The opposite of Wokeness is Faith because the opposite of Progressive is Providential.

It all comes down to perspective – as a man believes in his heart, so is he. If he believes in a loving God who actively provides for him and for all of Creation, he operates by faith and seeks to know and conform to His will. If he decides there is no God, he operates by fear, believing he must control his own path and the world around him.

If he trusts God he trusts science as it is and adopts the “scientific method” of learning to discover objective truth about the ways things are and how they can be used to our benefit. If he rejects God he sees science as a tool for conforming the world to his will, and wherever it doesn’t conform naturally it is modified to do so. The same is true for ethics and morality. The faithless man creates his own paradigm of right and wrong out of bits and pieces of what God established, and then forces the world around him to conform to it.

When the will of man replaces the will of God as the guide to humanity, it creates a society in which reality is defined by power and in which little strongmen fight each other for dominance over a pyramidal order in which civilization is controlled by one supreme overlord, and every sub-part of that social order has its own pyramidal structure in which might makes right. Their world is one vast jungle and their “law above the law” is survival of the fittest. According to their humanist priest who formally declared God dead, Friedrich Nietzsche, the fittest man is the one who can will himself to power by rejecting the “morality of the weak herd.” If you can slaughter whomever gets in your way without compunction, like Herod did to the Hasmonean dynasty in order to become King of Judea, you are fit for real power. However, if you can beguile the “weak herd” into defiling and/or slaughtering themselves and voluntarily submitting themselves to your rule – like the Satanic overlords of American culture have done – you are fit for ultimate power.

In practice, the pyramid power is shared amongst an oligarchy at the top levels of the hierarchy – a system best glimpsed in the Greek pantheon of gods: mere mythology in the perception of the plebes, but metaphorical truth in the perception of the spiritually discerning. Satan/Zeus doesn’t demand worship of himself alone – he demands worship of his entire demonic command structure, which magnifies his own power exponentially.

Are you recognizing our world today in this picture, dear friend? Are you seeing the interrelationship of all the evil tyrants – the prideful prancing princelings like Gavin Newsom, and Justin Trudeau, and Emmanuel Macron – dominating their own pyramidal sub-structures within the Great Pyramid? As the World Ecomomic Forum emerges from the fog of invisibility to reveal itself as the hidden hand behind so many aspects of “globalism,” does it look a bit like the all-seeing Eye of Sauron on the back of the dollar bill? Or is it just a moon-like tide-(of history)-controller, reflecting the eminence of a much greater Luciferian orb and scepter that had not yet crested the horizon?

Are the four horsemen of Revelation 6 still chomping at the bit or has the gate swung open? The dust clouds of chaos, confusion and deliberate obfuscation in the world today are so thick it’s hard to say – but the imminency of Antichrist kingdom is palpable. Either way, I believe the great collapse is upon us, manifesting before our eyes like the final countdown to detonation or perhaps even the first split seconds after the detonation of the controlled demolition of a mighty skyscraper – as observed in a slow-motion video. Frame by frame the first blasts disintegrate the foundations while the upper structure still looks perfectly solid and intact. It is an illusion, just like the illusion of American economic hegemony seems intact while the rapidly maturing BRICS rebellion shatters its brittle underpinnings.

But that is not really breaking news to remnant prophecy watchers. It’s all part of a plan many of us have been talking about for years. New economic and political systems are already designed and awaiting roll-out during the Great Reset. Neo-Nebuchadnezzar’s Build Babylon Better campaign awaits the final harvest of the Anglo-Judean slave-serfs, while right on cue, a choir of false prophets begins singing harmonies on the theme that victory is right around the corner. Truthful Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, is the only party-pooper sounding the unwelcome warning that the people and the nations will NOT escape the judgement they have fully earned by turning against God.

But God’s providential hand has never been withdrawn during all this time for those few who have chosen to rely upon It and not the arm of flesh. He is the same God yesterday, today and forever, and He has promised us an end time revival even in the midst of the great collapse.

“At that time,” said Jesus to the Disciples, “many will fall away and will betray and hate one another, and many false prophets will arise and mislead many. Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

And here we finally are. All the pieces are in place for the final act, especially in Israel where the first openly religious government in its modern history has been formed – making possible an announcement at any time asserting direct Israeli control of the Temple Mount and breaking ground for a Third Temple. We are witnesses of “the multiplication of wickedness” – even by the man Trump we thought might be a worldly deliverer, but who has now partnered with the King of Sodom for political expedience. I pray he repents for that, as we believers of the remnant must repent of our own enmeshment with the world in order to be part of the promised revival.

It is the Holy Spirit who brings revival, but since each of us is a temple of His Spirit our role is to unleash Him in our own lives and to devote ourselves to the ground-work of revival: testifying about God’s goodness and glory, speaking His truth in contradiction to every lie of the world, and doing good works – more and better works than we have done in the past – in full view of the unsaved and for their benefit, so they will see/feel them and give glory to Our Father in Heaven.

End times revival is not about wearing sack-cloth and ashes and wailing about our failures (Nineveh will not be spared this time). It is about welcoming with all joy – during the tribulation of labor — the impending birth of the Messiah’s Millennial Kingdom, by lifting up our heads and rejoicing in the priceless mercy He has already dispensed to us! It is about sharing the Good News to the lost without apology or hesitancy as the window of their opportunity closes. And it is about remembering individually and collectively how to openly abide in God’s providence, showing by example that we really do trust HIM and not the man-made systems of this world.


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