The False Choice of Conservative vs Progressive

This 10th video post on YouTube in the series titled “Scott Lively’s Biblical Lifestyle” is the first scripted commentary in the longer essay form (1000-1200 words). It argues that without a fundamental change of perspective and approach, “conservatives” are guaranteed to lose the contest with progressives because the debate context was framed by the Marxists themselves to ensure it.

We’ve Been Duped Into An Unwinnable Debate On Terms Our Opponents Control

Ever stop to consider the implications of calling ourselves “conservative” and our opponents “progressive?” Or why our national conversation assumes that the so-called “tide of history” is an actual phenomenon (that always seems to move leftward)? Or why our typical arguments for opposing leftist policies include the admission “Society is not ready for that yet?”

Why don’t “conservatives” project and pursue our own vision for the future in which our value system is fully implemented? Can we even picture such a future society clearly in our minds, or is that space filled only with nostalgia for the past?

On the political front, why isn’t every leftist policy proposal countered by one pushing to the right, but instead merely resisted by our side – even though we all know politicians operate in the realm of compromise between what is and what’s demanded, and thus actual policy changes almost always ratchet leftward?

In a society dominated by a trillion-dollar industry of year-round competitive sports, how can the conservative movement fail to teach its people that a team with no offense can never actually win a series, but at best only delay the other side from winning?

Why is it that we routinely call liberals “leftist” but hesitate to call our own positions “rightist,” implicitly bolstering the left’s false narrative that “right-wing” equals white supremacy and fascism? (Especially galling since both these ideologies are actually leftist!)

Could the answer to all these questions be simply that we’ve been duped by the progressives into playing a game of their invention we are absolutely guaranteed to lose?

That’s a very humbling notion, to say the least. But if its true, and we’re too proud to admit it, we’ll remain hopelessly ensnared in their trap. As the Scripture warns in Luke 16:8 “For the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light.” If we could accept that reminder, and trust the Holy Spirit to guide our future actions in the political/cultural realm, we could slip the progressives’ noose and hang them like Haman on their own gallows (figuratively speaking).

That’s a big IF, however, because it means restoring the politically-incorrect Biblical worldview that Americans held from the Pilgrims’ first landing through the Eisenhower administration, and relentless leftist bullying has made us afraid to do that.

But if we fail to recognize that the key to their success has been convincing we “conservatives” to let them drive the Biblical worldview from the public realm with minimal resistance from us, we can never turn the tide.

The leftist rule-book for the real-life Game of Thrones we’ve been playing was specifically designed to de-throne the God of Creation and en-throne themselves – the gods of Human Self-Perfectibility. That is the agenda of Marxism, growing in the manure of Darwinian Evolutionism and achieving world-conquering religious expression in Secular Humanism.

Some will grumble “Why can’t you just keep it ‘secular,’ Lively?!” But that attitude proves my case. The notion that “secularism” is neutral ground for liberals and conservatives is a false Marxist premise! It was that very lie which made us acquiesce to humanism as the new national consensus in the 20th Century.

To America’s Founders, “secular” meant non-sectarian consensus on broad Biblical presuppositions, epitomized in the Declaration of Independence’s acknowledgment of “self-evident” truths in and from “Nature and Nature’s God.” But in the Humanist version taught to America’s schoolchildren for generations, “secular” means non-religious: a Trojan Horse false concept that hides their religion within itself.

Theories of origin are unavoidably religious and there are ultimately just two of them in the western world, theism and atheism: either this universe was created by God with plan and purpose as the Bible claims, or it’s all an accident of random chance that somehow vests human beings with opportunity and power to make our own rules as Humanism claims. “Secularism” — even the supposedly conservative form — clearly reflects Humanism in premise and practice.

The “Tide of History” is a phrase that flows from Marxism’s Darwinist premise that human society naturally and inexorably evolves toward socialist utopia. Marxist visionaries established the “progressive” movement as a vehicle to conquer and retask key systems and institutions of human society to speed “progress” toward their vision. As each new target is infiltrated, assimilated, and repurposed to serve their ends, the collective grows more powerful and the unconquered remainder of society grows weaker.

It is logically impossible to win a debate when you adopt the other side’s presuppositions, because premises dictate conclusions with mathematical certainty. When we unwittingly self-identify as “conservatives” and grant that our opponents are “progressives” we literally ensure their progress toward their goal by limiting our influence to the speed at which their “progress” occurs.

Worse, if to avoid bullying and prove we’re not “haters” we shrink from defending unpopular Bible truths we dramatically speed the process of our conquest by undermining our own spiritual and intellectual foundations.

I would love to offer you a label to claim as an alternative to “conservative” but I don’t have one yet. The fact that the today’s English language doesn’t even have a one-word label for a person with a pro-active vision and agenda for an advanced nonsectarian Bible-based society shows just how completely we’ve all been ensnared in the Marxist web for a very long time.

I invite you to join with me in a revolution to overthrow our Humanist masters by starting a movement-wide discussion on rebranding ourselves as conquerors instead of “conservatives.”

UPDATE: The term we have adopted is “constitutionalist.”

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