Gorsuch, Transgenderism and Antifa

Dr. Lively argues that the Gorsuch betrayal of the conservative movement on transgenderism is not just one man’s failings as a constitutional analyst but a message from the global elites that they own Gorsuch’s vote and thus resistance to their transformation of American into a Marxist state is futile. He suggests the purpose is to demoralize Religious conservatives and increase the likelihood of civil war by making a mockery of the rule of law, making vigilantism seem more justifiable which would serve the Marxist goal of goading conservatives into street-fighting where the media would brand them as fascists, vindicating the Antifa narrative driving the current unrest.

The Gorsuch Betrayal and Civil War

As a thirty year veteran on the front lines of the LGBT culture war, I have a slightly different take on the Bostock v Clayton County, Georgia ruling than the majority of conservative analysts decrying it as a “surprising” decision. I was not surprised, and I don’t think the ruling itself is a deviation from the trajectory of the court. The Gorsuch betrayal of constitutionalism was a gut punch, and I’ll address that shortly, but the most important fact not getting much attention is that this was a 6-3 vote, meaning that Gorsuch’s vote did NOT decide the case. The snake-in-the-grass John Roberts was the very predictable deciding vote, which actually makes the Gorsuch betrayal a much more significant geopolitical event, since it was completely unnecessary to achieve the policy objective.

The court’s normalization of transgender insanity was a foregone conclusion because 1) the global elites have long “owned” the swing voter on the Supreme Court (Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy and now Roberts) and 2) the “sexual revolution,” of which the LGBT agenda is the point of the spear, is the elites’ primary weapon to dismantle the natural-family-based societal foundation which has always been the Achilles Heel of Marxist totalitarian systems. (History shows that if you leave the family fabric of society intact, the people will always eventually overthrow you, so eliminating the natural family is the real key to ultimate Marxist victory.)

Those shocked by the reframing of an obvious behavioral disorder into a fundamental constitutional right deserving of legal protections SUPERIOR to those actually enumerated in the First Amendment just haven’t been paying attention. We lost this battle a long time ago, and SCOTUS is simply aligning itself with the culture that is already imposing LGBT dogma upon us.

Those who view the Gorsuch betrayal as the action of an independent thinker who just happens to be wrong on the issue, are equally deluded. No, this ruling is a message from the top of the Marxist food chain that they “own” Gorsuch too, that the American republic is at an end, and that the new world order is close on the horizon. It is supposed to persuade us that “resistance is futile,” that the restoration of constitutional originalism is impossible, and that even Donald Trump cannot prevent our transformation to a fully Marxist regime because they can use even his appointments to “trump” him.

I have argued that the goal of the anti-Trump Marxist agitators at every level, including the media, academia, judiciary and the streets has been to provoke civil war, and I think the Gorsuch betrayal makes that now almost a certainty. SCOTUS is in reality the most powerful political body in the world – the ultimate human bastion of law and order whose decisions impact everyone on planet earth. Congress technically has power to curtail the court but we all know that’s not very likely. So what happens when the people realize, in a single season of chaos, that the judiciary will no longer dispense justice? – that the executive branch of the state governments have turned against their own police forces? – that the legislatures of the cities and states are siding with anarchists against their own citizens? What happens is Vigilantism, potentially morphing into widespread Civil War.

This is precisely how Obama, the Clintons, the Bushs and Soros have conducted their “color revolutions” around the world – making their greatest political gains when civil war erupts. Their anti-Trump regime change campaign is the largely unreported Purple Revolution launched by Obama in the last weeks of his administration. The Gorsuch betrayal is, in my view, the coup-de-gras knife-in-the-back of the conservative movement designed to push the Trump base into responding in kind to the anarchists, whose outrageous antics are specifically designed to achieve maximum agitation of the American patriots. They are, literally, “agents provateur” whose purpose is to create a political powder-keg, and the Gorsuch betrayal is intended to be the spark that sets it off.

The more secular populist/nationalist half of the Trump base has been ready to rumble for a while now, but the less reactive Religious conservatives have not. That will change to a significant degree now, I believe.

There remains one shred of hope left for the restoration of our Republic, which is the reelection of Donald Trump. The question in my mind is whether vigilantism and/or civil war would help or hurt that cause. I’m inclined to think it would hurt more than help – but I also think it is virtually inevitable at this point. The left is certainly ready for war and has troops already establishing battle-lines, and if Trump wins reelection they’ll go even more insane than they already are.

On the flip side, if Trump loses, America as we have known it (prior to the Purple Revolution) is over, and an uprising by constitutionalists to prevent totalitarianism would be justified, in my view.

What America’s leftist elites want more than anything else is validation of their narrative that they are fighting a war against fascism. They want a recreation of the bloody street battles of Germany in the 1920s when Bolshevik-inspired Communists tried to do in Bavaria what they had just done in Russia and were countered by National Socialists. Hitler became a hero to the world in the 20s and 30s for his successful suppression of the Communists (who migrated in large numbers to the United States) before growing awareness of his vicious hatred and persecution of the Jews and of the ugly Marxist nature of National Socialism (which was in practice just as tyrannical as Communism) – eventually made him a symbol of great evil.

The greatest victors of the German showdown were the America-transplanted Communists – the fully fascist “Anti-Fascists” – whose propaganda has ever since framed every battle within our borders as fight against “fascism,” even though the true anti-fascists are patriotic constitutionalists.

I’m not saying Americans should remain passive in the face of Communist aggression. I am saying that if push really does come to shove, it shouldn’t be tit-for-tat street skirmishes that fit the Marxist narrative, but a massive shock and awe uprising that stops the coup in one fell swoop, and ends with jails filled to capacity with looters, rioters, and criminal conspirators, guarded by the same heroic police forces they’ve tried to destroy. I suggest we keep our powder dry, pour our energy into reelecting Trump, and only pull the trigger on civil war if no other option remains to save America.

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