Why Trump Can’t Lose part two

Why Trump Can’t Lose was the topic of Dr. Lively’s weekly radio show this week with co-host Pastor Richard May, but he had more to say on the issue this morning in Part Two, in the form of a fireside commentary at his farm in Memphis.

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Dear Friend of Liberty,

I’m sending this letter a little early to be sure it hits before election day, November 3rd.  I want to implore you in the strongest terms to cast your vote this election to reelect President Trump. This is not a political desire, it is a Christian moral duty. There has never been as stark a choice in all our history than today and none of the flaws in the fallible man Donald Trump can justify standing back and doing nothing when that choice WILL, not might, result in the permanent leftist takeover of this country. It would be the end of the Republic and beginning of a overtly Marxist state. God has granted us a short window of reprieve to turn back the Marxist revolution against our constitution and the Christian faith it was rooted in. 

As you probably know, the evil champions of the culture of death we have been fighting together through this ministry for over thirty years have abandoned all restraint in their desperation to defeat Trump. Thankfully they have little hope to now to win except by cheating, because they’ve overplayed their hand and alienated the silent majority with all their rioting and the Biden family criminal scandals now being exposed.

BUT, these people are the masters of cheating and might just be able to steal the election that way. However, cheating can only work when an election is close. There just aren’t enough dead people on the voter roles to outnumber actual voters if everyone who’s legally entitiled to vote gets out and votes.

I believe President Trump will win in a landslide of legally cast votes — but I could be wrong.  If the left manages to take him down, I will take that as a sign that the end truly is upon us, and I will shift my ministry focus entirely to evangelism and prophecy. Because if we can’t stop them this time –with a leader who has stood firm on constitutionalism despite attacks beyond anything we’ve ever imagined and a populist/conservative movement that has never been this strong and energized — then we’ll never get another chance.  

 Here is what will happen if we don’t re-elect Trump. 

The hard left will sweep in like a flood. They’ll instantly reverse every conservative policy set in place by Trump, they’ll pack the Supreme Court, they’ll eliminate the filibuster in the Senate, they’ll purge every conservative voice from the public square, prosecute those with the most politically-correct views, further gut and vilify the police forces, establish rigid censorship policies in social media, overflow public education with Marxist policies and training even beyond what they’ve done in the past, put abortion clinics in the high schools, open the borders, close the prisons, confiscate the property of “the rich,” force all non-Blacks to pay “reparations” for slavery, resume the transfer of our manufacturing base to China, indoctrinate children in transgenderism and fully legalize and fund gender reassignment for young children, mandate the entire LGBT agenda as core curriculum in schools and in adult diversity training by public and private employers, ban reparative therapy for unwanted same-sex disorders nationally, and on and on and on until every element of their narratives become the law of the land, backed by lockdowns, cancel-culture punishment of any dissenters and non-stop harassment and scapegoating of Christians and churches. AND, they will use the full power of the US government to Impose all of these policies worldwide, while openly and voluntarily surrendering the sovereignty of America to a new system of global governance.  

THAT is what’s at stake in this election!

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants”
Deuteronomy 30:19


An old-fashioned election sermon like the founders’ churches preached in the first generations of this nation.

It’s such a simple act and so self-explanatory that we’re just going to give you a few links and ask you to forward them to your pastor with a request that he preach one next Sunday (the last Sunday before the election).

Here they are:



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