Scott Lively Explains Marxism

In the beginning, Western Civilization rested on the two testaments of the Bible, and its laws and culture followed a Judeo-Christian model. Even its ancient Greek and Roman foundation-stones shared natural law presuppositions – masterfully articulated by such giants as Aristotle and Tertullian. It is likely that Greek monotheism was introduced by Jewish slaves as early as the ninth century BC (Joel 3:6). In any case our steadily maturing civilization with its “rule of law” and high ethical aspirations reflected the Biblical worldview for more than two millennia.

The satanic agenda was always to bring chaos from order by luring humanity away from God’s truth into false beliefs and conduct that would defile and degrade us. The forms of deception Satan used were crude and obvious at first, but in the modern world he perfected his strategy and tactics with what we call Marxism. Marxism is a comprehensive alternative to the Judeo-Christian order of civilization that matches each tenet of the Biblical worldview with a counterfeit alternative, starting with Darwinian evolution as an alternative to God’s Creation, and replacing the reality of a loving providential God with the fantasy of human self-perfectibility.

Marxism teaches that humanity is evolving toward a perfect egalitarian utopia but we can achieve it much faster by destroying Judeo-Christian civilization and starting over.

Four primary forms of Marxism have emerged: Communism, Socialism, Fascism and Cultural Marxism, better known as Secular Humanism. The first three forms worked to subvert civilization through fiscal policy and tactics but were always ultimately overthrown by the societies they conquered and occupied. Learning from those mistakes, Cultural Marxism adopted the strategy of Baalam (Revelation 2:14) and the tactic of spreading “sexual revolution” to unravel society’s family-based infrastructure. Since the 1960s their “globalist elites” have refined and perfected that tactic and nearly conquered the world with it.

This is a religious war they are waging. Secular Humanism is their religion, the tenets of “political correctness” are its moral code, and Marxist narratives are the “scripture” that teach its dogma.

There is no “secular” solution to this crisis, since Secularism is itself a stealth version of Humanism. The only real solution is a restoration of the Biblical worldview among those who have been duped into embracing “secularism” as “non-religious,” and that will only occur if those who hold the Biblical worldview start teaching and modeling it far more assertively than we are now.

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