Updating My Pet Conspiracy Theories

First published on WND, 1/22/2023

It may only be that I’m proving the old saying that fools rush in where angels fear to tread, but I am one of the rare few who don’t shun the label “conspiracy theorist.” Conspiring with others to serve mutual self-interest comes about as easily to human beings as breathing – as any criminal court docket in America will show – and experience has shown that the more rich and powerful a person is, the more likely he or she is to try to secretly control the outcome of things in business, politics, religion … heck, any area of human endeavor. If conspiracy is happening all around us all the time, even in the lower strata of society where people have fewer ways and means to get what they want, it stands to reason it’s a major league sport among the elites.

What’s actually bizarre and unnatural is the social stigma against theorizing about conspiracies. Where did THAT come from? The only people who benefit from that are those very same elite conspirators whose worst nightmare is public scrutiny that pokes holes in “official narratives.”

And so, in the interest of public service – and in self-defense to the potential charge I’m just an angel-jumping fool – I’d like to update you on a couple of my own pet conspiracy theories that have recently been bolstered by news reports, and add a new one to my list.

1. A leading purpose of the massive invasion of military age men across our southern border is to feed a planned military draft to fight America’s (impending) next big war. I first went public with this conspiracy theory in early May of An Alternate Theory on Open Borders.” I followed in it July 2023 with my article “Milestones on the March to WWIII” when the first solid evidence for it emerged in the news.

Two months later, ZeroHedge did a piece citing more evidence.

And then starting in October of 2023, the corporate media (an arm of the Deep State) started actively dismissing the draft as a possibility in carefully scripted terms, which, to me, bolsters its likelihood.

Today as I write this, a Twitter comment is running as a news item on Citizen Free Press emphasizing that perhaps the most critical component of the volunteer military – multigenerational military families – are now telling their sons not to join.

And lastly, Tucker Carlson is on record (since September) predicting the October Surprise of the 2024 election will be war with Russia, and a possible suspension of elections under martial law. I think he’s right, and it’s the illegals who will be conscripted en masse – as an alternative to deportation, and a means of earning citizenship.

2. Vulture capitalist tactics in service to China are in play on the west coast. This conspiracy is a little more on the wild side, and I can’t pin down exactly when I first went public with it other than to say it was in off-the-cuff comments in one or more of my 2020 Prophecy and Politics live-stream shows about BLM/Antifa rioting.

Nothing better describes Democrat rule in the deepest blue cities than the phrase “government by organized crime.” It struck me that what was (and still is) happening in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle looked a lot like the (allegedly) deliberate property devaluation tactics I had seen in Boston (in my home state of Massachusetts) where corrupt Democrat officials seemed to intentionally cluster social services such as methadone clinics and homeless shelters in select neighborhoods that were lusted after by vulture capitalist co-conspirators. After businesses and the middle-class residents fled, property values bottomed out and the vultures swept in, assisted by pot-sweetening “enterprise zone” tax incentives. All the crooks on both sides of the private/public partnership got richer.

In November, my theory got a bit of a boost when “China’s Xi Jinping Arrive[d] in San Francisco to Fanfare, Protests” where Obiden himself flew in to meet him. Somehow the entire area was cleansed of its infamous patina of human feces for Comrade Xi (affectionately known by all the crooks of the Purple Uniparty as “Old Deep-Pockets”), along with the thousands of public defecators the city had long claimed to be impossible to relocate, along with their tents, shopping carts and mountains of trash. Doing the impossible was apparently necessary in this case, for Xi to see what he would be buying when the values fully cratered.

3. Hidden technologies are behind the switch from fossil fuels to electric batteries. The more I study the history of geo-politics, the more I realize that very few things the common people believe to be sudden or spontaneous technological or social developments actually are what they seem. Sometimes even true or partially true conspiracy theories that arise about these changes are part of the cover story.

Case in point is the theory that the globalist “climate change” doctrine is a purely fabricated political pretext for establishing and justifying a centralized one-world government. I think that IS true as regards to global government, but I think it’s partially a smokescreen when it comes to the transition to electric batteries, whose justification is falsely and deceptively linked to climate change doctrine, to hide the true plan and agenda.

What I mean by that is the top-strata elites who really run the show have no intention of powering this change with costly and dangerous lithium batteries over the long term, but already have technology in the works that will only be introduced once the electric battery infrastructure is fully in place and the shocks to the “fossil fuel” economy have been mitigated by years of collective psychological preparation and jobs re-training. Their true agenda is profit, and lots of it.

The only real evidence I have for this (besides my gut instinct) is a story I first saw today about the Chinese development of purportedly very safe and virtually perpetual nuclear batteries the size of a coin, strong enough to power a cell phone for 50 years, that can be strung together in series to increase their potency. To me this seems perhaps the biggest technology news of my lifetime, being presented almost as a news sidebar – a curiosity rather than a global game changer (and a potential cash cow for China) that could allow Xi’s outlay for the “purchase” of our west coast cities to seem mere “chump change.”

I had privately hypothesized that the advanced technology being hidden by the elites related to nuclear fusion, but now I think they’ve decided to reveal their actual hand and this is it. Time will tell. Until then, it’s just another conspiracy theory you can entertain or dismiss as you please.

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