The Lord’s Supper as a Prophecy of the Timing of the Second Coming: Part 7 of The Prodigal Son Prophecy

Dr. Lively’s 7th installment in the serial release of his book The Prodigal Son Prophecy consists of all of Chapter Four, “The Winepress of God’s Wrath.” This installment explains the significance of the Winepress event and its timing in the last days chronology. In this chapter, Dr. Lively also explains how the ritual of “Communion,” showcasing Bread (relating to the wheat harvest celebrated at the Feast of Trumpets) and Wine (relating to the grape harvest celebrated at the Day of Atonement) can be viewed as a New Testament “moed” and “miqra” (rehearsal) for the the second coming of Christ in the same manner as the Spring and Fall Feasts of Leviticus 23 were rehearsals for His first and second coming, respectively, in the Old Testament.

Click the graphic above to watch the video. Click the Download button below to access the PDF.
They are both archived HERE, along with all prior installments of the series.

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