Top 10 Heroes of the Pro-Family Movement in 2012

Top 10 Heroes of the Pro-Family Movement in 2012


I know you are being deluged with year-end donation requests as am I.  My standard for giving follows three criteria: 1) Biblical faithfulness, 2) Courage, 3) Effectiveness.  According to this standard my personal choices for the Top 10 most deserving recipients of your financial support in 2012 are:

1.  Liberty Counsel (my personal heroes for coming to my rescue on the SMUG lawsuit).

2.  Mass Resistance (my new nickname for our stout-hearted Maccabaean  brother Brian Camenker is “Brian the Hammer”)

3.  Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (Never was there a more resolute champion of the pro-family cause, or a more honest journalist than Peter LaBarbara).

4.  World Net Daily (I’ve never met Joseph Farah personally but I greatly admire his courage and agree with nearly everything he writes).   Buy some books at his bookstore:

5.  Chick Fil A (go buy another chicken sandwich)

6.  Family Research Council (thank Tony Perkins for taking on the SPLC and not going soft after the assassination attempt)

7.  Mission America (Linda Harvey is a great lady taking a brave stand in defense of the children and Biblical values).

8.  American Family Association, Especially Bryan Fisher (Mr. No-Nonsense on the radio, representing one of the most important organizations in our country).

9 AFA of PA (Ditto for Diane Gramley)

10.  Abiding Truth Ministries (It’s my list so I get to nominate myself, but go to our website to see for yourself if we meet the standard).

Apologies to all of the other great pro-family groups and leaders out there.  This is just my own personal top ten for 2012.


Dr. Scott Lively

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