The Race to Global Government: A Timeline

The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.

– Eric Schmidt

During my stint as the California state director of Don Wildmon’s American Family Association, I had the rare privilege of sharing a head table with Phyllis Schlafly at a banquet held in her honor by the California chapter of her organization, Eagle Forum, in Santa Rosa. We had become friends over the years, but I had never previously heard her give a speech. That evening, as I sat next to her traveling companion and conservative Hollywood legend Jane Russell, Phyllis gave a point by point eye-opening, eyewitness account of the history of the conservative movement starting from her days supporting Barry Goldwater. It was a remarkable testimony filled with personal anecdotes and insights – and with hope, which we all needed because the Clintons were then in office, working overtime to roll back the conservative gains of the Reagan Revolution.

Most memorably, Schlafly contended that the most powerful force in the modern world for advancing our cause and breaking free from the tyranny of the elites was the internet. She contrasted the heavily controlled society of the “Walter Cronkite era” with the then-present day freedoms of information-sharing among the populace, and predicted that American conservatism would never again be shackled and powerless as it had been in the early days. She was right – but what she didn’t address was the desperate lengths to which the elites would go to retain their power in the face of rising opposition.

Starting with Bush 41, America entered an era in which the fear of Reaganesque populism drove the elites to establish new technology-based systems of government control and manipulation, and to rush toward globalism to head off revolution. Those systems were created during the Silicon Valley explosion of computer-based industries – the technological equivalent of the California Gold Rush – when a brand new class of American oligarchs emerged, led by people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

It was no accident that these men were almost universally leftist ideologues, because it was a “managed” revolution under our first full-fledged (but veiled) Marxist regime, the Clinton administration. And its leaders were mostly not generated spontaneously: They emerged victoriously from a pool of young hand-picked Ivy League scions, contending amongst themselves for the choices plums and vastest fortunes.

And it was no accident that so many of them were male homosexuals, because that group is the most ideologically reliable contingent of the “progressive” movement. The LGBTs were on the ascendency themselves as a power-bloc – being highly energized to achieve cultural supremacy after having suffered the worse defeat in the history of their movement under Reagan in the 1986 Bowers v. Hardwick case at the Supreme Court.

It was no accident that “gays in the military” (and in its cultural “cadet” program, the Boy Scouts) was Bill Clinton’s top issue in his 1992 campaign (something on which I confronted him on live television). It was no accident Clinton gave homosexuals top secret security clearance for the first time in American history – openly homosexualizing the “deep state” as it drastically ramped up its command-and-control functions domestically and abroad.

There had been an open globalist agenda for decades by then (at least since the Woodrow Wilson administration), but the internet made its goal of centralized top-down global government more urgent, because opposition to global controls was growing apace, threatening Anglo-American hegemony. Rebellion internationally was growing at an especially alarming speed as Muslim countries tried to throw off globalist banking controls (which violate fundamental Islamic doctrine) – triggering what I have finally, grudgingly come to admit was probably a false-flag operation by Bush 43: 9/11, as a pretext for justifying the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and expanding NATO throughout the Muslim world.

Then, under Obama, globalist urgency became even more frantic as domestic push-back reached its (then) highest level since the Civil War. The Tea Party rebellion against Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform America” was so threatening to the globalist oligarchy that the GOP elites had to come out of the closet and reveal their Purple Uniparty partnership with the Dems. The RINOs managed, barely, to neutralize and absorb the Tea Party into Republicanism by the end of Obama’s second term – while the Democrats ran their parallel “Occupy Wall Street” scheme to minimize defections to it from the grassroots. By then, however, populism had (from their perspective) “metastasized” into what we would soon be calling the MAGA movement, but which was and is really a global phenomenon.

From late 2015 to mid 2017, my wife and I did a 27-country personal fact-finding tour of the global conservative/populist movement. For example, we were in London for the Brexit vote and in Hungary when Viktor Orban stood up to the EU on open borders and “gay marriage.” I helped Kyrgyzstan defend marriage in its constitution in 2017 with seminars and a media campaign in Biskek. That tour followed a 50-city speaking and pro-family activism tour through eight countries of the former Soviet Union in 2006-2007. So I have had a rare “overview” of the global rebellion that produced the Donald Trump presidency in 2016 and the amazing (informal) conservative “alliance” of Trump, Netanyahu, Putin and Nigel Farage. The British Brexit divorce from the EU, the American Trump phenomenon, the “no more NATO expansion!” Russian Federation and the new “right-wing” government of Israel are all the fruit of that movement – though few on the right seem to recognize their common root.

Make no mistake, however, the leftist elites recognize it and are so utterly terrified they pulled out all the stops to kill MAGA in 2020/21 with election fraud, the plandemic and massive police-state censorship (but failed!) and by intentionally provoking the Ukraine war (which they’re losing). So now they’re in frothing-at-the mouth desperation – ready even to trigger World War III to usher in their “Great Reset.”

But to paraphrase H.G. Wells, there’s a great orchestrator behind this chaos – an intellect vast and cool and unsympathetic, who regards this earth with envious eyes – awaiting his time to conquer and reign. And his top human minions are just as cool, or rather cold blooded. The final step in their plan has just been launched: a seven year countdown to full globalist control, culminating in a transhumanist “singularity.”

I’ll give you my take on those two items next week.

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