Kyrgyzstan-Based Human Rights Group Honors President Trump for Opposing Abortion and LGBT Agenda

The World League of Citizens and Civic Associations has Awarded its ” ҮЙ БҮЛ / Family” Medal to President Donald Trump

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I am very pleased to announce that on November 5th, 2019, at its headquarters in Bishkek, Krygyzstan, Central Asia, the Governing Council of the WORLD LEAGUE OF CITIZENS AND CIVIC ASSOCIATIONS (WLCCA) met in special session to approve my proposal (as a founding partner) to award the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump the medal “ҮЙ БҮЛ / Family.”

The “ҮЙ БҮЛ /Family” medal was established in 2017 to recognize individuals with global influence for “self-sacrificing, noble activities and personal contributions in preservation, development and protection of the social relationships based on permanent, imperishable, panhuman, recognized, universal, natural and traditional family values.”

It was unanimously agreed that President Trump’s efforts to end the killing of unborn babies and international sex-trafficking, and to affirm the natural two-parent heterosexual family (by incrementally rolling back Obama-era LGBT extremism), overwhelmingly warrants acknowledgment by the issuing of the “ҮЙ БҮЛ /Family” award. I was authorized to present the medal to President Trump, and to specifically thank him for his most recent White House policy proposal to restore the right of faith-based adoption agencies to refuse adoption to homosexuals.

The WLCCA, chaired by Kyrgyz Civil Leader Bolotbek Batilov, was inspired by a 2016 pro-family conference in the capital city of Bishkek which he organized in furtherance of a referendum to protect authentic one man-one woman marriage in the national constitution (which was passed on November 11, 2016). I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at that conference in my capacity as a Christian attorney and human rights consultant with credentials from the International Institute of Human Rights (Strasbourg, France).

My message at the conference and subsequent meetings with media and other Kyrgyz leaders emphasized the universality of family values rooted in the natural law, which I then codified in seven essential principles that became the platform for the WLCCA. These principles were concurrently published as “The Bishkek Declaration on the Establishment of a Natural Life Movement in Kyrgyzstan.”

Kyrgyzstan is a majority Muslim nation, a fact which highlights the universality of the Natural Life principles we drafted. It is the purpose of the WLCCA to unify the pro-family majority of the world’s population in the defense of these foundational principles of civilization without regard to racial, cultural, religious or political differences that may otherwise exist.

Our seven principles are as follows:

  1. The universal values of all humanity are grounded in the natural order of Creation.
  2. The foundation of civilization is the natural family: a man and a woman created to join together as one flesh to bear and raise children together with mutual love and nurturing.
  3. The true strength of a healthy nation is a network of natural families organized into natural communities which create stability and economic independence through mutual cooperation.
  4. The community which sets the best interest of its children as its highest priority guarantees the highest level of security, prosperity and happiness for everyone.
  5. A child’s best interest is to be raised in harmony with the natural world and respect for the God of Creation.
  6. The natural-life society allows for beliefs and practices that do not conform to majority views, and practices tolerance for those who respect the mainstream culture but choose to live outside of it. The natural life society also recognizes the value of technology that compliments the natural order without doing harm to it.
  7. The natural lifestyle simply prefers the natural to the artificial as a general, flexible principle: Natural foods as contrasted to artificial, genetically modified, or pesticide tainted foods; Natural healing as contrasted with artificial chemicals and processes; Natural persons as contrasted with “legal persons” such as corporations, robots, and “transhumans;” Natural families as contrasted with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or polyamorous groupings; and Natural communities made of independent, self-sufficient families as contrasted with forced urbanization and dependence on government.

Qualification for this award is based solely on actions reflecting the seven universal principles of the WLCCA by individuals with international influence, and is not an endorsement of anyone’s actions or beliefs beyond the scope of these principles.

I anticipate criticism from some quarters that President Trump’s record on pro-family issues is spotty, especially regarding his apparent endorsement of Richard Grenell, the openly activist homosexual US Ambassador to Germany. It is my belief that the President’s hands are tied as to Grenell due to the strong influence of LGBT and other leftist deep state operatives of the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations who still heavily populate the State Department and Intelligence agencies. Even Evangelical Christian Mike Pompeo, titular head of the State Department, has kow-towed to political-correctness on Grenell.

Significantly, an earlier effort to award the “ҮЙ БҮЛ /Family” medal to President Trump via the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan was reportedly rebuffed by embassy officials. (My Kyrgyz hosts also informed me that the US Embassy was a driving force pushing “gay” marriage there, triggering the 2016 constitutional referendum).

It must be remembered that in 1995 the reprobate Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 12968 which opened the top ranks of our nation’s intelligence agencies to unrepentant homosexuals in defiance of good sense and deep-rooted experience. They have ever since exploited this opportunity as only LGBT ideological fanatics can do. The Family Research Institute had rightly warned in ‘95 that “in all healthy societies, homosexuality is recognized as a pathology with very serious implications for a person’s behavior.” Now almost twenty-five years later that self-evident and truthful statement is considered evidence of “hate and bigotry” in the politically-correct “new-normal” that LGBT overt and deep-state conspirators have forced on our society through their relentless abuse of power.

So, to those who fault President Trump for attempting a public relations balancing act on LGBT issues, while actually rolling back some truly bad LGBT policies, I say let’s give credit where credit is due. Compared to every declared and potential alternative in the race for the 2020 election, Donald Trump is an outstanding champion of pro-family values, and it is my great honor to announce this award.

World League of Civilians and Civic Associations President, Bolotbek Batilov of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
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