America Owes President Trump a Massive Debt

The all-too predictable RINO campaign to defeat Donald Trump’s bid for the White House in 2024, before it has even been formally announced, has begun. Interestingly, it features as its leading argument that Ron DeSantis would make a better president and wouldn’t have all the “divisive” and distracting baggage Trump has. We’re expected to believe that the RINOs actually want DeSantis as president, when all they really want is a Trump/DeSantis primary-season bloodbath so the White House will stay blue and they can keep their lucrative posts as willingly controlled “opposition” and preserve the corrupt cozy collegiality of the Purple Uniparty.

Does anyone really doubt that Mitch McConnell deliberately sabotaged the MAGA takeover of the U.S. Senate to preserve his own place and power? Does anyone really believe that the light-in-the-loafers Lincoln Project perverts would willingly let “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis get within a hundred miles of the presidency? No, the dump Trump to crown Ron is a bait-and-switch con game trolling for suckers. Donald Trump is not going away, and the only thing that will come from the effort to dump him is an expansion of the list of people we know can’t be trusted to defend the Constitution and Truth itself: some because they never stood on principle in the first place and others because they are otherwise good people who nevertheless allowed themselves to be duped into the role of useful idiots, even after having their eyes opened to election fraud, the plandemic and other serious crimes of the elites.

Every virtue-loving American, but especially the latter group being lured into the RINO trap, should remember one essential fact: Donald Trump doesn’t need to win another election to legally and morally deserve a second term in the White House. HE ALREADY EARNED IT IN 2020! The Usurper-in-Chief occupying the Oval Office is a filthy traitor whose every pronouncement is a pack of lies, and whose very presence behind the presidential podium is an act of contempt for the citizens of this country and our Constitution.

America owes Donald Trump a second term in the same way that a government-run impound yard owes a new car to a victim whose own car was stolen while under government protection. Our election system has a legal and moral duty to conduct free and fair elections and to ensure the rightful winner is seated after an honest, objective and transparent review of the votes cast by legally qualified citizens only. That process was hijacked and grossly abused by a vast network of conspirators of both parties, united by a visceral hatred of Trump so intense that it justified in their warped minds the greatest political crime in world history: a literal regime-change coup in the most powerful nation on earth and a cover-up of that crime, which continues to this very day using every possible weapon and tactic in their considerable arsenal. Not even the United States Supreme Court could stand against that conspiracy, as all the many highly meritorious lawsuits were derailed on cynical procedural pretexts – even the ones that reached the Supremes.

And yet, by the sheer persistence of one of the most remarkable men ever born on this earth, that conspiracy – intended as an American version of the Reichstag fire – has been exposed, explained and partially extinguished in the build-up to the 2022 midterms.

Every honest, educated citizen in America knows that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, and by the time he is finally inaugurated in January of 2025, the entire world will know that as well – with all the evidence laid out clearly on the table for all to see, along with a list of those awaiting prosecution to the fullest extent of the law – some of them deserving the death penalty for treason. The MAGA movement in the House of Representatives and throughout the citizenry will pursue that mission with a passion for truth, justice and the American way that would put Superman to shame.

Donald Trump doesn’t have to earn his second term a second time, but he will. Only an act of God telling him not to run, or assassination by the elites, will stop that from happening.

The best thing Ron DeSantis could do to ensure his own future presidency is to stand down in the 2024 race and instead make himself Donald’s Trump’s wingman, showing himself to be the obvious and deserving “heir to the chair” through loyalty and the proactive exportation of Florida policy victories to other conservative states. DeSantis should work the states, while Trump works the feds. DeSantis should state clearly that 2024 belongs to Trump by right and that he will do all in his power to ensure he isn’t cheated again by the uniparty.

Our debt to Donald Trump is far greater than just the seat he already earned. We owe him our eternal gratitude for keeping the Clinton crime family out of the White House. Hillary would have done infinitely more harm to America than the feckless boob Biden has been able to do as Obama’s handicapped avatar. I said back in 2017 that our debt to Trump for that one gift alone would have justified him spending his entire presidency vacationing on the golf course.

But Trump rolled up his sleeves and began shoveling the Augean stables like Hercules, winning many fabulous prizes he presented to us as gifts. The yuuge list of policy accomplishments is a gift that keeps on giving despite Biden’s best efforts. Trump’s exposure of the deep state and all its minions to public scrutiny is a priceless gift, as is his continuing willingness to do bare-knuckle battle with them on our behalf. His healthy governance by example instead of just by theory was deeply inspirational to the entire conservative movement, top-to-bottom. We would never have received the gift of Ron DeSantis, or Glenn Youngkin, or Kari Lake without Trump first busting up the frozen wasteland of patronage politics like an Arctic icebreaker. We never would have seen the grassroots erupt like a wildfire in a meadow in school board meetings across America if not for Trump. We never would have seen the weasel Roberts lose his swing-voter kingship at SCOTUS without Trump.

This list could go on and on. I’m not going to offer the standard platitude about Trump being a flawed man like the rest of us, because he’s NOT like the rest of us. Only Donald Trump could have brought America back from the precipice of Marxist hell in 2016, and only Donald Trump can finish that job. He is absolutely perfect for the task God has assigned to him, warts and all, and America owes him a massive debt. Admitting that and fully backing his campaign (should he choose to climb back on that bronco and not hand the reins to Ron early) is the very least we can do.

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