Milestones on the March to WWIII

Over the past few months, the U.S. “Ministry of Propaganda” has begun a campaign to prepare Americans for a restoration of the military draft. The first hints came in the form of hand-wringing about armed services recruitment levels, and just this week the prospect of an actual return to the draft was floated in (no surprise) The Atlantic magazine, in an opinion piece titled “The All Volunteer Force is in Crisis.” Ironically, I think that was the same day an article ran on Revolver titled “Report: Army’s trannies are exempt from physical fitness standards.”

I predicted a return to the draft back in 2009 in an open letter to U.S. senators titled “Don’t Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,'” which I traveled to Washington, D.C., to hand deliver to their offices. My two-page argument began: “Repealing the ban on open homosexuals serving in the U.S. military would be a mistake of historic proportions. First, there would certainly be a mass exodus of normal men from a homosexualized military, leading to the reinstatement of compulsory service. The entire premise of a military system based on voluntary service is that young men will want to serve. But will normal men want to volunteer when they know they will share close quarters with other men for whom they will be objects of sexual interest? It is a recipe for deep and widespread moral and morale problems.”

In hindsight my (frankly “no brainer”) warning was clearly prescient, but even I did not foresee the extent of the horror Obama’s DADT repeal (by the hand of George W. Bush’s holdover Defense Secretary Robert Gates) would unleash on our military.

We normies alternately joke and grieve about the “ineptitude” and “insanity” of the Obiden administration, but there is one over-arching, unspoken truth we haven’t yet faced collectively: The ultra-elites behind the elites behind the bobble-heads like Joe Biden we’re allowed to see are evil, but they’re not stupid. There is a practical reason for everything they do. Importantly, their social-engineering timeline is not measured in months or years but in decades and even centuries – much longer than the parts of their strategy we serfs receive as diktats in such documents as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (formally released in 2015 by Obama and Pope Francis).

A recent, quite fascinating article exposing a bit of that hidden history is Richard Poe’s piece “How the British Invented Communism (And Blamed It on the Jews): The Untold Story of Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, MI6, and the Russian Revolution.” A companion read if you’re so inclined is an excellent article by Alex Krainer, titled “France under attack,” that reads almost like an addendum and “proof-of-thesis” to the Poe piece. And if you want to look deeper still for the fingerprints (and motivations) of the hidden hands of the ultra-elites, consider my series “Judah Under the Gentiles” (which in the context of these recommended readings puts some of the blame back on the Torah-rejecting Jews Poe tries to exonerate). For dessert, you simply must read Winston Churchill’s forgotten short essay “Zionism versus Bolshevism,” which I learned about from Poe (who unfortunately mischaracterized it as an antisemitic rant).

My point is that our current march to World War III began long before the 2014 Obama/Soros coup that started the present war in Ukraine, and almost certainly has been in the works since the end of WWII in a very general sense. The world is one gigantic game board for those who really rule over us – the 1% of the 1% – (humanity’s self-appointed governing council). They prepare us for each new stage of change long before its implementation, using all the spheres of cultural influence they have always controlled (e.g. Hollywood and Academia), so that we serfs of all stripes share common conceptual foundations of their making (e.g., “evolution” and “sexual orientation” theories) for interpreting the planned changes they introduce sequentially.

Using the various social structures they build for us upon those foundations, they, of course, play the endless game of divide and conquer to reduce the threat of overthrow, always managing and manipulating both ends of the political spectrum and pitting the polar extremes of the cultural divide against each other (e.g., Tea Party vs. Occupy). Each set of partisans, both left and right, Blue Team and Red Team, always think their side has the “truth” and “right” – which terms are always defined by manufactured presuppositions spoon-fed to us all since infancy (which, with few exceptions, only strongly committed Bible-believers have the power to escape).

But even those at the Purple Uniparty level are just pieces on the board. As middle-management, these elites get to see a lot more of how the game is played, and to revel in their perks, including the exhilarating exercise of control – but control only of those beneath them in the pyramid of principalities and powers and only so long as they faithfully submit to those above them.

We in the lower strata are never allowed to see the ultra-elites at the pinnacle’s peak, but there are a few people visible to us at the very top edge of the elite strata at its cusp with the ultra-elites. The actions of those few offer the best clues to what’s coming. I’m alluding in this context specifically to George Soros and his “open borders” agenda.

In my May 15, 2023, column on WND I theorized that the young men being lured (for more than a decade now) to criminally trespass across the U.S. border by the millions (thinking its their own idea) are destined to be conscripts for war in Ukraine. I also opined that our disastrous Vietnam War experience guaranteed that Americans would never again tolerate the mass-sacrifice of their native sons in foreign wars. (Likewise the Europeans who have largely surrendered their sovereignty to NATO to avoid the need for large standing armies.)

But nations sorely riven by open-borders invasion would unite in agreement that those “immigrants” could and should earn their place by military service as cannon fodder in a foreign war – in our case a long and hallowed American tradition. And those same Americans (including the multi-generational military families now banning their kids from joining) would sigh in relief that the otherwise bizarre and inexplicable homosexualization of our military caused them to discourage the enlistment of their own sons during the peace-time lead-up to the coming “war-time” draft.

The new mantra we’re hearing on the Ukraine debacle is that if (when) Russia finishes defeating the Ukrainian army, Americans will have to step in with boots on the ground. The latest neocon to parrot that threat (prediction) is the election-fraud traitor Mike Pence. That’s a clear milestone on the path to world war, as has been each of the several dramatic escalations in U.S. war machinery being provided to Ukraine, the latest being cluster-bombs.

These milestones are intended to seem like incidental policy developments being crafted in real time – but the road to the third world war was blazed and paved long ago, and that truth helps explain many things about America today that are otherwise unfathomable.

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