Boris Johnson’s Brexit Landslide

Dr. Lively’s commentary on the UK election is HERE on YouTube. Watch, like, comment and subscribe.

While Americans were sleeping (literally), Thursday night’s unfolding UK election results brought a massive victory for Boris Johnson’s pro-Brexit conservatives and the worst loss for the anti-Brexit progressives since 1935! Dr. Lively woke early to do an interview with a British TV network based in Spain on those results as they were finalized (below). He then filmed the above video to explain the enormous geopolitical implications of that vote, and its likely effect on the 2020 US elections.

Dr. and Mrs. Lively conducted a personal world tour through 27 countries in 2015 and 2016 to assess and assist the populist/conservative movement and went to London for the express purpose of being in country for the original game-changing Brexit vote. They returned from Europe that November to vote for the even more significant election of Donald Trump. Dr. Lively asserts based on his personal research that the fates of Brexit, Trump and Netanyahu in Israel are intimately interrelated.

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Watch the interview in Air1TV HERE
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