Scott Lively on the Coming Patriotic Revival

Dr. Lively characterizes the orchestrated Covid 19 Pandemic as the third strike of the global elites in their effort to take down the Trump Administration and kill the anti-globalist movement (the first two being, of course, the Russian Collusion Hoax and the Impeachment Scam), and predicts a patriotic revival this summer, even as the Dems and RINO Republicans double-down on their police state agenda.

He doesn’t minimize the pain and suffering still to come because of the attempted take-down of the US economy, but suggests that a little taste of genuine totalitarianism may turn out to be exactly what the American people needed to remember why “liberty” was such a central theme of the founders generation and to spur them into action. He admits that the majority still appear to be compliant “sheeple,” but points out that the overthrow of King George only required a third of the population to actively revolt against him — and it seems that about a third of Americans today are fully awakened to the reality of the Deep State and eager to defeat it.

Of the remainder, Dr. Lively observes that “compliance” to Dictators does NOT equal agreement with them, and suggests that in the secrecy of the voting booth these apparent “sheeple” will take their own form of revenge in November by giving Trump and those aligned with him landslide victories.

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