Russia’s Ronald Reagan?

Under Ronald Reagan, the US Supreme Court affirmed the bedrock constitutional right of states to regulate sexual conduct and particularly homosexual sodomy in the landmark case of Bowers v Hardwick in 1986. Under Vladimir Putin the Russian Congress banned “gay” propaganda to children in 2013 and is planning to extend that ban to all such propaganda.

Russia’s Ronald Reagan (10/30/2022)

To be clear, I love America and consider her the greatest nation in history, despite the cancer that has metastasized within her over the past decades. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, and even if she breaks apart in the raging storm that is upon us, I will go down with this ship, fighting with every ounce of my strength to save her till my last breath.
That having been said…

Who in the world today shows exemplary leadership as a national chief executive? Definitely not Dementia Joe Biden! Woke tyrant Justin Trudeau? Certainly not. Emmanuel Macron? Olaf Scholz? Are you kidding? EU head Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen – the woman just exposed for (alleged) collusion with Big Pharma in a $36 billion rape of European taxpayers? Give me a break. How about the new Prime Minister of the UK – that globalist dude who replaced the previous failure after just six weeks? Too soon to tell, but the signs don’t look good. Australia? New Zealand? Woke disasters. Mexico? Iceland? Anybody in the Baltics? The Balkans? Africa? Asia? Nobody really stands out in a positive way.

The right-wing babe just elected in Italy looks promising – though I’m not a fan of women holding executive government power, unless they are, in a biblical sense, a Deborah raised up by God because of a lack of a competent alpha male. It’s too soon to tell, but the fact she is kow-towing to NATO (meaning OBiden) regarding Russia right out of the gate is definitely concerning. Sweden just took a turn for the better, but, again, its too soon to judge its new leaders

Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has done a good job – and I hope he survives politically. Viktor Orban of Hungary has done an exceptional job and sets a great example for the rest of the leaders of Europe.

But, in terms of current top-seat-holding leaders nobody in the world (except for Orban on a smaller scale) really comes close to Vladimir Putin, whom I consider to be Russia’s Ronald Reagan. This honorific, of course, flies in the face of decades of insidious US and UK war propaganda painting Putin as Hitler-like, but of course the same people say the same thing about Trump. It’s all lies – or if true in some parts (like Trump’s tendency to exaggerate) – the faults are not qualitatively different from other world leaders who get a pass on equivalent flaws.

Crucially, there is NEVER an evidence-based contested hearing on the accusations against Putin – only one-sided conclusory pronouncements of guilt crafted by intelligence agencies and parroted by the corporate media. The brainwashed public then repeats the narrative endlessly or gets their character assassinated. I can get away with speaking these truths because my character was assassinated long ago, but rose like Lazarus from the grave thanks to faith in Christ. All praise to Him, I no longer fear death by slander.

Trump would top the list of the most exemplary national leader if he had survived the 2020 election coup, but he didn’t – a fact I attribute to his God-defying embrace of homosexuality generally and “gay marriage” specifically. (When you invoke God as your guide while insulting Him by rebelling against His law, there will always be a consequence.) As a political pragmatist I still support Trump and greatly appreciate what he has done for the cause of constitutionalism, and I will vote for him if he runs again (something I have strong doubts about), but I will do it with reservations.

There were four populist/conservative giants who led the world in 2016 when God gave us an 11th hour global reprieve from the final stage of the one-world Marxist conquest. Trump was obviously the most powerful and significant of them. The other three were 1) Nigel Farage in the UK, by virtue of his orchestration of BREXIT – a campaign all the more brilliant and impressive in that he did it without benefit of a seat of high power in the government. 2) Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel – who plotted a relatively conservative course despite intense hatred and opposition from the hard-left, super-powerful US “Jewish” elites in concert with the Obama machine. And 3) Vladimir Putin.

Today, only Putin remains in power, and he does so despite literally the entire globalist machine running at maximum speed to drive him out militarily and steal his natural resource rich country from his people. This is a man who took the reins of power when the former Soviet Empire was in ruins and in a single generation transformed the nation from a hell-hole of chaos and gangsterism into a thriving stable and secure country with morally and fiscally conservative policies grounded in the rule of law. Yes, it is more autocratic than Americans would be comfortable with, but it’s [fact-schecked] not a dictatorship (in contrast to Zelensky’s Ukraine, which truly is one), and the Russian people genuinely support their government and Putin himself at levels American politicians can only dream about. I’ve been there on three major mission trips, studied it from the inside, and can testify to the truth of it.

The key to Putin’s success has been the restoration of Christianity as the wellspring of its culture. That has been Russia’s bulwark against every “woke” pathology now ravaging the west like the Black Death of the Middle Ages. And because of that, no other country in the world is doing more to protect its children from LGBT insanity and perversion than Russia – even to the point of expanding its 2013 ban on “gay” propaganda to children to include a ban on transgenderism advocacy

And no other country is doing more to oppose and defeat globalism, which OBiden has euphemistically termed “the rules based international order” (in which the “rules” are – as every conservative American knows in regards to domestic policy – whatever the DC elites say they are.) Indeed, the new multi-polar order Putin envisions, and speaks about so eloquently, is the very antithesis of globalism. His recent speech on this topic, while sobering is very rational, intelligent and encouraging:

In this life I revere no one except Jesus Christ. I see all human beings realistically, as flawed and fallible – to be judged honestly on their merits in the context of their circumstances with grace and humility. And to be graded on the curve of all humanity, not against some perfect standard none can meet. Ronald Reagan wasn’t perfect, but I admire him as a leader. I hold Putin in the same regard relative to his leadership of Russia.

To be clear, I love America and consider her the greatest nation in history, despite the cancer that has metastasized within her over the past decades. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, and even if she breaks apart in the raging storm that is upon us, I will go down with this ship, fighting with every ounce of my strength to save her till my last breath. It is that love and patriotism that compels me to speak the truth about Putin’s re-Christianized Russia, which could and should be America’s closest ally if we could just delouse ourselves of the “elite” Marxist parasites that are killing us – and, by extension, killing all the rest of world we force to fly our “rules based” rainbow flag.


[11/4/2022 update. In the few days since this article was written Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil was “defeated” in a highly suspect election and Bibi Netanyahu was re-elected in Israel.]

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