Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda

In 2009 I wrote and published this textbook on pro-family advocacy, which I adapted from the thesis I wrote for my Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degree in 2007. Importantly, the information contained in Redeeming the Rainbow is not simply the regurgitation of others’ work or the theories of a sequestered academic: it is the fruit of my own missionary efforts as a front-lines culture warrior around the world and its insights and conclusions are hard-earned and forged in the fire of persecution.

Indeed, my first use of this textbook in a classroom setting (of teachers and civil servants) was in early 2009 in Kampala, Uganda during the final pre-publication stage of its development. My truthful and carefully-reasoned teachings were so threatening to the LGBT movement they triggered immediate international outrage by the global LGBT movement, which went nuclear after Uganda falsely blamed my teachings as the impetus for an overly harsh anti-homosexuality law that came out a week after I left the country.

That in turn led to a 6 1/2 year US federal lawsuit for “Crimes Against Humanity” which was ridiculous-in-premise but nevertheless a deadly-serious effort to destroy me by the most powerful leaders of the US LGBT movement — including a Human Rights Campaign Dossier funded by billionaire “gay”-patron Paul Singer, naming me Public Enemy #1 of the “gay” agenda internationally. That’s how afraid the LGBT movement is of the easily grasped and eminently reasonable teachings in Redeeming the Rainbow.

Though now a decade in print, Redeeming the Rainbow remains timely because most of its arguments are rooted in self-evident truth from a Biblical worldview, and do not change with the ebb and flow of “current events” or the pronouncements of the “soft sciences.”

Nevertheless, the evolving political, legal and cultural contexts of culture war analysis have raised new issues that deserve response, and so I have created a Redeeming the Rainbow page on this blog where I will post materials to augment the published book. Indeed, I have already written numerous relevant articles since 2009 that will be linked on that page, and I will add other materials as my schedule allows.

I urge you to download and distribute Redeeming the Rainbow widely, especially to young people and college students who might never otherwise encounter the full toolbox of arguments, strategies, tactics, and insights it contains.

And please donate to support my work. I offer it freely not because I don’t need the income, but because I believe the information is too important to hide behind a paywall. If you have the ability to donate, please do, because, as an avowed missionary that is by choice my only source of income.

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