FBI Corruption in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation


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There have always been liars in government. But in the generations when our government officially recognized the God of the Bible as sovereign over America, there was an implicit burden on all public servants to acknowledge the reality of objective truth and to conform to it. Those generations all recognized a common “ethical duty” to truthfulness and personal integrity because we agreed these were the expectations of God and that each person was accountable to Him. Even those who did not believe in God believed in the virtues of Judeo-Christian morality, and for that reason we were – collectively if not universally – a God-fearing society.

There was great power for good in that godly consensus because it established beneficial cultural norms that everyone was expected to conform to whether they believed in God or not. And because of that consensus the body-politic had such a strong and healthy immune system we could easily survive the presence of unhealthy sub-cultures amongst us and we generally tolerated them quite well.

Then, in the 1930s and 40s when America welcomed massive numbers of Marxists fleeing an increasingly Fascist Europe, and the elite strata of American society began to embrace their atheistic ideology, the sub-cultures grew like tumors and began to overwhelm the Theistic mainstream. This was especially true in the Democrat Party which had been suffering a crisis of identity because of its close association with American slavery while the mainstream was increasingly rejecting racism. Marxism offered a new unifying ideology centered on the rejection of God and the power of centralized government.

To be sure, this was a slow, incremental process, but by 1947 the Democrats had become the de-facto party of Marxism, and they used their control of the executive and judicial branches of our government replace our Judeo-Christian legal and cultural foundations with Marxist ones.

They essentially staged a slow-motion political coup that most Americans didn’t realize happened until they were awakened to the new reality by the rioting and social chaos of the 1960s.

A primary consequence of the transition from Judeo-Christian to Marxist rule was the steady erosion of ethics and morality. The Reagan Revolution in the 1980s interrupted that trend, but starting with Bush 41 through Obama, the total collapse of ethics was completed.

There is no clearer proof of our current ethical crisis in government than corrupt actions of our chief federal law enforcement agency, the FBI, in the cover-up of the murder of Seth Rich – the incident that sits at the very heart of the Russian Collusion spider web.

I believe Bernie-backing Democrat operative Seth Rich was murdered because he betrayed Obama and the Clintons. I believe he was the whistleblower who leaked the proof of extreme DNC and Hillary corruption to Wikileaks, triggering the October Surprise that fatally tripped up the Hillary campaign. That put in motion the campaign to coordinate all of the machinery of the Bush and Clinton dynasties (including the Obamabots) to destroy Donald Trump. That was the actual beginning of the Russian Collusion narrative in my opinion.

And this makes the investigative campaign by Judicial Watch to force the FBI to release the emails related to their investigation of the Seth Rich murder of paramount importance, even more critical than the Department of Justice investigation of the Ukraine scandals.

I commend the work of Gateway Pundit which has just published a detailed chronology of the FBI coverup scandal (above) and urge you to read it.

My key takeaway from that report is the admission by the FBI that their pretense of compliance with a Freedom of Information Act request is to search their “Index” of documents, and not the actual wording of the documents themselves (in this case emails). This suggests systemic fraud on the court, allowing the FBI to simply not index the documents they want to hide, and creating plausible deniability for itself by setting up the defense of “human error” in the indexing process if they got caught.

In any case, all of the present crises related to the deep state coup against Trump, originate with the Marxist coup against God in the mid-20th century, and can be measured by the evolutionary erosion of ethics in the administration of government.

As a final point, I think it’s important to emphasize that Seth Rich was not a conservative working to sabotage Hillary on behalf of President Trump, he was a Bernie Sanders supporter, whom I believe took the path of whistleblower as an act of revenge on Hillary and the DNC for their blatant and egregious 2016 election fraud against Bernie.

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