Scott Lively’s False Flag Prep List

This is Dr. Scott Lively, a pastor of the Black Robed Regiment, retired Constitutional Law Attorney and former two-time Constitutionalist candidate for Governor of Massachusetts. My platform slogan in 2018 was “Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Trump.”

My schedule doesn’t allow me to attend the 2nd Amendment rally this week in Virginia, so my contribution to the cause is this ten point prep list for a possible false flag incident at this rally or a future one.

We know that both the Marxist elites and their useful-idiot “Antifa” armies are desperate to remove Trump from office and their Russia/Ukraine Impeachment Strategy is failing. I believe their fallback strategy is some form of civil war and their battleground of choice is on the 2nd Amendment in which they can frame conservatives as dangerous gun fanatics and themselves as champions of “peace, order and social stability.” Remember Charlottesville!!

This strategy will be particularly useful for Dems in 2020 because it polls well with women and I have been predicting for a long time that their summer and fall “home stretch” campaign strategy will be to pull out all the stops to maximize the women’s vote (likely poaching liberal Republican women in large numbers) because August 18th 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. Mark my words, the Dem nominee presidential will very likely be Elizabeth Warren unless her numbers are so bad they’re forced to run her as VP instead.

Be that as it may, it is highly likely that “agents provocateur” will initiate a violent confrontation at this week’s rally or a subsequent one.

Here is my 10 Point False Flag Prep List

  1. The only way to prevent a false flag is if the perpetrators fear they will be exposed.
  2. They don’t need any legitimate 2A Defenders to be involved in the incident. Their agents can play both sides: activists and reactive-ists, because this will be a national media strategy and the rally is only a backdrop for their staged incident.
  3. The most important weapon to carry at the rally is a video camera! And as an extra precaution against jamming or other interference, have some people use old film-based video and still cameras on site and digitize it later.
  4. The most important activity regarding any incident is reconstruction of the timeline and documenting the identity of the players.
  5. The second most important activity is putting out the proof on the Internet so it can’t be suppressed. There should not be any one central person or group compiling the data, but it should all be shared and networked.
  6. Get video of everything at the rally and for a reasonable distance around in every direction! Anyone with a sign with an extreme message should get special focus and if it’s a “conservative” message, the person should be identified if possible since they may be a plant. Personal networking is a great cover for gathering intel, and since you should be doing that anyway (see item 9), it will not be awkward. If that person later turns out to be part of the incident, your memory of interaction with them will be very valuable so immediately write it all down in as precise a detail as possible, date-stamp it by sending it in an email or taking a digital photo, and share it with everyone in your network so it can’t be suppressed.
  7. Video the media teams, law enforcement, and any non-participating individuals or groups near the rally so they can be subpoenaed later. Have a lawyer send an “antispoliation” letter to whatever media outlets are there demanding that they preserve the evidence they have on film. Every law enforcement officer will file a report that can be subpoenaed as well.
  8. Have teams or individuals gathering data from the surrounding area well before the rally begins, looking especially for Antifa squads or similar groups and the transport vehicles that brought them. When they are definitively identified shadow and film them, and if possible have their vehicles tailed back to their staging area when the rally is over. This should be done even if there isn’t an incident. The will likely have their masks off before and after the rally and their identity should be documented and shared.
  9. Remember, as Constitutionalists we are each independent agents with our own personal sovereignty. Each one is an Army of One. Work with leaders but also work independently. Create your own network of allies by sharing contact information.
  10. Involve 2A women in every aspect of this strategy, and have male/female teams respond to any media interview requests. Be always on guard against the attempt by the elites to cast this movement as a mens’-only club and when dealing with the media and the public always stress the GOAL of the 2nd Amendment, which is peace and security for children and families. Carrying guns is only a means to that end.
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