Trump, Our Actual but (As-Yet) Uncertified President

This past week one of the last loose-ends from the 2020 election coup was tied up by the conspirators: the neutralizing of Jenna Ellis, arguably the most effective of the Trump attorneys who sought justice for the American electorate in the courts. The media widely but falsely reported that she admitted to lying about the election in a deal she made with the State Bar of Colorado to keep her law license.

What seems to the general public to be a slam-dunk victory for the “cleanest election in US history” choir (filthy scoundrels all) was in fact the administrative equivalent of a plea-bargain in which an innocent party facing certain defeat in court admits to a lesser charge and consequence to avoid a much harsher sentence. We’ve all seen how this works in Hollywood courtroom dramas and Ellis is a real life example. There was no way the leftist Colorado Bar Association and courts were going to let her get away with challenging the election results. Per a 2020 post-game wrap-up by KDVR in Denver “Tuesday night was a good night for Democrats across Colorado. Democrats now control the governor’s office, the state House, the state Senate …Hickenlooper’s win also gives Democrats control of both Colorado U.S. Senate seats in addition to their 4-3 advantage in the U.S. House.”

You get the picture, but an apparently fair-minded judge bucked the leftist mob to broker a compromise (censure, not disbarment) so she wouldn’t lose her license to practice. In any case, what she signed was in no way an admission that she “lied” – a point she vigorously argued on Twitter after the fact:

“The politically-motivated Left failed miserably in their attempt to destroy me. They’re now trying to falsely discredit me by saying I admitted I lied. That is FALSE. I would NEVER lie. Lying requires INTENTIONALLY making a false statement. I never did that, nor did I stipulate to or admit that.”

As a fellow attorney, allow me to paraphrase what I believe she meant to say but can’t: “To keep my license I was forced by the politics of a Democrat ‘kangaroo court’ to admit to ‘misrepresentation’ of certain official conclusions of the government which are now deemed to be ‘facts’ (which doesn’t mean they are actually true).” That’s the nuanced but principled lawyerly logic behind both her action and her post-plea-bargain statement that preserved both her license and her personal integrity.

Let me add my own un-parsed perspective here on behalf of Ellis (whom I have never met nor communicated with) and every other Trump defender in America who is constrained by politics and the risk of severe punishment. TRUMP WON the 2020 election by an overwhelming majority. We all know it, despite the relentless narrative-spinning, witness intimidation and criminal cover-ups by our corrupt government and media.

To eject Trump from the White House, the American Uniparty and its globalist allies around the world orchestrated the largest and most extensive campaign of fraud in the history of the world: the Purple Revolution. Their multi-faceted, multi-stage conspiracy included and integrated

• the Russian Collusion Hoax,

• two back-to-back baseless Impeachments,

• the genocidal global Covid-19 Plandemic (with all its many sub-components including lockdowns and coerced “immunizations” with poison),

• the creation of massive new election fraud infrastructure (including neutralization of election-safeguards by corrupt courts and legislatures, universal mail-out balloting and harvesting, Zuckerbucks, and unmonitored leftist-controlled ballot counting processes),

• the de-facto takeover of Big Tech by deep-state Intelligence agencies for use as censorship and propaganda machinery,

• the outrageous staging of the J6 “insurrection” (to prevent a vote to postpone certification pending congressional investigation, which made Mike Pence’s treason in certifying the false Biden presidency all the more heinous),

• and the post-election intentional triggering (through un-ignorable provocation of Russia) of the Ukraine War as a cover-up-facilitator and foreign distraction from the domestic fallout to the coup.

But despite ALL of that, Trump won in a landslide and a steadily increasing percentage of the public openly admits it.

I’ve had my disagreements with President Trump – mostly regarding “Operation Warp Speed” and his endorsement of some aspects of the LGBT agenda. But despite these very serious policy flaws Donald Trump is by far the best candidate we have to overthrow the deep state and bring the real America back from the abyss.

But more than that, TRUMP WON! America already owes him four more years in the White House and, like any other robbery victim, he doesn’t legally or morally have to win another election to claim his “property.” If our Supreme Court were not so politically controlled by the Purple Uniparty (shamefully rejecting on ambiguous procedural grounds all the many merit-filled lawsuits) the false certification of Biden would have been nullified long ago, the election coup and its many components would already have been fully reversed and overturned, and President Trump would perhaps by this time be watching re-runs of the post-trial public hangings of the traitors on a restored-to-actual-journalism CNN.

Circumstances being what they are in today’s lawless America, Trump does have to run again. But now the tables are turning because the lies of the left are unraveling. The heroic MAGA contingent in the House of Representatives is documenting the truth on multiple fronts simultaneously. The J6 video footage is debunking the insurrection narrative. Various Plandemic crimes, conspiracies and conspirators (including the rat Fauci) are being exposed. The media is beginning to cover damning truths on Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell.” And Elon Musk is restoring Twitter to a free-speech platform where the hard facts about all these matters are being paraded before the panicked eyes of the leftist elite. Suddenly, Obiden and all his minions are on the defensive as more and more, on topic after topic, people are saying “Trump was right” and demanding accountability.

For the sake of their own political futures and the rescue of the world from globalist tyranny, DeSantis and the rest of the Republican primary field should ceremoniously stand down, forcefully condemn the coup-criminals, and endorse Trump’s already-earned second term unequivocally. The primary season should be treated as a time of war-time national coalescence behind Trump and getting a massive head-start on assembling the most extensive “get-out-the-vote” army in US history, with DeSantis and other worthy contenders serving as the Eisenhowers, Pattons and MacArthurs of that effort.

Whether or not that happens, Jenna Ellis remains a national heroine despite her plea-bargain. And Donald Trump remains the (as-yet uncertified) President of the United States with four more years to serve, pending the upcoming eviction of the present White House squatter.


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