On the question of freedom vs tyranny, the sheep and goats are almost fully divided now in America: we’ve never been quite this polarized because the Marxists have never had this much power to use government to enslave people. That’s not to say we’re the first nation to be “fundamentally transformed” in this way (as the Great Divider, Barry Soetoro put it), just that it was never expected to happen in America. 

While it’s generally a very good thing that freedom loving people are now united, there lurks the danger of what we used to call “mob psychology” whenever people form ideologically-based opposing armies. In wartime the phenomenon is called “jingoism.” In two-party politics it is called hyper-partisanship. It is the human tendency to self-suppress independent thinking and embrace dogma whenever everyone around us is doing the same thing, And it is the devil’s tendency and agenda to exploit the weakness in every human system – especially systems vulnerable to emotional and perceptual manipulation – and he always works both sides of the street.

“Mass formation psychosis” is a term coined by Belgian psychology professor Mattias Desmet in his upcoming book The Psychology of Totalitarianism to refine understanding of what previously had been called “the madness of crowds.” Its use to explain irrational mass-compliance during the Covid 19 plandemic has been popularized Dr. Robert Malone, whose recent talk on the topic went so “viral” that Big Tech went into overdrive to censor it   – and by doing so confirmed its validity as a concept and their own complicity in driving it.    

I discussed the phenomenon on my Brighteon.TV program Prophecy and Politics last week, modifying the term slightly to “mass formation hypnosis” which I think is more accurate because psychosis is something that “just happens” to someone, while hypnosis is something deliberately done to him.  My point in this article is not primarily to help spread the word about this important topic but to caution everyone on the right that people on BOTH sides of a polarized society are susceptible to mob psychology. My greater purpose is remind/explain how an authentic Biblical worldview provides immunity from this psychosis.  

First, a word about jargon. Jargon is specialized language invented to convey meaning among only those who can speak it. Sometimes it is a legitimate and helpful tool for expanding human knowledge such as when new observations in science or technology cannot adequately be explained using existing vocabulary: for example, the jargon of “quantum physics” to define the qualities and behavior of newly discovered physical objects in deep space or inside the atom.  

Other times jargon is a tool of social manipulation to shape and steer public perceptions and opinion, such as the invention of the anti-Christian slur “homophobia” and the lexicon (vocabulary list) of “sexual orientation theory,” designed to frame disapproval of sexual perversion as mental illness. Likewise, “critical race theory” – which is simply fake social science invented to promote anti-white racism — is a reinvention/revision of words and meanings to steer society through mass psychological manipulation. 

The so-called soft sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology. etc.) overflow with jargon, both benign and malignant. Professor Desmet’s theory of “mass formation psychosis” is a typical of the former. But this realm of social sciences is where the malignant forms – of both lexicons of jargon, and the human control systems they describe — have been conceived, nurtured and perfected as tactics of social engineering like bat viruses in a Chinese gain-of-function laboratory. 

Social science departments in the temples of Secular Humanism we call our university system are the labs where “mass formation psychosis” was transformed from simple observations about crowd behavior into systems for directing crowd behavior in service to puppet-masters. It is where propaganda and entrapment tactics were perfected along with every other “science” of human manipulation. 

Dr. Malone uses “mass formation psychosis” to explain the behavior of the left in their intellectual surrender to the official Covid 19 narrative. I would argue that their surrender to the LGBT agenda, especially the truly insane aspects of transgenderism, is a better example.  
I would also argue that the QAnon narrative is an example of the same phenomenon on the right, and is very likely driven by the exact same puppet-masters from their alphabet-soup agency bunkers. (I’m still getting occasional emails from QAnon holdouts – or agents pretending to be holdouts – predicting imminent mass arrests of the Biden administration and its co-conspirators.)  

BUT, people with an authentic biblical world view don’t need specialized jargon to understand what’s going on in America or how to cope with it. The secret behind “mass formation psychosis” is simply the natural human tendency to look to authority figures for guidance when they lack enough information to decide for themselves about something – OR, more importantly, they lack the confidence in their own powers of observation and reasoning to trust their own conclusions about it. 

In a crowd situation where everyone lack information, the tendency is to assume the group has knowledge that you don’t, thus the “stampede” effect (e.g. toilet paper hoarding). Once the crowd identifies an authority figure to trust, the tendency is reinforced for good or ill, depending on the character and agenda of the authority. 

However, it seems to me that the real test for “mass formation psychosis” is whether people revert to trusting themselves once enough information is available to do so. The psychotically deluded don’t accept evidence that contradicts their delusions so long as their authority figure keeps them on the hook, but normal people who start out as part of a stampeding crowd for lack of a good reason to do otherwise and then discover a good reason usually will then leave the crowd in spite of what that authority figure says

By that measure, recent events show that normal people are indeed leaving the “slave” herd in large numbers on numerous issues including Covid, voter fraud, and parental rights in public schools, meaning they didn’t actually have “mass formation psychosis,” just bad information. 
This shows that Objective truth widely shared is the antidote to totalitarianism
It explains why people with a genuine biblical worldview who see reality for what it is, and trust their God-given powers of perception and reasoning, are immune to this manufactured psychosis.

And it shows us that the cure to “mass formation psychosis” for those genuinely afflicted with it will come when/if we finally break the Big Media/Big Tech stranglehold on our public information systems

 and put Anthony Fauci in jail.

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