Jews vs Jihad Janissaries

Jews vs Jihad Janissaries, 11/24/2023

In early March of 2022, about one week into the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine, I published an article titled Human Shields and Swords in Ukraine and America. The main thrust of the piece was a comparison of Ukraine’s use of human shields (and swords) in the first days of the Russian SMO with the Marxist’s use of LGBT-groomed children as human shields (and swords) in the American culture war. Presciently, however, the article cited the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as the supreme model for how human-shield operations function best. I wrote:

“Sometimes the ‘defenders’ behind the human shields are actually the aggressors, such as the Muslim rocket squads in the Gaza Strip and West Bank who operate from schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. Or the ‘defenders’ who retreat to a position behind civilians after offensive actions, kinetic or political, including war posturing (such as openly working to put nuclear weapons on your enemy’s borders). Either way, the civilians are human shields.

“Perhaps most evil is the offensive deployment of human ‘shields’ as ‘human swords.’ Again, the Muslim world offers the best examples. Muslim warlords didn’t just use their own civilians as human shields, they created entire slave-armies of captured enemy soldiers and civilians and used them as human swords in the front ranks of all their battles, so that defenders would need to kill their own countrymen to defend themselves.

Even worse, they both stole boy children and demanded boys as a form of tribute, whom they cruelly broke psychologically through sodomy and torture, and then trained as willing slave-warriors. History’s most famous proof of this is the case of Vlad the Impaler (mythologized as ‘Count Dracula’) – given in tribute as a boy to the Ottoman Turks. Vlad witnessed their use of impalement torture, then escaped to later lead counter warfare against the Muslims in which he used the mass impalement of thousands of captured Muslim troops to demoralize and successfully turn back an invasion.”

The use of slave armies by the Muslims throughout history has been carefully documented by Daniel Pipes in his scholarly book, Slave Soldiers and Islam, whose thesis he frames in the title of his article “Military Slaves: a Uniquely Muslim Phenomenon.”

My own WND article of November 9, 2023, Why the Palestinians refuse to civilize, alluded to this phenomenon and showed how it had been adapted wholecloth and perfected by the Cultural Marxists who now employ it globally as a perspective and practice I call “Oppression Theology.” From the outside, the world now perceives all current events as stories of victims and victimizers in which the “oppressed” are justified in whatever revenge they choose to take against their “oppressors.” But in the behind-the-scenes, big-picture overview it’s the just the modern elites creating slave armies to fight their battles like the Muslim warlords of old once did (and how the Hamas handlers do today in “Palestine.”)

This is why the parallels between Hamas-controlled Gaza and Zelinsky/Azov-controlled Ukraine are so striking (for those capable of seeing past the official narratives of the corporate media). In these conflicts it is Russia and Israel that are painted as aggressors in the official war propaganda, even though both are responding to very long-term provocation and aggression that escalated suddenly as a trigger to war. Or perhaps it is better to say – “were escalated suddenly” – to emphasize the intentional workings of the puppet-masters’ hidden hand. And it is the Ukrainians and “Palestinians” who have consistently played the victim card while intentionally using civilians as human shields while hard-spinning every civilian casualty as “murder” and/or “genocide.”

The most famous of the many Muslim slave armies were the Janissaries (from whom “Vlad the Impaler” escaped), established by the Ottoman Turks who ruled the last Muslim Caliphate (global Islamic government to which all Muslims must submit), which (King of the North?) Turkish President Erdogen longs to restore. and trending geopolitics makes more likely.

As I frequently remind my readers, it was only just over a century ago that the British Empire liberated the Holy Land from the Turks and gave it back to the Jews (to whom God granted it as a perpetual covenant.

While the flaws of the “Anglo-Zionists” are many, their best contribution to modern civilization may well be the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent division of the Muslims into opposing factions – the key to which has been maintaining Jerusalem in the hands of the Jews. For while, yes, Jew hatred is a major unifying factor in Islam, their greater interest as religio-military factions is power and control. What has kept them divided is competition for the top seat in the Muslim hierarchy when it finally reconstitutes under the next Caliph – the literal heir in Islamic doctrine of Mohammed himself whom none can disobey.

Here is the operational bottom line in today’s geopolitical equation: whomever retakes Israel into Muslim hands and holds it is very likely to be the next Caliph. And since there is no higher goal in Islam than global conquest for Allah, is there anything true-believer Muslims wouldn’t sacrifice to attain it – including martyrdom as “civilian refugees” posing as human shields to win the cultural victory as the world’s greatest “victim class?” And thus fatally weaken Israel among its narrative-susceptible American backers. That’s why I call the Gazan population “Jihad Janissaries”: a mix of religiously fanatical willing martyrs and submissive slaves with no other choice.

The idea of a revived Muslim Caliphate hell-bent on global conquest may seem absurd to many readers of this article but only because the average westerner has lived so long under US/UK/NATO hegemony and its pursuit of a secular humanist global order that we assume it’s the permanent norm. We think that even if we don’t reverse the grotesque moral decay our Secular Humanist elites have produced we’ll still plug along under watered-down or Marxist-flavored Judeo-Christian rules.

But all over the globe Muslim fanatics are drooling over the prospect of regaining power – while President Putin in Orthodox Christian Russia plays the dangerous game of empowering them as a weapon against NATO, which in turn will not back down from its plan to break-down and Balkanize the Russian Federation (an existential threat). What could go wrong?

Anyone who opposes the idea of living under Muslim rule is an utter fool for backing the “Palestinian cause.” To misquote Voltaire, and perhaps explain Revelation 6:9 and 20:4, “those who fail to learn from history may be doomed to beheading.”

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