The Cult of Anti-Zionism

The Cult of Anti-Zionism, 11/12/2023

In my prior column I promised to explain my phrase “the Cult of Anti-Zionism.”

According to Google Summarizer a cult is “a social group with socially deviant or novel religious, philosophical or spiritual beliefs and practices.” By that definition, I call “cult” on the growing hodgepodge of fringe-faction post-millennial Christians, Muslims, Marxists and a sliver of ultra-ultra Orthodox Jews who share the viewpoint that “Zionism” is the main source of political and cultural evil in the modern world and that all its members are not actually Jews but a network of “Khazarian Mafia” families bent on world domination. Typical of their mindset is this comment I got this week in my email: “Zionists are fake Hebrews. Let God sort It out. Satanist’s baby eaters are not Included. I will not support them or their Lackies in the fake church.” Apparently, I am the “lackie in the fake church” to whom she was referring.

To be clear, I do not consider myself a “Christian Zionist” which is a highly politically loaded term that means different things to different people. I prefer the term Millennialist, which better reflects the common doctrine Christians and Jews shared about the restoration of the TWO Hebrew houses (Israel and Judah) to the Holy Land during the nearly five centuries in which the Christian Hebraic Movement cooperated with Millennialist Jews in Great Britain and Holland. Their partnership under the banner of Zionism (the still future “two-stick” homecoming to Israel per Ezekiel 37) included the pro-active Christian repatriation and resettlement of Jews in the Holy Land through most of the 1800s, but ended abruptly in 1897 with the formal establishment of “Zionism” (in actuality Neo-Zionism) as an exclusively Jewish nationalist political movement. Exactly twenty years later the British liberated the Holy Land from the Turks and gave it to the Neo-Zionists, rather than to the partnership of Christian and Jewish Millennialists who had made it possible.

That having been said, I strongly support the restored nation of Israel as a fulfilment of biblical prophecy, even as I strenuously object to the influence of the super-rich functionally Marxist, anti-Torah Jews who have tried to recreate the Jewish homeland culturally as as mini-America – complete with LGBT supremacy and an abortuary in every neighborhood. I love Israel like I love America – the way one loves a dear relative who has fallen into the clutches of a religious cult — by which I mean in this case the cult of Secular Humanism (the religious form of Marxism that denies it is a religion).

Ironically, many Christians who have embraced Anti-Zionism have done so because they conflate Zionism with Secular Humanism and thus decide that Zionist Jews are not true Jews. That’s not such a big leap of logic considering just how many very powerful fake Jews we have in America and their obvious inordinate influence both here and in Israel. But just as Christianity is plagued with “tares” among the “wheat” (Matthew 13:24-29), Judaism has (per Jeremiah 24) its “bad figs” amidst the “good figs.” The Apostle Paul addressed this topic directly in his treatise on Christian attitudes toward the Jews in Romans 11:

“God did not reject His people, whom He foreknew. Do you not know what the Scripture says about Elijah, how he appealed to God against Israel: ‘Lord, they have killed Your prophets and torn down Your altars. I am the only one left, and they are seeking my life as well?’And what was the divine reply to him? ‘I have reserved for Myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.’ ”

As is within our right, we Christians appropriate this passage frequently, forgetting this was originally given to the Hebrews and that our claim to it is only by virtue of being “grafted in” (Romans 11:17-18). Paul firmly rebukes those who ignore this truth, saying “Now if some branches have been broken off, and you, a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others to share in the nourishment of the olive root, do not boast over those branches. If you do, remember this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you.” Importantly, he said this specifically of Jews who had not yet accepted Christ, and will not do so collectively until His second coming (Romans 11:19-30).

So both by biblical logic (and by direct observation by honest Christians like myself) there are many genuine Hebrews – as measured by faithfulness to Torah – among the “Zionists.” What standard then are we bound to judge the entire group by? Does a majority of “tares” or “bad figs” in any congregation condemn the entire body? Clearly not according to Paul. And not according to God, certainly, who was pressed by Abraham to define just how many righteous men were needed to spare even Sodom from His wrath and settled on the number 10. I am NOT granting by this line of reasoning the idea that a majority of Zionists are “bad figs,” just showing that even if they were, it doesn’t change our Christian duty of fairness toward each person as an individual.

The term “Khazarian Mafia” has recently become popular in the debate over Zionism on the Anti-Zionist side. As I explained to a Jewish friend who complained about my citing the term in a past article:

“I actually see the emergence of the “Khazarian mafia” rhetoric as a positive step because of its logical implications. Yes, its the same old batch of Jew haters who espouse it, but the rhetoric itself departs from targeting “the Jews” as a single monolithic body and instead targets non-Hebrew Jews who lack a legitimate ethnicity-based claim to the covenant God made with the patriarchs. That’s a huge concession and a backhanded affirmation of the legitimacy of the special status of those with true Hebrew ancestry and Torah-grounded theology.

More importantly it begs the question why the ethnic Khazarians claim Jewishness. That necessitates a discussion of the actual basis for the special status which is not primarily racial but theological, a proper understanding of which redeems Yahweh-worshiping “Khazarians” as true Jews (as I did in my article) and, prima facia, exposes ALL Yahweh-rejecting non-Hebrews as fake Jews. That’s both a victory for the biblical worldview and a powerful challenge to the authentic Jewish community to stop protecting and therefore identifying themselves with the anti-Torah civilization-destroyers [bad figs] in their midst who literally have no legitimate claim to Jewishness.”

Sadly, the breakout of war in Israel has escalated the crisis of Anti-Zionism in Christendom and complicated the pursuit of objective truth on all the related issues. War breeds jingoism (mindless hyper-partisanship) on both sides of any conflict, causing both sides to rigidly adopt slates of official positions regardless of their factual accuracy. Trying to point out mitigating factors in the spirit of a truth-loving mediator can get you painted as a traitor and shunned. I’m afraid we’re moving rapidly toward that in the ideological conflict about Zionism – but that will not change my position that truth is the only antidote to lies, and I will keep telling it, no matter the cost. Anti-Zionism IS a cult, rooted in heresy, and its growth in Christendom is harmful.

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