Three Quick Lessons from the ‘Borking’ of Judge Roy Moore

I’m going to keep this short and to the point. Pundits and political scientists will be dissecting the Jones/Moore election for years to come but there are three critical lessons for conservatives that we must recognize now.

First, that the takedown of Judge Moore was decidedly not about vindicating newly-minted and highly suspect accusations of decades-old alleged sexual misconduct, it was about keeping a genuinely independent Bible-believing Christian conservative from joining President Donald Trump in the essential mission of draining the swamp in Washington D.C.. Judge Roy Moore would have been to the US Senate and to President Trump what Judge Robert Bork would have been to the US Supreme Court and to President Ronald Reagan – a clear and present danger to every political skunk, rat and RINO in D.C.. The real target of this is Trump, just as the “borking” of Judge Bork was about targeting Reagan.

Second, Alabama’s political chaos – and the national tsunami of sex scandals the preceded it – was not the result of some spontaneous social revolt against male predation, but a calculated and diabolical political strategy of the Purple Revolution.

The Purple Revolution is America’s version of the George Soros “color revolutions” that have perfected the art of social crisis as a political weapon-of-mass-destruction for the purpose of “regime change” at the national level. These orchestrated sex scandals (with no end in sight) are intended to energize the feminist base of the Democrat Party and draw large numbers of Republican women into their orbit for a 2018 thru 2020 campaign demanding female leadership to save the nation from male debauchery. I’ve written about that here:

There are two reasons America’s revolution color is purple. Reason one, it represents the unity of the elites across party lines. The blending of blue establishment Democrats (headed by the Clinton Dynasty and Obama) and red establishment Republicans (headed by the Bush Dynasty) results in a purple “Uniparty.” That unity was on full display in the “borking” of Judge Moore. This is their revolution.

And, just as the blue part of the team was willing to throw a few Hollywood perverts and Al Franken under the bus to set up a takedown of Moore – like tipping over a domino aimed at Donald Trump – so is the red part of the team apparently willing to sacrifice it’s senate majority for the sake of saving the purple Uniparty from death by swamp-draining.

Reason two is that purple is the color of the LGBT movement, allegiance to which is a high priority for the Uniparty and their one-world-government co-conspirators around the globe. The sexual revolution is absolutely key to collapsing the family-based societal infrastructure that motivates and empowers nations to resist assimilation into open-border global socialism. And the “gays” are the key activists and agitators who drive the sexual revolution everywhere. As an unshakable champion of Biblical marriage and opposition to the LGBT agenda, Judge Moore represented perhaps the biggest threat to the Uniparty that the US Senate had ever faced, which explains in part why they expended such vast resources to take him out, but also explains why their method involved allegations of grave sexual sin. They couldn’t just beat him, they had to destroy him politically.

Third and last, the battle to save America from the Uniparty will be decided in 2018. Of course, every election these days is cast in apocalyptic terms, so people get a bit jaded in hearing this sort of rhetoric. But these actually are apocalyptic times! Can you imagine the condition America would be in today if the Clinton Crime Family had not been defeated by Donald Trump in 2016? Just think about all the hatred, slander and dirty tricks being directed at President Trump since the election instead being directed from a war room in the Clinton White House against all American conservatives; mowing down all resistance to the globalist agenda like a Nazi machine gun at a prisoner-of-war camp.

That’s what’s a stake in 2018! If we conservatives lose either house in the 2018 election, the swamp-draining pumps will grind instantly to a halt and the next two years will offer nothing but scorched-earth political warfare to destroy Donald Trump. The global populist revolution will have been broken and America will be assimilated into the New World Order.

That’s the real lesson of the “borking” of Judge Moore. This is a fight to the political death of America or the Uniparty and we’d better act accordingly.



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