is so complete that every assertion of the LGBT lobby is simply assumed as fact in mainstream news stories and pro-family disagreement is equated – literally – with Nazi opinion about Jews.

Lastly, it required massive corruption of judicial integrity in US courts, which the 98% heterosexual majority could once count on to preserve the primacy of marriage and the natural family in mainstream culture. Judicial corruption was ensured by homosexualist Anthony Kennedy who wrote all five majority opinions of the Supreme Court establishing “gay” cultural supremacy in America, beginning with the ruling in Romer v Evans that characterized political efforts to oppose special rights for homosexuals as “hate based” and thus illegitimate. Today, nearly all cases related to the LGBT agenda in the lower courts are funneled to activist homosexual judges whose lack of impartiality in their foregone conclusions is not even questioned, let alone considered a basis for recusal.

This is all to explain why one of the largest networks of pederasts in America – the Chickenhawks of Hollywood, has not yet been exposed and might never be, despite the heroism of survivors like Corey Feldman https://pagesix.com/2017/11/01/corey-feldman-calls-lapd-to-out-pedophiles-during-dr-oz-appearance/. After all, in the world of deception, illusion and deflection, who is better than Hollywood?

But make no mistake, if the full exposure of the Hollywood heterosexual scandal would amount to four alarm blaze, the full exposure of Hollywood’s pederasts – the elite of “gay” male culture – would be like the conflagration of Rome.


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