Mapping the Swamp

In my recent article “The Swamp Rangers vs. Barack’s Borg,” I announced my revival of The Swamp Rangers network I had begun to form back in late 2020 in anticipation of a contiguous second term for Trump in which the biggest task of the MAGA movement would be draining the swamp.

It’s time to resurrect that project and start mapping the swamp in earnest. Thankfully, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel to accomplish this but only to start linking together the great work that has already been done by others and look for ways to add to the collective conservative awareness of how Barack’s Borg is organized and functions. The goal is to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works [and workers] of darkness, but rather expose them” (Ephesians 5:10).

We’re starting with two of the most destructive swamp creatures in D.C. – the power-couple of anti-Trump Lawfare Queen Mary B. McCord and her shady and secretive husband, Sheldon Snook, whose possible role in some major dirty deals has just been exposed by Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse, inspired by a piece at The Gateway Pundit. Gotta love all this great teamwork on display.

First lets look at a short profile on McCord at Conservapedia, which has done a lot of swamp mapping for us: The site calls her “he singular epicenter of every D.C. construct to remove Trump, including: the 2016 DOJ-NSD FISA submission, the 2017 White House coordination (Rice, Ruemmler, Monaco), the 2017 targeting of Flynn (w/ Yates), the 2018 Schiff/Nadler impeachment, the 2018 FISA Court review as an outcome of IG Michael Horowitz, the installation of ICIG Michael Atkinson, the changing of CIA rules for whistleblowing (impeachment predicate), and currently the 2023 Jack Smith investigation. Mary McCord is the binding guide. [Mary McCord’s husband was in charge of the counsel to Chief Justice John Roberts.]”

Much more entertainingly, James Howard Kunstler names McCord and fellow swamp creature Lisa Monoco as “the poison spiders in the DOJ web of veteran seditionists” in his recent piece “Poison Spiders at the Center of the Web”. [We’ll need to add spiders as a category on our Swamp Rangers website.] Kunstler also summarized the steamy swamp romance of sweethearts Fani and Nathan, but Howie Carr offered an even more entertaining commentary on that.

Next let’s point out that McCord and especially Snook have largely escaped public scrutiny up to this point. A politically neutral profile I found of the couple emphasizes their efforts to shield their private life from public eyes.

But now lets let the Conservative Treehouse article expose what it is, perhaps, that they’ve been most desperate to hide: their likely role in the Dobbs leak scandal at SCOTUS!

“Sheldon was working for the counsel to John Roberts. The counsel to the chief justice has one job, to review the legal implications of issues before the court and advise Justice John Roberts. The counsel to the chief justice knows everything happening in the court and is the sounding board for any legal issues impacting the Supreme Court.

“In his position as the right hand of the counsel to the chief justice, Sheldon Snook would know everything happening inside the court.

“At the time, there was nothing bigger inside the court than the Alito opinion known as the Dobbs Decision – the returning of abortion law to the states. Without any doubt, the counsel to Chief Justice Roberts would have that decision at the forefront of his advice and counsel. By extension, this puts the actual written Alito opinion in the orbit of Sheldon Snook.

“After the Supreme Court launched a heavily publicized internal investigation into the leaking of the Dobbs decision (Alito opinion), something interesting happened. Sheldon Snook left his position. If you look at the timing of the leak, the investigation and the Sheldon Snook exit, the circumstantial evidence looms large.

“Of course, given the extremely high stakes, the institutional crisis with the public discovering the office of the legal counsel to the chief justice likely leaked the decision, such an outcome would be catastrophic for the institutional credibility. In essence, it would be Roberts’ office who leaked the opinion to the media.

“If you were Chief Justice John Roberts and desperately needed to protect the integrity of the court, making sure such a thermonuclear discovery was never identified would be paramount. Under the auspices of motive, Sheldon Snook would exit quietly. Which is exactly what happened.”

I take this as vindication for my own conclusion immediately upon hearing about the leak, that Roberts was the leaker. It would be nice to see a bit of lawfare from our side to prove it definitively – because proof of that could potentially be grounds for a Roberts impeachment. Few efforts would help drain the swamp faster that THAT. Frankly, I think Roberts would resign if events let us down that path.

I’d like to add a few words about Lisa Monoco, whom Kunstler named as the other spider at the center of the DOJ web. Like McCord, Monoco majors on pushing the “dangerous rise of white supremacy” narrative in here role as deputy attorney general. Much as I am loathe to subject people to MSNBC, here’s a recent example of her fearmongering to Americans still enslaved to the “mainstream” media.

Lastly, let me remind my readers that all these facts I’ve raised today suggest the hidden hands of another deep state group of far left lawyers who like to operate from the shadows while coordinating tightly with the Obiden regime: the SPLC. I’ll close with this link to my WND column of June 6, 2021, “The group behind the attack on the MAGA Movement.”

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