Leftist lawfare and the abuse of power

The easiest way to distinguish real news reporting from the narrative-driven propaganda of the elites is the absence of reasoned counter-arguments to the message being pushed. Whenever any controversial matter is presented as if there is only one side to the story, you’re being manipulated, not informed. True news reporting (a rarity today) is fair and balanced, meaning that the opposing perspectives are acknowledged and incorporated in a manner that accurately reflects the true viewpoints of the parties. In contrast, narrative-driven propaganda presents only one side of the controversy or spins it by either misrepresenting the facts and/or the views of the disfavored parties, or just presenting the case as if the facts are unquestioned and any opposing arguments are so meritless as to justify their exclusion from the discussion.

Case in point: I happened to accidentally catch a “news” segment on NPR this week. It was accidental because I haven’t intentionally listened to NPR for years. It is one of the most relentless left-wing propaganda outlets in America. BUT, if you’re a fan of classical music, one of the few places on the radio dial to hear it is the NPR-controlled stations. I frankly think the music is bait to attract the more culturally refined strata of radio listeners (who, unlike me, tend to be decision-makers) so they can be spoon-fed the daily leftist talking points in a form most tailored to their tastes and susceptibilities. I always escape to another music station as soon as I hear the smarmy pivot to the “news” or commentary programs, which are invariably left-wing and propagandistic.

On this morning, however, I got hooked in when I started my car with the radio already tuned to the NPR station where an interview was underway, one I mistook for a discussion on the anti-sex trafficking movie “Sound of Freedom.” The two women were talking about the plight of children who had been enslaved and I was amazed and impressed to think NPR would actually cover that story. A few sentences later, my illusions were shattered when I realized they weren’t talking about actual victims showcased in “Sound of Freedom” but about a (presumably CIA) propaganda film about Ukrainian children supposedly kidnapped and taken to Russian “reeducation camps” by the Putin regime.

The interviewee then identified herself as a Berlin-based journalist covering the supposed criminal case against President Vladimir Putin for “Crimes Against Humanity” grounded in the kidnapping allegations. As an attorney credentialed in international human rights law, I’ve been following this matter from the start. I’ve known all along the charges against Putin are baseless and purely political: The children in question are nearly all from the pro-Russian Donbass region that declared independence from Ukraine in 2014 and formally voted (under the supervision of international observers) to join the Russian Federation in 2022. It’s just a pretext for geopolitical lawfare, and a fairly blatant one.

What I didn’t know, but learned from this journalist/spook(?) was that the path to indictment of Putin involved an unprecedented and frankly preposterous legal maneuver: The charging nation, Germany, a fully-controlled vassal-state of the U.S. since WWII, simply granted itself “universal jurisdiction” to prosecute the Russian president. Even the journalist acknowledged it’s lack of substance in a backhanded way, using the word “poof” to explain it’s origin as German law.

In all my years of watching corporate U.S. news about Russia and Putin, I have never seen a single counter-argument ever being offered in defense of President Putin (coverage of him is even worse than that of Trump). It’s been more than a decade since Obama restarted the Cold War to punish the Russians for banning “gay” propaganda to children, when every story began to paint him as a “brutal monster” – to the point that even many conservatives (who have zero reason to trust that same media on anything) seem to agree. I’m one of the few who swims against that tide. Bottom line: If NPR is touting it, you should KNOW it’s crap!

Let’s now turn our eyes back to the domestic front and the corrupt lawfare being waged against our anti-swamp hero Donald Trump (whom you should recall promised repeatedly in 2016 to normalize relations with the Russians, not destroy them). I’m not going to list all the examples of anti-Trump lawfare since you likely know them as well as I do. I’m just going to make the point that every one of them represents an Abuse of Power. Indeed, that phrase – “Abuse of Power” – defines every single Culturally Marxist act of the OBiden regime, including especially the Justice, State and Defense departments, the corporate news media, the cancel-culture social media, the public education system from the top universities down to the pre-school level, and even the public health industry.

The problem isn’t the law itself. Our constitution is still valid and sufficient to our needs. The government infrastructure remains adequate to the tasks it faces. The social systems we have relied upon for generations are still intact and effective in the sense of their structure and capacity. Law enforcement and the courts are inherently fully capable of coping with the load they face. America is still sound and functional in its “machinery.” Even the election systems – if not for corrupt people running them – are adequate to get the job done. The real problem in all these areas is the abuse of power by lawless leftists whom we have allowed into the seats of power.

What has been broken is the rule of law – and all the most egregious outrages we daily face under the “new normal” of Marxist control are proof of that: the worst being the perversion of justice by those tasked with exercising and preserving it (e.g., the FBI and Justice Department).

Lawfare by our government against its own citizens is the ultimate abuse of power – and that’s what the legal attacks on Donald Trump are all about.

Right behind that in gravity is the abuse of the power of information by the corporate media for the purpose of manipulating public beliefs and policy and to protect their co-conspirators in government.

And also desperately serious is the abuse of the superpower status of our nation to push us to the brink of World War III using Ukrainians as cannon fodder and Russia as a scapegoat. It’s all about triggering the Great Collapse to justify the Great Reset.

In every arena in which our elites “represent” us, domestically and around the world, their actions are lawless and their goals perverse. The whole world sees it, and most importantly, God sees it.

We citizens each have a civic duty to end the abuse of power by the exercise of our own rightful power under God and our Constitution, and that begins by seeking out the truth in every matter and insisting that truth, not narratives, be honored in every sphere of our society. Because if we can’t purge the lies and lawlessness from our midst before the elites bring in their Great Reset, there will be nothing left for us here but slavery.


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