A Darker ‘Nightmare Scenario’ for 2020

Dr. Lively explores a “worst case” political scenario for the 2020 election that springboards from recent speculation that Michelle Obama will be Joe Biden’s VP choice and spins a possible Antichrist scenario involving Mrs. Obama and her husband. To be clear, Scott still believes President Trump will be reelected handily, but in this video explores the potential significance of a Trump defeat, were it to happen.

I have only recently begun to serial-publish, in text and video form, my book Dynasty of Darkness: Satan’s long serpentine trail through human history in the role of successive Antichrists, and the imminent rise of his last days kingdom.” I wrote the manuscript from 2011-2016 but held it back in part because the very last chapter made an argument for Barack Obama being the best living candidate for the (not yet revealed) last days Antichrist. By mid-2016, during my (very encouraging) 27 nation personal fact-finding tour to study the anti-globalist revolution, I was pretty much convinced Donald Trump would win the election, and my spirits were lifted as to the prospects for America to be reprieved and have a chance at restoration. I set the book – and my speculations about Obama – aside, and began devoting myself to helping the anti-globalist cause.

Obama took a shot at staying in office by trying to start a hot war with Russia, I believe, but failed. Indeed, in my analysis, General Mike Flynn was the one who thwarted him, which was the reason he was the first Trump team member taken down by the Obama/Hillary/Deep State cabal.

It was only when the globalists (having failed to destroy Trump with the Russian Collusion Hoax and Impeachment Scam) launched the Covid-19 pandemic in order to collapse the world economy (a strategy I called “Globalist Chemotherapy”) that I began thinking they might actually take down the president, and the larger theme of Dynasty of Darkness became relevant again relative to current events. I’ve now published the Introduction and Chapter One in video and text form, and am preparing to publish Chapter Two.

However, a new development has put Obama back into the picture. On April 18, 2020, an article in the New York Post outlined a nightmare scenario for constitutionalists titled “How the Obamas could easily win eight more years in the White House.” In short, the scenario is Biden picking Michelle Obama as Vice President for the win in 2020, before being disqualified for mental incapacity in early ‘21under Article 25 of the constitution, putting her (and Barack) back in the Oval Office. The article didn’t add that she could then appoint her husband as VP, then resign, giving him the presidency again, at which time he could appoint her as VP. A modern-day Baal and Ashteroth would then have control of the nation.

As I contemplated this dystopian outcome, and the one (earthly) thing that stands in the way of it becoming reality – the Donald Trump presidency – I was suddenly reminded of “the restrainer” of the Antichrist in 2 Thessalonians 2:7 “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.” Prophecy gurus have long assumed (without conclusive proof) that the restrainer is the Holy Spirit, but suppose the “he” is actually just a man: Trump. Heads will explode over this speculation, but it is at the very least plausible. However, it is not essential to my argument, just an interesting aside – and a reminder that many of the presumptions considered dogma by prophecy “experts” are based on ambiguous texts with plausible alternative interpretations.

I’m not going to publish the chapters of Dynasty of Darkness out of sequence, so interested readers will need to wait a few weeks for my full analysis regarding Obama, but in the interim, I’ll just remind everyone that this man, whose real name is Barry Soetoro, accepted the Democratic nomination for president on a stage literally designed after the Seat of Satan in Berlin, and that his “stage name,” Barack Obama can be literally translated “lightning from heaven,” as in Jesus’ statement in Luke 10:17-19 “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning.”
The Hebrew word for lightning is ’Barak” (Strongs #1300) , “O” is used to join concepts together, and the word for heights (of heaven) is “Bamah” (Strong’s #1116. Thus, the sentence in the Hebrew would state “I saw Satan as Barak O Bamah.”

And, speaking of the Seat of Satan, there are actually two primary exhibits in Berlin’s Pergamum Museum: “Satan’s throne” being the Pergamum Altar which was excavated and removed by the Germans from Pergamos, Turkey in the late 1800s (literally the structure Revelation 2:13 says is “where Satan dwells”) and the actual Ishtar Gate of Babylon, being named for Satan’s “female” consort, Ishatar, aka Astarte, aka Ashteroth.

Those hopeful I am wrong in these speculations, can take solace that I’ve been wrong before. I was predicting Elizabeth Warren would edge out Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, on the argument that 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and a female on the ticket would be the left’s ace in the hole for poaching liberal women voters from the GOP in November. But now Warren is all washed up and it’s Sleepy Joe’s job to pick a saleable female VP to serve the 19th Amendment strategy. That appears to be Mrs. Barack Obama, now on a national publicity tour, ostensibly to “promote a book.”

I’ll throw one more log on this bonfire of educated conjecture before I sign off. We all know that the left has moved heaven and earth to keep the walking mummy Ruth Bader Ginsberg alive past the 2020 election in the hope that Donald Trump can be deprived of the chance to lock in a conservative SCOTUS majority (ending the elites’ failsafe of a controlled “swing vote” on the court: currently John “Obamacare” Roberts, preceded by Anthony “Gay Supremacy” Kennedy and Sandra Day “Partial Birth Abortion” Nelson).

Suppose as an alternative to the Obamas both operating from the White House, President Micheal Michelle were to appoint Barack to SCOTUS, or he her? They would then have simultaneous control of two of our three branches of government.

Truly, I can’t think of a darker nightmare scenario for America and the world than these very real possibilities and I sincerely hope I’m wrong. If you’re not already diligently both praying and working to save America, it’s time to start.

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