The Five Stages of Homofascism


A Primer on “Gay Supremacy” in America

Comments of Dr. Scott Lively on the 4th Anniversary of Obergefell v Hodges, June 26, 2019, US Supreme Court, Washington DC

I am Dr. Scott Lively and I’m here to explain how the LGBT movement gained legal, cultural and political supremacy over Christianity in America in just 50 years. It advanced through five stages and four supreme court rulings.

The Five Stages of Homofascism are:

1. Tolerance
2. Acceptance
3. Celebration
4. Forced Participation
5. Punishment of Dissenters

The original goal of the LGBT movement in the 1950s was tolerance, what Dale Jennings of the Mattachine Society called “The right to be left alone.”

But exactly 50 years ago in the Stonewall riots, homofascism was born – when the movement set its sights on replacing family-centered society with sexual anarchy. Their detailed agenda was published soon after as “The 1972 Gay Rights Platform,” and they launched a united national campaign for “sexual freedom” to be recognized as a constitutional right.

In response, the pro-family movement arose during the Reagan administration in the 1980s to defend marriage and the natural family. In 1986, Justice Byron White (appointed by JFK) dealt a death blow to the LGBT “sexual freedom” strategy in the majority opinion of Bowers v Hardwick, expressly recognizing the right of states to regulate all sexual conduct in the public interest, but specifically homosexual sodomy.

Undeterred, the “gays” launched a new strategy in the late 1980s to characterize so-called “sexual orientation” as an immutable condition and to classify themselves as a civil rights minority. They made the “born that way” argument the centerpiece of their propaganda narrative, and then hijacked the Black civil rights movement to implement their political agenda, essentially stealing Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow-Push Coalition” for themselves and adopting the rainbow flag as their banner.

All across America LGBT activists then used their growing power in the Democrat party to create “Human Rights Commissions” at the local and state level which in turn pushed for the passage of anti-discrimination laws in which sexual orientation was bundled together with established civil rights minority classes. Wherever resistance to normalizing homosexuality was strong, they followed a two step process, adding sexual orientation later, usually after a media campaign focusing on “hate crimes” reporting (most of which was unverified and almost certainly fraudulent). In all cases the Human Rights Commission tactic was driven by the “gays,” though rarely openly.

In response, the Oregon Citizens Alliance (of which I was Communications Director) pioneered the No Special Rights Act in 1992 to prohibit sexual orientation from being included in anti-discrimination laws. A version of our No Special Rights Act passed in Colorado as Amendment 2, becoming the basis for the supreme court case Romer v Evans in 1996.

Romer was the first of four major cases by which swing voter Justice Anthony Kennedy (the worst enemy of the family in the history of the court) established “Gay Supremacy” in America.

Our pro-family movement had essentially won the culture war with Amendment 2, because the well established test for identifying a “suspect class” (civil rights minority) in constitutional law included two elements that the “gays” could not meet: political powerlessness and an immutable condition like skin color.

But Kennedy simply disregarded the law, saying that Amendment 2 was not a valid exercise of state power because in his opinion it was motivated by “animus” (hatred) – in one stroke both voiding Amendment 2 while simultaneously coaching the political left to cry “Hate” at any conservative policy they wanted to invalidate in the future.

Kennedy followed up on Romer with Lawrence v Texas (2003) in which he used the pretext of striking down Texas’ virtually unenforced sodomy laws to repeal Bowers v Hardwick. (Reportedly Lawrence and his sodomy partner staged the scene to ensure his arrest to create legal standing to sue the state.)

Killing Bowers was a necessary prerequisite to legalizing “gay marriage” which happened the following year in Massachusetts, thanks to the full and immediate acquiescence of fake conservative then-governor Mitt Romney.

In response to the inevitable wave of “gay marriage” laws that followed in liberal states, the pro-family movement created the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which quickly became law in 35 states and the federal government.

The supposed Catholic Kennedy again thwarted us in his ruling in US v Winsor, striking down the federal DOMA. Two years later he finished the job by creating a supposed constitutional right to “gay marriage” in Obergefell v Hodges by judicial fiat: icing the LGBT cake with a declaration in the ruling that homosexuality must now be accepted as “immutable.”

Having fulfilled his globalist mission to establish “Gay Supremacy” in America, Kennedy recently retired from the court after (I strongly suspect) assuring that his legacy would be preserved by the nomination of his former clerk Brett Kavanaugh to fill his vacancy. I sincerely hope I am wrong about Kavanaugh and will apologize profusely if in future cases he shows integrity in helping to reverse Kennedy’s errors.

So here we stand in 2019, four years after Obergefell and the LGBTs instant pivot to “transgenderism” (and pedophilia), watching small children being deliberately infected with hypersexual transgender insanity to the applause of the entire leftist bloc, and Congress seriously debating the so called Equality Act to criminalize Christianity in America.

Throughout this decades-long process America has been pushed inexorably by the leftist elites through the five stages of homofascism until today celebration of all things LGBT is the norm, forced participation in “gay” culture is increasing rapidly, and punishment of dissenters is a virtual mandate of social justice in the minds of the Millennials. God help us!

Can this process be reversed? I believe it can, but only if conservatives, including our presumed five member majority on the supreme court remember what it is that conservatism exists to conserve: the God-fearing, family centered, constitutional republic our founders fought a bloody revolution to secure for us.

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