On January 6. 2021, which will forever be memorialized as J6, corrupt elements of our government orchestrated the so-called “insurrection” at the US Capitol to prevent key legislators from triggering a constitutionally mandated delay of certification of a contested election to allow for an investigation to be conducted. Those insurrectionists-in-congressional-clothing succeeded and forced through the certification of a blatantly fraudulent election. That breach of their legal duty is the basis for the Brunson Brother’s “Hail Mary” lawsuit calling for the removal of 388 Members of Congress. Ironically, the Supreme Court meets today to decide if they will accept this case for review.

Very early the next morning, January 7, 2021, I made a short video declaring that America had become a POW Camp. By divine providence, I “just happened” to have stopped for the night at a hotel whose parking lot bordered a veterans services office flying the POW/MIA flag. I believed then, as I believe now, that we lost the Republic on J6 with only a short window of time to claw it back before the malefactors consolidated their power and control of our federal institutions beyond the point of recovery. With the collapse of the 2022 Red Tsunami (through the sabotage of RINO traitors and more election fraud by the Dems) that window is all but closed. Only a divine miracle can save America at this time — and one wonders if our national sins of child-killing and sexual perversion have so tipped the scale against us that God may give us over to judgment instead of rescue us. I see no significant move toward repentance among our people that could sway Him in that choice. But, His mercy is so great that even now we might be spared the consequences we richly deserve.

While my comments on J7 about America becoming a POW Camp were only metaphorical at the time, they were actually prophetic for the hundreds of men and women who have become literal prisoners of the actual culture war being waged by the Purple Uniparty against the MAGA movement. Never before in the history of this nation have we seen anything like the rank injustice being suffered by the political prisoners of the criminal conspirators of the 2020 coup.

Now on the second anniversary of this outrage, the right to a speedy trial is just one of the many constitutional rights that have been stripped from so many of our fellow Americans who were guilty of nothing more than being suckered into trespassing the “People’s House and/or the Capitol grounds — along public paths cleared of warning signs by nefarious actors, through doors unlocked from the inside, being welcomed in many cases by the police themselves. And the Democrat-controlled committee tasked with investigating these things (literal co-conspirators in the coup), buried the truth instead in a process so fraught with blatant ideological corruption and abuse of power as to constitute a crime in itself.

I find it very difficult to read the testimonies of the J6 prisoners who are brave enough to have gone public about the injustices they continue to suffer. What I hear in their collective appeals is Psalm 94:3-5: “How long will the wicked, O LORD, how long will the wicked exult? They pour out arrogant words; all workers of iniquity boast. They crush Your people, O LORD; they oppress Your heritage.”

As one who has suffered great persecution at the hands of the leftist mob, I can attest that for those who stand firm through the fire by faith, great rewards await in the form of strengthened character and courage and God’s blessings. For the J6 martyrs, there will be an additional category of reward in the form of credibility and stature in the fight against tyranny. Every person now suffering injustice in the DC Gulag will eventually be freed from their nightmare, and when that happens their voice as martyrs to the cause of liberty will be magnified far beyond any influence they might otherwise have had. Their lives will forever be defined (in part) by their ordeal — and some may even literally sit in judgment over those who subjected them to it.

For now, they deserve our respect and prayers.


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