The Madness of King JoeBama and the Specter of WWIII

Click on above graphic to watch Scott’s Prophecy and Politics show of this past week. His topics include a first hand report on mask tyranny in California, Neil Young and the bizarre reversal of liberals and conservatives on the question of personal freedoms today compared to the 1960s and 70s, some analysis of the Zucker resignation from CNN including his opinion that the “sex scandal” explanation is a cover for something deeper, the decades-old Bush and Clinton connection to China, and, finally, the issue of foreign wars being started as a distraction from domestic problems by national leaders, which inspired the article below.

From time immemorial elitist despots have started wars to deflect attention from domestic political crises. The most consequential recent example is that of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last emperor of Germany whose reign from 1871 – 1918 was called the Second Reich. “Kaiser” is the German translation of “Caesar,” evoking the imperium of both the original Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire (later called the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation) which largely dominated Europe from Charlemagne to Napoleon. 

Megalomaniacs of that stature are extremely dangerous people when their power or legacy is threatened, and such was true of the last Kaiser. When in 1907 a powerful German Jewish newspaper publisher named Maximilian Harden made pubic the allegation that Caesar Wilhelm was politically controlled by a cabal of homosexuals, it triggered a massive public scandal called The Eulenburg Affair causing highly embarrassing, high-profile legal and political problems for Wilhelm that dragged on until the outbreak of World War I. 
Another German Jew, Samuel Igra, documented all of this in his 1945 classic book German’s National Vice, which makes a strong case that Wilhelm was the hidden hand responsible for starting WWI. 

Igra also argued persuasively that Adolf Hitler’s antisemitism was first inflamed by Harden’s moralistic attack on the homosexuals surrounding the Kaiser, because at the time of the scandal, Hitler was a “gay” prostitute in Munich and Vienna whose personal heroes included the Kaiser’s “gay” pals (because some were, literally, Prussian war heroes). So, in a sense, Wilhelm was responsible for WWII as well, especially given how closely Hitler identified with him, treasuring a homosexual love letter written by Prussian warrior-king Frederick the Great to a boyfriend, and calling his own regime the Third Reich. (There is even a case to be made that under Obama the US became a Fourth Reich with the same deviant characteristics in its elites.)

Another case of foreign war as a distraction from domestic crises was that of King George III who deliberately provoked our American Revolution through all the actions enumerated in our Declaration of Independence. George had problems at home, not the least of which was pressure from the increasingly powerful populists of the Whig Party who (rightly) demanded ever more constitution-based rights in England while laying the groundwork for an independent constitutional republic in the new world. 

King George’s problems were compounded, however, by his degenerative mental health, much like our own King Joe Biden who appears determined to start a war with the Russian Federation to deflect public attention away from all his domestic scandals.   
Like Wilhelm, Joe is (in whole or in part) controlled by homosexuals, if, like me you believe the uber-megalomaniac Barack Obama is one.  And Obama’s homosexual agenda has also been central to the Russian/Ukraine conflict, which he and George Soros orchestrated starting in 2013

Also like Wilhelm, JoeBama could very well start a world war. Now, the conservative press in the US is emphasizing how much we Americans really don’t want a war with Russia. But crazy King Joe and his overmind Barack don’t care. They have a couple of key elections to steal in 22 and 24 before their power can be fully solidified, and they just can’t allow President Trump or the rising America First movement to thwart them. (Importantly, the RINOs have their “dogs” — i.e. homosexual prostitutes, per Deuteronomy 23:18 — in this fight too.) 

War traditionally unifies Americans behind a sitting president and if in this case it didn’t create unity under putative President Biden, it would at least provide a plausible pretext for martial law if a false flag attack or two could be pinned on either the Russians or, better still, “Russian-sympathizer White-Supremacist Trump supporters.” (The left would even trumpet this as final vindication of their “Russian Collusion” claims).  

Who else would be on board for world war, or at least a Bush-style “coalition” against Russia? Well, first of all we have the other English-speaking countries of the former British Empire. The UK, of course, where so much gung-ho war policy seems to be centered. Justin Trudeau’s Canada would probably like very much to nip its nascent populist revolution in the bud at this point (and I don’t think it is accidental that Canada’s Pravda media ridiculously claims Russia is behind the truck convoy).  Likewise, Australian leaders are also probably having nightmares of torch-wielding lynch mobs and guillotine parties about now as the plandemic narrative justifying their brutal tyranny crumbles around them, and protest rallies keep growing bigger and louder.

Israel, like the UK, is looking down the metaphorical barrel of a “vaccine” shotgun in the hands of newly awakened angry citizens as the death toll from “adverse” reactions to the clot shot and boosters mounts. (That can only get worse for all the mandate zealots in power everywhere.) Plus, Israel has the problem of Iran’s imminent nuclear weapon capability to deal with, and Iran is a key ally of Russia.

A strike on Iran in the context of US “coalition” hot war with Russia would seem virtually inevitable, and may in fact be the goal of all this warmongering. The Russia/Ukraine border “crisis” could even be a elaborate pretext to justify planned (and I would argue necessary) attacks on Iran’s nuke infrastructure that would otherwise violate international law. (To be clear I do NOT endorse war with Russia to achieve that goal or to bring Ukraine into NATO).    
If Iran formally backs Russia, it likely brings in the rest of the Shiite and Iran-allied countries: Syria, Yemen, Algeria, etc. There’s your world war, as all their treaty-based mutual assistance pledges are triggered and the Sunni Muslim allies of the US take them on across the Middle East.

I’ve long contended that the elites would cause a Great Collapse this winter to soften people up for a Great Reset in the spring. I’ve suggested it would likely be an economic collapse, but World War III would do the job even better – and could be extended through 2024 if needed – pushing back the Great Reset correspondingly. 

Is any of this certain? No. What is certain is increasing pain, suffering and tyranny of various kinds under King JoeBama and the rest of the global elites until such time as we oust them from power, or the Lord returns to deal with them all Himself.

I never thought I’d hear myself say this anywhere but in the punchline to a joke about smarmy liberals, but we should all be praying for world peace. Seriously.

 (I have documented Igra’s contentions in my book The Poisoned Stream, and my own assertions about Hitler in The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party both of which you may freely access on this website.

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