Scott Lively’s Three Critical Questions

The three most important questions to ask in this generation’s unprecedented crisis of chaos and uncertainty.

Video Summary: Dr. Lively describes a dream in which he was about to be murdered in prison by a gang of hardened convicts and asked three very basic questions to those would-be killers that stopped them cold. He then applies the lessons from that dream to the current war of aggression by the global Marxist elites against this Constitutional Republic called America, which he asserts is the pinnacle of Judeo-Christian civilization. An article under the same title written after this video was filmed and containing additional information may be read at

American patriotic poster from WWII is especially relevant to today’s crisis.

Article: When I was a fairly new Christian I had a short but very powerful dream. I was in jail, about to be killed by a gang of hardened convicts, and my only thought was how to convert them to God first. Then out of my mouth came three simple questions:

Is there a God?

What does He want?

What happens if you don’t do what He wants?

No deep theology. No details of the Gospel. Just a direct challenge to the most primal part of the human mind about actions, consequences and authority. I later recognized this as a practical application of Proverbs 1:7: “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

My ministry of common-sense preaching and teaching on current events, history and theology from a strong pro-Trump constitutionalist perspective attracts a lot of people who don’t like organized religion, or who believe in God but don’t “go to church.”

Believe me, I know exactly where you’re coming from, and I think there are major problems in modern Christianity across the entire denominational spectrum. In my perspective, man-created doctrines, rituals, and the “religious corporation” form and function of today’s church are far from the Biblical model. And on top of that, the services are often so BORING that the only people who can sit through them are those who equate personal suffering with spirituality.

Worship is not supposed to be like that. And Christianity is not supposed to be compartmentalized and separated from all the other spheres of life. The true Christian life is spiritually organic and experientially omni-faceted – meaning we are supposed to be “in the world” in every sense of the word, but not “of the world.”

All of my commentaries analyze issues from the Biblical worldview and usually from the nationalist geo-political worldview as well, because I believe that this Bible-based, non-sectarian but God-honoring Constitutional Republic called the United States of America is the pinnacle of human civilization – the model for the world – and that the current effort to destroy America is the outworking of the Satanic agenda in the form of an all-out Marxist war of aggression against us.

Never forget that their vision is a Godless Global Socialist Order in which we are all slaves to the state, not Creations of a loving God; and to achieve that goal they must convince Americans that our national motto — “In God We Trust” – is just empty words. Whose side are you on? Because there are only two in this war for all the marbles.

So I’m issuing a challenge to all the “non-religious” men and women who love America and hate Marxism to set aside all your bad experiences with “organized religion” and skeptical opinions from confusing clericalism and fake Christianity from the real thing to just answer the three questions for yourself.

Is there a God? Deep down you know there is, because the One who made you put His signature on your heart! Don’t confuse “admitting God exists” with agreement to any other doctrines.

What does He want? He wants you to find that out for yourself and not from false or inept teachers.

What happens if you don’t do what He wants? In this world you unintentionally give aid and comfort the the enemy, both foreign (Satan) and domestic (the global Marxist elites). And in the end, you have to spend eternity with them, instead of the rest of us who did what God wanted (to the best of our limited ability).

Pray for His direct guidance, my Friend, and read your Bible, starting with the Gospel of John all the way up to Revelation, then go back to Genesis 1:1 and read the whole thing through Revelation. If you have questions or want help working things out, I’m available at

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