Hillary’s Benghazi Treason

Dr. Lively talks about the news today that the US State Department has released a telephone transcript in which Hillary Clinton admits she knew the Benghazi attack was planned. He contends that Clinton didn’t just know in advance that an attack was planned, but that she was planner — intending to stage a false-flag terror incident in which she and Obama would diffuse the crisis and emerge as heroes, except that the unexpected presence at the site of two Navy Seals not in on the scam turned a Hollywood-style propaganda event into an actual armed conflict in which Americans lost their lives.

Its funny how seemingly random events can intersect in amazing ways. I’m working on adding graphics to the video version of the introduction and first chapter of “Dynasty of Darkness: Satan’s long serpentine trail through human history in the role of successive antichrists, and the imminent rise of his last days kingdom” which I’ll be releasing tomorrow morning (if all goes according to plan). The image I’m using on the front cover of the book is a vintage 1940ish photo of about _ Nazi officers gathering on the Pergamum Altar in Berlin for a group photo. The Pergamum Altar is the literal “Seat of Satan” of Revelation 2:13, excavated in Pergamus, Turkey in the late1800s and reassembled in Berlin’s Pergamum Museum built specially to house it. I contend that Adolf Hitler was an Antichrist, and highlight that he directed architect Albert Speer to design his infamous Nuremburg Rally Complex after the Pergamum Altar (the same design inspiration followed by Barack Obama for the stage on which he accepted the Democratic nomination for president in Denver in 2008).

As is my custom, I started my work session by scanning the coverage of current events on my favorite news websites while I drank my first cup of coffee. There, I stumbled on a story titled “State Department releases phone transcript of Hillary admitting she knew Benghazi was a planned attack.”

What’s amazing is that I was in Washington DC on the day of the Benghazi attack (which, in Eastern Standaed Time spanned 9/11 – 9/12, 2012) and the purpose of my trip was to search the captures Nazi photo collection at the National Archives. My best find was, wait for it, the photo of Nazi officers on the Seat of Satan.

What’s also amazing is that on the morning of 9/12 I was scheduled to shoot a video with Pastor Terry Jones in front of the White House condemning Barack Obama for his highly aggressive global push of the LGBT agenda. Pastor Jones – in the international spotlight for having just burned a Koran at his Florida church to highlight media hypocrisy about their coverage of Bible-burning by Muslims – was going to follow that stunt with a public showing of a new video by an Israeli Jew titled “The Innocence of Muslims” – which had the US media in a uproar at the same time Hillary’s staged Benghazi attack was scheduled. That’s the film Hillary blamed for the Benghazi attack, and Pastor Jones was forced to cancel our White House event to handle the resulting media demands for interviews.

You didn’t hear much about Pastor Jones after that, because the media shifted focus to the actual producer of the film, who had unrelated legal troubles that made him vulnerable to prosecution for making the film, and the perfect scapegoat for the entire scandal. Meanwhile, Hillary escaped unscathed from her conspiracy to stage a 9/11 false-flag terror event to cast herself and Obama as heroes despite the plan unraveling disastrously

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