Scott Lively on WWIII

If war truly is “politics by other means” as Clausewitz’s convoluted assertion is often paraphrased, the current state of geo-politics could easily characterized as “WWIII by ‘regular means.’ ”

What he actually said in his 1918 book, On War, was this: “War is not merely a political act, but also a real political instrument, a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means…[T]he political view is the object, War is the means, and the means must always include the object in our conception.” Emphasis mine.

What exactly then is the essential political “view” or question at issue today? Very simply, it is whether an 11th hour revolt by Judeo-Christian Nationalists can derail the rushing train of Global Marxism before it reaches its full realization (and with that realization, achieves the power to crush all dissent).

I’m writing this essay in the early morning of January 31st. As of this moment, the Nationalists are clearly winning.

The Nationalist Brexit movement in the United Kingdom will today celebrate the formal separation from the key Globalist stronghold of the European Union after a protracted three year long touch-and-go battle by “Remainers” using every dirty trick in their tool-kit to sabotage and reverse the Brexit vote.

Christian Nationalist President Donald Trump, the primary symbol of Nationalism in the world today, will by all reports be formally acquitted by the US Senate in the Globalists Impeachment sham, following a three year long treasonous coup attempt by the “deep state” to remove him from office.

Jewish Nationalist Benjamin Netanyahu has this week broken the intense, years-long siege against him by Globalist forces in his own country by returning from America to Israel arm in arm with his chief political rival, basking in the triumphal glow of a the “Deal of the Century” which put the full weight of the United States, and tentative support of top leaders of Sunni Islam on the side of Israel in their long, long battle with the Globalist United Nations.

Orthodox Christian Nationalist Vladimir Putin is celebrating his ongoing orchestration of an historic restructuring of the government of the Russian Federation in what appears to me to be a modernized and sustainable version of the pre-Soviet Tzarist Russian Empire less susceptible to its greatest threat: Globalist/Soros regime change subversion.

Whatever Americans may think of Putin and the Russians after years of non-stop one-sided propaganda by both liberal and neo-con media, he and they are unarguably Nationalists. I will here reiterate my view that the purpose of the anti-Russian smear campaign is to prevent the very US and Russian cooperation against Globalism that President Trump campaigned on, and I add my prayer that our two nations will indeed team up against the Marxists after President Trump is reelected.

However, the dark cloud that still hangs over the future is the implication of Clausewitz’ observation on war, combined with our own recognition that the nationalist counter-revolution we’re applauding represents a truly existential threat to globalism. Will the globalists accept this string of major defeats quietly and surrender to the will of the people? Ha!

Their reaction will likely be to move this conflict into the realm of “other means.” The global “Corona Virus” scare might very well be their opening gambit in that pivot (note the heavy British hand in that unfolding drama as has so often been the case in geo-political intrigues), having failed to destabilize the global economy through attempted sabotage of the Fed and other fiscal systems. Let’s all pray they fail in that effort they have failed so spectacularly this week. But keep your powder dry.

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