The Evil That Trans-Men Do

Everywhere is
Freaks and hairies
Dykes and fairies
Tell me, where is sanity?

– I’d Love to Change the World,” Ten Years After, Top 40 hit in 1971

Like most Americans, I was greatly unnerved to hear the that a “trans man” murdered three 9-year-old children and three adults at a Nashville Christian elementary school, where this disturbed young woman had once attended. Even though school shootings and other mass murders have (predictably) become rather common in America, this one is especially tragic because it targeted grammar school kids. and because it is clearly a hate crime against Christians that we all know will never be characterized as such, so that no taint of negativity will ever stain the public image of the LGBT community.

To clarify, the radio news report I heard Monday did not identify the killer as “trans,” but instead featured a statement from Biden emphasizing the importance of gun control. I had to seek out conservative news outlets to learn the key fact that “our president” and his coconspirator media deliberately suppressed. But the story was too big for the media to bury, and so now virtually all media outlets are forced to cover it.

It has become standard practice for all divisions of the leftist power bloc to instantly and unanimously ascribe causality for any violence against LGBTs to everyone who criticizes their community or agenda; in other words, if you at any time in your life have ever said anything negative about LGBT people or their political agenda, it is your fault if someone you’ve never met or even heard of, shoots up a “gay” nightclub, for example. But, when the roles are reversed, it is never the fault of leftist rhetoric when someone sharing LGBT views commits a crime – such as when Floyd Lee Corkins attempted mass murder at the Family Research Council, using the SPLC’s “hate map” to find the organization’s location.

Causation is a big deal in criminal law, and rightfully so, because it would create social chaos for the judicial branch to punish someone other than the actual perpetrator of a crime without very strong evidence others were personally involved. That’s why there is well-developed legal doctrine on things like incitement so that free speech is not chilled. But chilling speech critical of anything LGBT is precisely why the left pretends there is NO legal guidance on incitement: They simply imply that the “wrong” kind of speech is legally actionable (knowing that it isn’t) because they want everyone to fear the possibility of criminal prosecution for merely stating facts and opinions they cynically deem “hate speech” (which includes anything even slightly non-celebratory). And they reinforce that posture by socially “canceling” people in the private sector as if their views are criminal. Even worse, they are now working feverishly to establish speech codes forcing people to adopt and use the “transgender” lexicon subject to actual punishments for “mis-gendering” and “dead-naming” anyone. It is Orwellian, bordering, literally, on the psychotic.

THIS is fascism! By the people who ridiculously, preposterously portray themselves as anti-fascist. And now their constant agitation and grievance-mongering among a class of mentally ill young people is pushing them to murder innocents. Does this legally qualify as incitement? Perhaps not, but it is a quantum leap closer to being legally actionable than what they already contend pro-family Christians are guilty of. And from the moral and ethical standpoint, it is unquestionably true that everyone conspiring to bury the truth of male/female binary heterosexual normalcy beneath an avalanche of politically driven, scientifically bankrupt trans-normalizing propaganda shares the blame for the murder of these little children and their teachers.

Enough is enough. It is past time for the normies to rise up and tear down the transgender normalization racket in our society. And if you don’t do that you’ll have no one to blame but yourself when this bloody atrocity becomes as common as Drag Queen Story Hour.

To be absolutely clear, this is not a call to violence against anyone – but it is a call to destroy the propaganda campaign that is literally raping the minds of America’s children. Take back the schools! Take back the libraries! Take back the media! Take back the seats of power from dog-catcher to the presidency! Take back America from these soulless ghouls! And in the process save their mind-enslaved victims by drawing them back into the light of truth and reason.

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