by Maximus Transphobicon

If the 1930 and 40s were the Golden Age of Hollywood, the more recent trend of passing off 90 minute toy marketing commercials as feature films could be called the Dark Age. Nothing better defines the Hollywood Dark Age than the Transformer franchise in which various mechanical forms of transport, transform themselves into either superheros or supervillians and bash each other endlessly across and against various urban landscapes with mind-numbing repetition. 

The clear and consistent message for children that is embedded in the Transformer series, and all the many comic-book movies of the same genre is that “special” people (be they human or machine) can transcend the limitations of the natural world and transform themselves into super heroes with super powers by simply identifying as “super” and getting a little help from substances (e.g. spider venom) and/or already-initiated mentors.  

Was it all just harmless fantasy, or were these films deliberately grooming children to embrace transgenderism right under the noses of their parents?  

One of the early films was “X-Men,” a very thinly veiled LGBT coming-of-age/“coming-out” allegory that became its own entire franchise on that theme. In time the leftists dropped the pretense that the film series was “just entertainment” and admitted its true message and goals. Need proof? Look at this 2018 article from that asserted “X-Men Series The Gifted Needs to Trade in LGBTQ Allegories For Actual, Queer Mutants.”  Got that? “Actual, Queer Mutants.” You grey-hairs and Boomers think that’s a joke. The kids ensnared in transgender delusion don’t.   

The Matrix trilogy, which spawned the “red pill” metaphor so beloved by conservatives, was also defined (after the fact) by its creators as an allegory on transgenderism.  

I suggest the entire genre is similarly intentionally contaminated, and has played a significant role in the rise of “Generation Trans.”  

Of course, children have been the target of LGBT grooming for decades now through many vehicles – not the least of which is GLSEN, the national network of LGBT activist teachers and administrators in our public school system (Loudon County is by no means an anomaly), but the entertainment industry also shares a big part of the blame.  

We adults forget how blurred the line between fantasy and reality can be in the minds of children (and some adults who never grew up). My Mom once told me a true story about her brother Walter whose favorite TV show was Superman. One day he put on a home-made cape, climbed atop the family car and tried to fly across the back yard, breaking his arm in the process. 

That was back in the early 1950s when actual reality was universally culturally affirmed. Think how easy it is for kids today to embrace delusions about their identity and purpose when the ruling class has literally gone insane on matters of sexuality and human relations. How many of these adults’ own tendency toward delusion became pathological in part from consuming the same pop-culture propaganda and programming that enslaved their kids?  

My purpose here is not to attack Hollywood, which is impervious to criticism, but to highlight the fact that Generation Trans did not develop spontaneously in the natural course of human societal evolution but was orchestrated by forces that have been at work for a very long time and which advance their agenda incrementally through multiple spheres of influence simultaneously. 

Transgenderism did not become the cause celeb until homosexuality had been normalized, and the campaign to normalize homosexuality did not take center stage until heterosexual promiscuity had been normalized. This is a long-term agenda we’re watching unfold, being pushed by people, principalities and powers with a very long view and the patience to allow each stage to settle in slowly until enough of the public accepts it to ensure nothing will be successfully reversed. 

Don’t believe that? Tell me what you think are the prospects for re-criminalizing adultery in America and what’s actually changed to make that idea seem ridiculous. Adultery isn’t any less immoral or harmful today than it was when it’s criminalization was considered a no-brainer by virtually everyone. We’ve simply been the victims of incremental desensitization.

Recognizing that truth should lead any honest person to admit that, unless something changes in our approach, we conservatives are going to lose the transgender battle just like we lost the homosexual battle, and later on we’re going to lose the transhumanism battle after they’ve crushed us on transgenderism. And some of the very same people fighting hard against transgenderism today are going to simply shrug their shoulders at it tomorrow, just like today many “conservatives” have decided homosexuality is no big deal anymore. 

The left wins because they have a vision for the future that drives their movement and excites their activists. They envision a perfect socialist utopia built upon the ashes of Judeo-Christian civilization and they constantly work pro-actively to achieve it.  
Meanwhile, conservatives work to “conserve” the status quo and are motivated to action only when it’s threatened. With only defense and no offense, we always eventually lose, regroup around the new status quo, and go back to sleep until the next assault by the left. It’s a strategy for guaranteed failure.    

The solution is for conservatives to change our strategy from reactive to pro-active. We do have a long-forgotten pro-active vision called the Shining City on a Hill. It is the vision of the Founders for an ever-strengthening and expanding Constitutional Republic with a cultural melting pot capable of transforming and conforming all other cultures to the goodness and blessing of Biblical truth. That was our “manifest destiny” which got sidetracked when we shrank back from Marxist aggression and became accommodationist. We should and must repent of that passivity and get back to fighting for righteousness!

To translate this call to action into comic book metaphors and the language of Generation Trans, I now “choose to identify” as a super robot, Maximus Transphobicon, and everyone must now affirm my value as an insurrectionist against Marxism and Transgenderism and follow my example.

But seriously, until the Lord returns it IS our job to “save the world” from Satanic oppression. Let’s reclaim the true supernatural powers He has given us, and get back in that fight.


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