Striking Back Against Anarchy

Dr. Lively, a constitutional law attorney and pastor who founded and ran an inner-city mission for many years, offers analysis about the rioting and suggestions for “striking back” against the culture of anarchy. His insights and ideas are the fruit of prayer and meditation literally in the wilderness on a four day “fast” from consuming news, which he was prompted to pursue out of disgust and anger with the political left and their media organs. Three suggests for “striking back” in a positive manner are presented. One regarding the police. One regarding inner cities. The third regarding the media. He asks his viewers to forward these suggestions to the appropriate parties.

Last week my disgust and anger at the hypocrisy of the left surrounding the race riots reached the point that I took a 4-day “fast” from consuming news and literally went into the wilderness, to seek the Lord’s guidance, including a long hike on the Appalachian Trail and a time of prayer for our nation at the peak of a mountain. I would like to share the thoughts and inspiration I received during and after that sojourn.

First, I was confirmed in my mind and spirit that all that has transpired since the election of Barack Obama in 2008 has been the unfolding of end-times prophecy regarding the age of apostasy, and that the election of Donald Trump in 2016 represents a final opportunity for America to choose God and the Judeo-Christian Constitutional Republic that our Christian forebears established upon the foundation of the Bible.

Second, that the left’s abandonment of the pretense of rationality and civilized norms, and their now open embrace of mob-psychology, is an act of extreme desperation. What we’re seeing since the (planned and/or staged) murder of George Floyd is the crudest and least manageable form of regime change strategy (previously seen only in third-world countries like Venezuela), and they wouldn’t shift to this within US borders if there were any other choice.

The desperation is manifested not only in the Democrats letting their own cities burn, but in their willingness to sacrifice the very cornerstone of their long-term control strategy, which is “ownership” of the police and fire employee unions. Democrat city governance, especially on things like revenue bond issuance and other public spending, relies very heavily on the public endorsement of police and fire unions which enjoy a much higher level of public trust than the rest of the Democrat coalition. The fact they are now throwing the police under the bus and preventing the fire departments from fulfilling their mission is strong evidence that nothing now matters to the left but their immediate political survival – meaning the defeat of President Trump.
Like Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon and Hernando Cortez burning his ships on the shores of Mexico, there in now no turning back: the hard left must take control of the nation by force or die trying. If so, this is just the beginning of America’s darkest hour and much worse is to come.

My next point is that the American people are not stupid. While the lying media (which is also driven to extreme desperation) wants us all to think that the viral videos of White people kneeling before Black mobs to repent of their “White privilege” is representative of the national mind-set, it isn’t. Most of that is staged for psychological effect, an attempt to induce “Stockholm Syndrome” on a mass-scale in the hopes that the sheeple will follow suit. Of course, many will, especially young people, but the majority of independence-minded, formally naive Americans are instead getting a crash course in Marxism 101 – even if they’re not yet admitting that they have seen behind the curtain. (Thank God for the secrecy of the voting booth!)

For the first time ever the media have abandoned all pretense of objectivity, and they’re doing it intentionally so as to emphasize the urgency of the need to remove Donald Trump from office. They are literally sacrificing their most important asset – their credibility with the general public – which is now burning down like the Third Precinct Police HQ in Minneapolis. This is evidence that they see their only hope of survival in replacing the Trump administration with a Soviet system to which they can serve the role of “Pravda.”

I was inspired with three ideas for striking back against the anarchy.

First, as President Trump is already doing, we should “Back the Blue” in defense of law and order, but actually push back stronger. Show solidarity and support for the police without equivocating or making concessions based on a few anomalies. The premise of the Black Lives Matter argument is a lie: there is NO institutional racism in our judicial system and we shouldn’t grant that falsehood credence by attempting to placate the mob with policy changes that vindicate their pressure tactics! Whatever you feed will grow. We should instead demand increased police activity wherever they are demanding reductions so that the compromise is the status quo and not a single step further left.

Police unions should immediately call for “Blue-Flu” strikes: Not in the war zones, but in the districts of key Democrat politicians where rioting has not occurred. And, they should demand union member solidarity in these strikes from all other public employee unions. The strikes should last until the Democrat political leadership vigorously condemns the rioting in the war zones as unjustified and affirms the role of the police as essential in ending the epidemic of Black on Black violence in the inner cities.

Second, the Trump Administration should announce a plan to partner with the business community and churches to fundamentally transform the inner-cities through entrepreneurialism to break inner-city families free from government dependency and help them become owners of the real estate and businesses where they live – true top-tier stakeholders with pride of ownership and actual legacy wealth – which is currently not the case anywhere in America. The dirty secret of racism no-one talks about is that inner-city Blacks are still enslaved by the Democrats through 1) government financial dependency and 2) social service policies that intentionally disrupt what was once a healthy network of marriage-based natural families whose sons didn’t wage war against authority because they had loving fathers in their homes.

Third, press freedom under the First Amendment is the only category that has not been chipped away. The free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and the right of public assembly to address grievances have all been curtailed by our increasingly Marxist government, while the pro-Marxist so-called mainstream press has enjoyed free reign to establish an ideological monopoly that lies, misrepresents and manipulates the public with impunity.

President Trump could begin to reform the media by creating new guidelines for how news organizations are defined – including the new category of citizen journalism – and new standards by which journalistic ethics are defined. He could issue an Executive Order that would bind all media receiving taxpayer funding to the new guidelines. This would not legally affect private media companies, but once the public media were reformed to actually serve the public interest, there would be a working model of healthy journalism that the public could pressure the private companies to conform to.

I submit all of this to my readers and viewers to disseminate as they see fit.

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