The Swamp Rangers vs. Barack’s Borg

In my recent column “God vs. the devil in American constitutional law,” I promised to follow up with strategy to fight the normalization of Satanism in the courts – but the courts are only a small part of the problem, so I’ve decided to take on the larger task of defeating Satan’s main man, Barack Obama, and his culture-war Death Star I call Barack’s Borg. I’ve intentionally mixed these science fiction metaphors because the real life threat we face combines the most formidable features of both into one virtually unstoppable menace to humanity.

First a quick sitrep on the state of our rebel alliance. The winner-take-all battle to reclaim America from the Marxists over the coming year is certain to be the most fiery and intense since the Revolutionary War. Donald Trump’s MAGA armies have already swelled considerably beyond their prior peak in the election season of 2020 and early 2021, and he is clearly an unbeatable force in the Republican Party. The lingering after-effects of the globalists’ Plandemic continue to embitter and galvanize the larger conservative movement and fill it with a steely resolve to depose the malign usurper Biden and his rotten-to-the-bone coterie.

The “Independents” have been red-pilled on the realities of election fraud, government censorship and groupthink narrative enforcement, the J6 “Fedsurrection,” the evil and interrelated conspiracies of Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Media and other metastasized cultural cancers. American Jews have been rudely awakened by the global Hamas uprising to the anti-Semitic Frankenstein they created for themselves among America’s hard left and youth and are now steering politically rightward in shocked survival-mode. Thanks to the brilliant tactic of Florida and Texas shipping illegals to the deep blue “sanctuary cities” (one of soon-to-be ex-presidential candidate Ron DeSantis’ several redeeming acts), American blacks are rising up as an unexpected but powerful voice against “open borders” – heavily to the benefit of President Trump whose name is virtually synonymous with “border security.”

Even among the Democrats, there is a growing buyer’s remorse about the social cost of hard-left policies and weariness in fighting for a regime whose “woke” definition of “Our Democracy” looks nothing like what their own grandfathers and great-grands fought and died to preserve. Sure, there is a large infestation of hardcore Marxists among the D’s who also hold most of the leadership posts – but much of the rank-and-file is less committed to that agenda, and several of the party’s constituent parts are increasingly susceptible to poaching by the GOP. The two factions that will remain most true-blue are the abortion-obsessed feminists and the LGBT supremacists – whose common agenda is unchangeably anchored to the perpetuation and progression of sexual anarchy (which is itself the antithesis of their self-defined first-principle of “sustainability.”)

Cognitive dissonance is killing the Dems, but what holds their contemptible coalition of co-conspirators together in spite of its personal consequences is the deep-state machinery the Clintons and Obama created during their presidential administrations (Obama having the incontestable dominant role in that political menage-a-trios).

Barack’s Borg is a sociopolitical cybernetic conglomerate integrating a vast number of government agencies, including especially key divisions in the Departments of Defense and State and their intelligence arms, with NGOs, corporate media, a plethora of private corporations, foundations and associations such as the Chamber of Commerce and various sports leagues, “Pope” Francis’ Vatican, most “mainline” Christian denominations, and a dizzying number of other centers of power and influence, large and small, across the entire spectrum of human interrelations.

Barack’s Borg cannot be stopped by any internal factors because is a self-perpetuating machine with countless fail-safe redundancies, every component of which is in actual spiritual slavery to himself, the Overmind, who in turn answers only to the actual “Big Guy” (the one with a red cape and horns – not the drooling puppet Biden). After decades of assembling his creation (at Harvard, the U.S. Senate, the Oval Office and now the Kennedy stronghold of Martha’s Vineyard), all the while posing as an Angel of Light, his Borg is the manifestation of the satanic kingdom on the earth – a “beast” government (in shadow form for now) intent on absorption and enslavement of everything outside itself.

In the “Star Wars” universe, the first Death Star was defeated by stealing the construction blueprint that exposed its weaknesses. In the “Star Trek” universe, the Borg was defeated by jamming its internal communications signals and then bringing all weapons to bear on the unshielded whole (which was the same way the second Death Star was destroyed – as well as the alien mother ship in “Independence Day”).

Hollywood has given us the strategy to defeat Barack’s Borg. We need to ferret out and expose the operational schematic as a join project of all right-thinking humanity – identifying all the component parts of the machine, their relationships to each other and the assets under their control. And then we attack the weakest links – and the machine as a whole – with every weapon we can collectively bring to bear.

I will admit that this is not a new idea for me. This mission – in a more protean form – was the reason I created Swamp Rangers back in the Fall of 2020. I believed Trump would win (which he did) and then carry on a purge of the Marxists from the government (which he could not do because of the Marxist coup that ousted him from the White House and installed Obiden instead.) I intended Swamp Rangers to assist in the purge, but after the coup there was no opportunity to pursue the mission, so I let it go dormant.

The revived Swamp Rangers will be a network of independent agents devoted to the task of “mapping the swamp” by identifying the co-conspirators of Barack’s Borg at every level, documenting their roles and relationships, and submitting their findings to the Swamp Rangers HQ for vetting and inclusion in an open-source website that exposes it all. For example, in my last article, “Time to take the gloves off in 2024,” I reiterated my theory that Chief Justice John Roberts was the Dobbs leaker. In response, a reader emailed me a note to investigate Mary B. McCord, whose husband works for him. Exposing connections like this is, of course, a staple of conservative media, but what’s lacking is an open-source, user-friendly clearing-house of this information, organized like a combination flowchart and encyclopedia. Building that will be the Swamp Ranger mission for 2024.

If you’d like to be a part of this or for more information, visit the Swamp Ranger website (which has not yet been updated since 2021), or just contact me by email at to become a Swamp Ranger member or non-affiliated Ally. I suggest you frame your email like a job interview and stress any suitable skills you may have to contribute to this all-volunteer enterprise. Swamp Rangers is under the umbrella of my church, but is not overtly religious in nature. Fighting evil is the first duty of all humanity, and creedal differences shouldn’t get in the way of practical realities in defending God’s universal truths and the virtue-oriented civilization He blessed us with.

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