Scott Lively Discusses Antisemitism

The first rule in discussing any subject intelligently is defining the terms at issue. Indeed, the most common trick of Marxist propagandists is obscuring the true meaning of words and phrases through euphemization: the creation and popularization of euphemisms. Euphemisms are intentionally vague words or phrases invented for the purpose of manipulating the public, or the redefinition of existing words or phrases to make their meaning more ambiguous.

In practice, euphemization is a tactic for supplanting reason with emotion in public discourse, because it is much easier to manipulate people through their emotions than to persuade them through their intellect.

But there is a very high cost to civilization from this abuse of power. To coin a phrase, to euphemize the language is to euthanize the truth.

Restoring America to her pre-Marxist constitutionalism requires us to de-euphemize the English language. I want to set an example by starting with one of the most destructive euphemisms in modern useage: Antisemitism.

Let me preface my comments by declaring myself to be a strongly pro-Israel “Pro-Semite” or Hebrewphile Christian Pastor who firmly rejects so-called Replacement Theology (a topic on which I frequently debate). The following criticism regards what I perceive as the misuse of the English language by Marxist (i.e. theologically Atheist) ethnic Jews to shield themselves from scrutiny and effective opposition by – in effect – using legitimate Yahweh-believing Jews as political and cultural “human shields.”

Antisemitism is defined as “hostility to or prejudice against Jews” which accurately describes an unfortunately large number of people in our society, who are truly hostile to anyone or anything “Jewish.” The problem with this word is that it is the exclusive term for describing all non-favorable opinion of “Jews,” and “Jewish groups,” and as such it is intentionally so over-broad as to sweep all such opinion into one net. That’s a serious problem because it lumps legitimate criticism of anti-Torah Marxists such as George Soros and his ilk with the noxious and dangerous views of Neo-Nazis. And by doing so, it both heavily suppresses legitimate criticism by those wanting to err on the side of innocent true Jews, and increases hostility toward Jews-as-a-class by those whose concerns about the cultural and political manipulations of guilty fake-Jews outweigh their concern for the true Jews.

Like the close cousin of the term “Antisemitism,” the more recently invented slur “homophobia” allows for no distinction between legitimate criticism and actual hatred. In both cases, that is clearly intentional. I cite this only to show that euphemization is a common tactic across all the battlefields of the culture war.

Rather than rehash the familiar talking points associated with Antisemitism, let me instead explain how I define the term, “Semite,” as a credentialed Christian theologian and serious student of history. My explanation will show just how euphemistic the term “Antisemite” actually is.

Biblically and historically “Semite” means “Shem-ite,” any descendant of Shem, the oldest son of Noah. Today that would encompasses such a vast number of people of all ethnic and theological stripes that it logically cannot be synonymous with “Jew.” So why do Jews identify with Shem? It is because Shem is identified in the Jewish Talmud (the commentaries on the Tanakh or Old Testament) as Melchizadek, the Priest of the Most High God, to whom Abraham paid homage in Genesis 14. “Semite” is thus a religious designation, not an ethnic one.

Shemite or Semite, means “Yahweh worshipper,” which has always distinguished the Jews as a people during the diaspora. Indeed, it is reasonable to assume that most Jews who left the faith voluntarily or not (such as through forced conversion to Roman Catholicism during the Inquisition) lost their identity as Jews and were assimilated into the surrounding Gentile populations. In other words, true Jews are Yahweh worshippers” and fake Jews are Yahweh rejectors.

However, the Jewish ethnic heritage of the fake-Jews provides a convenient pretext to euphemize the word “Antisemite” as a shield against criticism at the expense of religious Jews. In reality, the Yahweh-rejecting fake Jews are actual Antisemites according to the true meaning of the term.

To be sure, this analysis is complicated by the phenomena of “Reform Judaism,” and to a lesser extent “Conservative Judaism” which, like many mainline Christian denominations, largely reflect Marxism, cloaked in the garb of the traditional religion. But if we set the standard for separating the sheep and the goats by the Biblical text regarding both Judaism and Christianity, there’s a fairly bright line between the true and the fake.

Let me be clear that I am not ignorant nor dismissive of the various theological differences that have tested the relationship of Jews and Christians for two millennia and this article is not to attempt to reconcile those differences.

My purpose is twofold: 1) to thwart the Marxist elites – many but by no means all of whom are ethnic but fake Jews – who have hijacked this constitutional republic in part through their mastery of euphemization, and 2) to enlist our close spiritual cousins, the true Jews, to take on the challenge of cleaning their own house, for their own benefit, and to contribute to the reconstruction of our shared Judeo-Christian foundations.

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