Confronting the Chief Heresy of Our Time: “Gay Theology”

Every LGBT Flag on a Formerly Christian Church
Celebrates a Demonic Conquest.

Each One Represents:
  • An Explicit Repudiation of the Bible.
  • A Supremely Arrogant Rejection of the Self-Evident Natural Order of God’s Creation.
  • And a Grossly Blasphemous Reinvention of Jesus Christ as a Champion of Sodomy.


Never in the History of the Church has such a Blatantly Heretical Doctrine Achieved Such Astonishing Global Power —
While Being Willfully Ignored by Frightened Church Leaders.

In 2013, when it became clear to me that we would soon lose the marriage battle at the Supreme Court I warned that the LGBT war machine would next turn its focus on the church. (We lost the marriage battle in 2015.)
Of course, the LGBTs always had strategy and tactics to neutralize the church politically, but at some point in the 1970s they caught the demonic vision to literally conquer the church and remake it in their perverse image. In those days NO ONE but the prophetically gifted would have believed our present dire situation was possible.
To be sure the LGBTs are far from fully achieving their goal, but not so far as most conservative Christians think, and with each congregation that falls to the Rainbow Jihad, the scales tip further in their favor. With each Bible-believing Pastor who shrinks from speaking out publicly for fear of worldly consequences, the strength of the Christian resistance grows weaker.
And then there’s the depressing statistic that roughly half of evangelicals born since 1964 now favor so-called “gay marriage” (thanks to nonstop LGBT propaganda in our public education system and mass media — and, of course, silence from the pulpits).

Perhaps you think this isn’t such a big deal “because it’s not a salvation issue.”

But can a person be saved by faith in a false Messiah
who celebrates sins that both God the Father and His Bible condemn?

When the Son of Man comes (the actual Jesus of the Bible),
will He find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8

In 2014 I designed and published our NOT ‘Just Another Sin brochure which we also posted on YouTube. From 2014-2017 we delivered over 50,000 of these tri-fold brochures to churches across America by first class mail, many in personalized hand-addressed envelopes.
In 2015, I wrote my book The Petros Prophecy: Simon Peter’s Prophetic Warning About the Heresy of the Last Days which argues that the last days heresy described by the Apostle Peter in 2 Peter 2:1-22 is “gay theology.”
Due to the increasing speed at which the “gay theology” heresy is invading the church, we have decided just this week to make a PDF version of this book available for free download and distribution. Please send a copy to your pastor.
We also believe it is time to begin directly challenging “churches” that have given in to this heresy, and we would like to redesign the NJAS brochure for that purpose, and perhaps even to organize protests at congregations which fly the LGBT flag and to invite members to look at what the Bible actually says about homosexuality and transgenderism.
We’d like to hear your thoughts on this campaign, consider any ideas you might have for confronting this heresy, and find out whether you would be willing to host us for a church protest in your area, or a seminar for local believers on these issues.
Email me at
And please donate if you can.

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