Chic-Fil-A’s Betrayal Goes Much Deeper Than We Thought

Remember August 1, 2012, when Christians grateful for Dan Cathy’s public defense of Biblical marriage launched the now seven year CFA appreciation campaign that propelled the Cathy family’s private company to the #3 Fast Food Empire in the world?

The more we learn the worse it gets.

CFA’s crime isn’t just cowardly capitulation to the LGBT mob like Pilate choosing Barabbas over Christ and then washing their hands of political matters as so many people think, it is intentionally and deviously switching sides in the culture war to fight for the opposition like Benedict Arnold did in the Revolutionary War — while bearing false witness about their own actions in the belief that the Christian public is too stupid to notice, and tricking kind-hearted but gullible leaders like Franklin Graham into doing damage-control for them.

Well-intentioned Christian efforts to petition CFA to correct its course assume the Cathy family just made a mistake out of “weariness with well doing” and a little encouragement can stiffen their spine. That’s a false assumption! During the same period they have been raking in massive profits from the misplaced gratitude of Christian patrons, they have carefully and systematically plotted this betrayal. Don’t be deceived by an ingenuous reference to “Christian values” ,”For by their fruits you shall know them.” Even the reprobate homosexual activist and Democrat presidential candidate, Buttigieg, claims “Christian values!”

It may be possible to convince the Cathy family to switch back, but only if this company they have proven they love more than Bible Truth faces real financial consequences. And that means not just boycotts, but direct action like protests at their restaurants holding signs and distributing fact sheets exposing their duplicity.

IF we don’t take such action, they will used the overflowing bank accounts we blessed them with to weather this storm (I’m certain they have planned for this), and CFA will be quickly and fully assimilated into the great “social justice” army that is relentlessly pounding the foundations of Judeo-Christian civilization into rubble while we watch and wring our hands.

If you share this view, please donate now. I would like to organize a direct action campaign but will only do so if people show their support by donating to fund it.

Did you know that while CFA was grudgingly giving just $115K to the Salvation Army and a puny $25K to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes it was giving about TWO MILLION DOLLARS to leftist “social justice” (aka Marxist) causes?

Did you know that one of the new recipients of CFA “charity” actively promotes the LGBT agenda?
Did you know that to break into the Canadian market, CFA hired the “number one gay lobbying firm” in Canada?

Regular Readers of My Blog Were NOT Taken by Surprise by CFA’s Betrayal Because I Warned It Was Coming! When I learned in early 2014 that during the initial fallout for his pro-marriage remarks in 2013, Dan Cathy took the LGBT bait to prove himself “Not a Hater” by befriending an open and unrepentant homosexual activist, I wrote the following article, titled “Dan Cathy Takes the Mark of the Beast.” I urge you to read it with the current events in mind.

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