God vs. the devil in American constitutional law

First published on WND, 12/27/2023

At the height of my pro-life street activism just after the turn of the millennium, I bought a full-body Satan costume and made a 3-by-6-foot foam-board into a sign shaped like an arrow. It read “Abortion Special: Kill Now, Pay Later” in bold black letters over a background of rising flames. I would go to the abortion clinics in the persona of Satan in the style of a carnival barker drumming up business for the baby killers. In the most memorable of these events, the Sacramento Teens for Life (whom I had been training for months in critical thinking, debate and lobbying skills) joined me for some street theater. They and their pro-life signs were there to represent Jesus across the street from the killing center. The girls all dressed like angels, while I worked the devil’s side.

I was the last to arrive on the scene because I had to change into my costume, so when I got to the abortuary the drama was already unfolding. There were three “pro-choice escorts” on scene: a dominant-and-submissive lesbian couple and a very quiet and reserved black Satanist wearing a pentagram ring, all in their 20s. They were clearly agitated at the presence of the angels, but when the Dom lesbian (not the sharpest tool in the box) saw me walking toward them she literally started jumping for joy, shouting “Satan’s here, Satan’s here!” and then ran up and gave me a huge hug. I had not expected anything like that, but I adapted to it quickly and pretended I had come to their rescue. In character, I shouted a few nasty insults at the pro-lifers.

The clinic buffer laws were in effect across the nation by then, so I was careful to stay outside the boundary, which in this case was the far edge of the driveway in which the pro-abort trio were standing. When the Dom saw me stop there she beckoned me over enthusiastically and I complied, just as the first abortion-bound mom was being delivered by car. We all stepped aside to let the car pass and I noticed that at the sight of Satan, the woman burst into tears, so I yelled out to her: “Come on in! It’s a great day to kill your baby!” (Hoping to change her mind.)

As the four of us were stepping back into the driveway, the Dom leaned close and in a confidential tone said, “That’s not really a good thing to say.” To which I replied, “Isn’t that what we’re doing?” And, by the way, I said all this in a heavy Southern accent, because I had named my character “Bubba,” from the deep, deep, deep South (as in Hell).

For the very first time the Dom got suspicious. She peered intently at me through the eye-holes in my mask, and asked, “Are you an Anti?” I quipped back, “No, I’m on your side!” She then looked at my sign, the import of its message apparently registering in her mind for the first time. “You ARE an Anti!” she stated firmly. But I replied (in a tone of ultimate irony), “Would I lie to you?” Her feeble mind being flummoxed by my faux sincerity, she then ran into the clinic and brought out a 30-something female staffer in scrubs (perhaps the abortionist herself). The woman looked me over for half a second and then turned to the Dom with withering scorn declared, “He’s one of THEM! (you idiot)” – that last part being unspoken.

The Dom then turned indignantly to me, demanding that I get off the driveway. So I stepped back to my original perch and began mocking them all incessantly, perfectly in character, praising them for the quality of their profanity when they swore back at me, while also carrying on my role as the clinic’s marketing barker whenever another car drove in.

This humorous little anecdote, every word of it a true story, contains all the elements of the much more consequential battle of Satan vs. God in American jurisprudence.

America has been in a state of legal and spiritual civil war across this battle line since the rise of Marxism as a global phenomenon in the late 1800s. Marxism, the spiritual and political force behind its religious face of Secular Humanism, has always advanced the satanic agenda, using atheism as a cultural placeholder for the eventual open recognition and worship of Satan himself. The Christian church, assisted by Orthodox Jews, has led the defense of our Bible-based civilizational infrastructure and worldview.

The issue – or rather constellation of issues – over which the individual battles have been fought are all sexual in nature and successive in prominence: normalization of pornography being prominent in the 1940s and ’50s, marital infidelity being prominent in the 1950s and ’60s, heterosexual fornication in the ’60s and ’70s, abortion in the ’70s and ’80s, homosexuality in the ’80s and ’90s, teen sexual “liberation” in the ’90s and 2000s, full-spectrum LGBTism in the ’00s and ’10s, transgenderism/transhumanism in the ’10s and ’20s. At each stage we Christians have lost the battle, and an increasing number of Americans have adjusted to the “new normal.”

Legally speaking, the turning point for the country was in Everson v. Board of Education in 1947, when the U.S. Supreme Court dethroned God and insisted all religions are equal and equally deserving of government recognition. Cultural inertia ensured change would come slowly, but the logically inevitable consequence of open Satanism has arrived. Rather, a relatively harmless, cartoonish form of open Satanism has arrived, a forerunner to disarm the public while the infrastructure of the true Church of Satan is established.

Today’s public face of Satan is really just a leftist version of “Bubba,” with the goal of obscuring truth rather than exposing it. The Satanic Temple organization is a mostly LGBT-populated organization that doesn’t actually teach worship of the demon Satan but just reconditioned humanist ideals designed to appeal to young people and win them to the believe that “Satanism” is benign. Its public program is primarily devoted to provoking and “punking” Christians as a means to demoralize us. The Satanists know that since 1947, an increasingly Secular Humanist-controlled SCOTUS has built for them a full arsenal of legal weaponry to use against us, with most of our defenses being only cultural traditions that pro-Christian judges must diligently parse the law to preserve. Justice Scalia tried and failed to thwart that trend in Employment Division v. Smith (1990), requiring Mat Staver’s Liberty Counsel to write and Congress to pass the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which also slowed but didn’t stop them.

As it stands today, U.S. constitutional law is on the side of Satan’s “right” to “the free exercise” of his religion. We dissenters have been pushed out past a “buffer zone” that protects their evil and limits our ability to intervene. That’s the hard sad truth of our national spiritual condition.

But, the high court has the power to overturn the original cases that set this evil train in motion, and for the first time in decades the majority of justices may be conservative enough to do so. I say, let’s fight for THAT potentiality by denying the Satanists their “rights” all the way up the legal ladder, knowing we’ll probably lose on the lower rungs. My next article will be on a strategy for this achieving this outcome.

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