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Christian, Moslem and Jewish Common Ground: Reminding the Children of Abraham to Oppose the Common Enemy of Secular Humanism and Stand Firm for Family Values.

All across the western world the political left has begun propagandizing hard against “Islamophobia” in a multifaceted campaign to woo Moslems into their coalition of victim groups. My eyes were opened to this strategy a few months ago when I … Continue reading

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Lively Attorneys Expose ‘Smoking Gun’ of SMUG Fraud

305 Reply Memo of Law in Support of Lively’s Motion for SJ (as filed) (1) Read Introduction and Especially p. 73-90   Below is a short excerpt, with legal citations removed for ease of reading.   *** The upshot of … Continue reading

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The Blasphemous Rainbow Flag

This post is dedicated to and inspired by Jamaica’s Attorney General, Marlene Malahoo Forte, who courageously challenged the arrogance of the United States, which exploited the Orlando Massacre to fly the rainbow flag at the US Embassy despite Jamaica’s recently reaffirmed … Continue reading

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A Time For War

My response to the Orlando Massacre, Part 2: Part 1 is here: Part 2: A Time For War “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). “And Jesus said to them, … Continue reading

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View My 2009 Uganda Conference that Led to the SMUG Lawsuit

The entire approximately three hours of my presentation are provided here: and lest you think we edited to hide anything, note that the video was filmed by and remains in the control of a “gay” activist with the LGBT group … Continue reading

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Report on my SMUG Deposition

Friends, I’m not going to go into details but if I had to choose only one phrase to describe the SMUG attorneys’ efforts in their two days of grilling me under oath at their luxury Manhattan offices it would be … Continue reading

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Justice that arrives like a thunderbolt

As expected, SCOTUS today declared a constitutional right to “gay marriage” by judicial fiat. I haven’t read the ruling and may not ever do so since it really doesn’t matter what its reasoning is. The decision is illegitimate on its … Continue reading

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Transvestite’s Sick Prank on Girl Not the Worst

A Cambodian TV show played a sick joke on a young teen girl by promising to reunite her with her long-lost Mom, but when the time care for the reunion , her “Mom” turned out to be a male transvestite … Continue reading

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Report from the Court

I’ve had a busy month standing up for authentic marriage and the natural family, publishing a series of essays (linked below) and working in coalition with other pro-family leaders on the Restrain the Judges Project under the leadership of Dr. … Continue reading

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Lively Renews Demand for Immediate Recusal of Justices Ginsberg and Kagan

4/21/15, Press Release, For Immediate Release Constitutional Attorney and former Massachusetts Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Scott Lively, in his capacity as President of Abiding Truth Ministries and it’s global subsidiary Defend the Family International, will reiterate his call for the immediate recusal of Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Lively to Journalists: Stop Using “Anti-Gay” Slur

Letter to The Republican Dr. Scott Lively RE: Lively to Journalists: Stop Using “Anti-Gay” Slur Journalistic professionalism in America has declined apace with the print media industry itself, but Springfield’s sole daily newspaper has fallen further than most. … Continue reading

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A Climate of Hate and Fear: Part One: Exposing a Dangerous LGBT Strategy

All disapproval of homosexuality leads inevitably to hatred, violence, murder and eventually genocide of homosexuals. That’s the unstated premise of all LGBT rhetoric and policy goals and the source of their astonishing and relentless political passion. It is the reason … Continue reading

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In 2015 Silence Equals Death to Marriage

The US Supreme Court has taken on so-called “gay” marriage this session and is certain to declare it a constitutional right UNLESS the people prove by unequivocal speech and action that they don’t want it. Pro-family citizens need to face … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Last Days Warning about Homosexuality in the Bible

Downloadable PDF of this article: Forgotten Last Days Warning About Homosexuality in the Bible  Summary of this article in brochure form:   NOT just another sin…   A dangerous modern heresy called “gay theology” is infiltrating the Christian church at … Continue reading

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Bad Moon on the Rise: Bill Cosby, Ferguson and Obama

The first time I ever heard the Clearance Clearwater Revival hit, “Bad Moon Rising” was at Bill Cosby’s house in my home town of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.  It wasn’t actually his house at the time, it belonged to the family of … Continue reading

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HRC Founder’s Pederasty Charge is Sweet Vindication from God

“No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.”  Isaiah 54:17 This scripture verse was the first one ever specifically prophesied over me as a baby Christian at the … Continue reading

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The Deadly “Religious Liberty” Trap

In his latest Washington Times editorial, “A Brave New World of Intolerance,” the ever-erudite Robert Knight laments the recent decision of the Montgomery County School Board to eliminate all religiously-themed holidays to avoid having to add Moslem holidays to … Continue reading

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HRC Agents Now Sending Me Death Threats

In the few days since the Human Rights Campaign put out its thinly veiled contract on me and other America pro-family activists I have already received two death threats. I claimed in my response to its report that HRC has … Continue reading

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HRC Has Targeted Me for Murder

The so-called Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has taken a page from the left wing hate-group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and published a new report called “The Export of Hate.”  Ala SPLC this publication is nothing less than an enemies … Continue reading

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The Four Lawsuits

There has been a lot of interest in the current “Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit against me by Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) and the so-called Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), but this is not the first time the LGBT movement has … Continue reading

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