An Alternate Theory on Open Borders

I haven’t seen anyone else offer this opinion, but I believe the flood of illegal immigrants who have been coming over our southern border for the past decade – mostly military-age young men — may actually be intended to serve as cannon-fodder for the now-admitted American-run Ukraine war of attrition against Russia. Their status as non-citizens of the US would allow them to become foreign mercenaries to Ukraine identified only by their country of origin, theoretically preserving the ability of our corrupt elites to plausibly deny that their actions constitute direct US war with Russia (triggering all the serious complications of constitutional and international law that would entail).

These young men would be recruited/conscripted in the US, perhaps (carrot and stick fashion) in conjunction with the threat of deportation/prosecution, then trained and equipped in the US or Europe alongside native Ukrainian soldiers, but paid by US tax-money laundered through the Ukrainian government in the form of wages. Conversely, we might openly declare war and institute a draft to do pretty much the same thing. (Interestingly, even illegals are legally required to register with Selective Service. )

Is this a plausible theory? The corrupt elites whose minions rule us from their deep-state bunkers in the Defense and State departments of our government love fighting wars with proxy armies. They learned a hard lesson during the Vietnam War that Americans would no longer tolerate forever wars in which large numbers of their own children died for ideological pretexts masking mega-corporate geopolitical strategies. So proxy-wars became necessary to keep the military-industrial complex humming and Anglo-American global hegemony intact.

Importantly, these elites are not short-term thinkers but plan decades, even centuries ahead. I’m not talking about the figureheads who change from election to election or their deep state handlers but the old, old money family dynasties who feature so prominently in populist conspiracy theories/realities but are never actually seen. We don’t see them but we know they’re there, like the invisible electricity that powers our consumer appliances. They’re real people with real power and a real agenda that proceeds without regard for what the common people think they want.

Think they want?” The “tide of history” shows that the commoners are as malleable as play-dough in their hands when the time-line for shaping the public’s “wants” spans generations. They know their systems for social engineering work and they are very patient. They didn’t push for transgender self-determination in the 1950s because they knew their strategy for LGBT cultural supremacy would require slow incremental change — focused on the children – while at the same time placating the older generations by allowing them to achieve a continual series of temporary, ultimately meaningless, partial victories. It works the same on all issues.

In other words, effective long-term social engineering always follows the Marxist dialectic: thesis, antithesis, synthesis: two steps forward (to set the path), one step back (to placate the conservatives), a short pause to consolidate (synthesize) the new “status quo,” then repeat for a net gain of one step “forward” each cycle. That’s how the elites manufacture their metaphorical “tide of history” and make it look like spontaneous organic change to those observing it subjectively in real time.

That’s the beauty of truly long-term planning in societies of short term thinkers. The elites knew, for example, even during the Eisenhower administration that world war with the Russian Empire would be inevitable. But they also knew that the passion of many in the victorious WWII generation (including General MacArthur) for pressing on immediately to defeat Communism was foolishness and that immediate war against the Soviet Union on the Asian front would be disastrous. From their elite perch above the geo-political narratives (which even before the “Cronkite Era” they spoon-fed the common people through their controlled media) they had watched a woefully under-prepared Russia decimate the unprecedentedly formidable Nazi war machine in 1941 and 42 while learning from it’s mistakes and then transforming itself into a Soviet military superpower by 1945.

Instead they began a long-term delay and containment strategy, knowing that the creation of the New York City-based United Nations in 1945 and their already existing control of global banking and oil production, would allow them to steer world affairs while they built the NATO alliance and, slowly, over a period of decades, tightened it like a noose around the Russian Empire. The official North Atlantic Treaty was signed in 1949 signaling a formal break-up of the Allied coalition of WWII and the start of a cold war with the Soviet Union. NATO was militarized in 1951, and through it the Anglo-American partnership established global hegemony and set its sights on creating a single global government (whose visible roots actually go back to the Woodrow Wilson administration and his post-WWI League of Nations in 1920 – revealing, again, that these are very long-term planners). The takedown of the Soviet Union in 1991 sped the process.

Now, I do not believe that the nations of the world would live in harmony if not for (currently wicked) Anglo-American dominance, as those who support the rising Russian-orchestrated “multi-polar” world order now contend. And if the benign British and American values of the Christian era still prevailed, I would still be among the world’s strongest defenders of the “melting pot” version of the American dream as a global template. But power always corrupts and idealism always succumbs to the rationalizations of the power-hungry, which is why every form of government in world history including our beloved America has failed to honor God’s intentions for civilization, and why His final solution is His soon-coming Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMaschiah).

The Russian Federation, with its hopeful championship of pro-family normalcy and rightness of cause in defending its legitimate national interests in the face of relentless NATO aggression, will not be the salvation of the world but only play it’s role as global scapegoat in the looming great collapse and great reset. The current, unsustainable partnership of Orthodox Russia with Islamic nations and Communist China would inevitably devolve into conflict, even if it survived WWIII intact, which it won’t and neither will we. The Antichrist kingdom will be the temporary victor pending Christ’s second coming, and all the world will suffer that evil rule together.

But between now and then there is (if Bible literalism trumps comforting pre-trib rapture theories), some heavy tribulation to survive per the chronology revealed to us by Jesus in Matthew 24-25. And our job as believers preparing for His return is to read the signs of the season to gauge as best we can where we presently stand in the prophetic time-line.

I first advanced my open border theory a few months ago that the young men being lured to criminally trespass across our border by the millions were destined to be conscripts for war. Since then even big-city Democrats have begun pushing back against the flood because it has reached their jurisdictions. And yet, the elites are doubling down and drawing even more illegals into the net, while at the same time they are using high-profile transgender stunts to intentionally drive American men away from military service and create a perceived need for a return of the draft. I think both those things strengthen my case. Time will tell if I’m right.

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