Scott Lively’s War for Trump and Our Republic

Friends, I am outraged and angered that our congress has been defiled by Marxist agitators we foolishly allowed to take control of its seats of power.

The continuing impeachment scam began as an abuse of process driven by hatred of the president and made even more completely illegitimate by numerous gross violations of due process in the House. It was a mockery of the law to begin a Senate trial by treating the Impeachment Articles as valid! This is not a legitimate court procedure, it is a political war of aggression by vicious and unscrupulous deep state elites that just happens to be taking place in a judicial context.

We are under siege and must defend our President and this Republic with whatever skills and talents God has blessed us with.

For my part, in my capacity as a Pastor of the Black Robed Regiment, I am calling on my peers to immediately form a 2020 Army of the Republic. Toward that end I have formed my own Revolutionary Remnant Regiment which is now recruiting Constitutionalists to fight for the restoration of the rule of law and a return to the Biblical worldview of the Founders in our society and culture. That will not only protect this heroic president but, even more importantly, our constitutional republic itself.

In my capacity as a constitutional lawyer and historian of the Founders era, I have adapted the language and intent of The Declaration of Independence to fit the current crisis and published it as The Declaration of Restoration. I strongly urge you enlist in the battle for restoration by reading and signing it.

As a Constitutionalist I have upgraded my political philosophy from defensive conservatism to pro-active constitutionalism and am formulating innovative strategies and tactics for winning the culture war by pursuing the vision of America as the Shining City on a Hill.

I am issuing an emergency “spiritual call to arms” to my fellow Black Robe Pastors across the nation to follow this example – forming their own regiments, and joining together in an alliance of forces – to conduct cultural warfare within and upon the powerful Biblical parameters and patterns of the Old Testament, tempered by 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, in that “the weapons of our warfare are not physical, but are mighty in God for pulling down strongholds…”

God forbid that this “culture war” should degenerate into actual civil war and the best chance to avoid that is for Christians with the broad Whole-Bible mindset of the Founders to restore the cultural foundations they bequeathed to us.

The Motto of my Regiment: Destroy the Fortresses, Rescue the Captives.

I am challenging the Black Robes to abandon failed reactive conservative strategies and fight for the vision of a fully restored constitutional republic as it would have become if the Marxists had not taken power after WWII. Ponder that thought in your heart – and ask the Holy Spirit to open your imagination to see the God honoring “alternate reality” our society and culture we would have produced if we Christians had retained power and pursued our own pro-active agenda. THAT is what we must fight for – not a return to the past, but an advance to establish the present and future we would have had if we had fulfilled our duty to be active stewards of this nation as the Founders intended!

Join me today to share in the planning and implementation of our national restoration by enlisting in the Revolutionary Remnant Regiment.

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