First Responders Against Tyranny

Dr. Lively warns that citizen anger over tyrannical government suppression of basic constitutional rights is likely to boil over soon if things continue on current trends.

Virtually overnight it seems America has been transformed from the “Land of the free and the home of the brave” to a “Land without liberty, the home of the slaves.” The constitution we supposedly revere is being used as toilet paper by thousands of petty tyrants now ruling over us by decree, and the police forces who pledged to “protect and serve” have been transformed into storm troopers serving the will of the despots. A huge percentage of the American people have surrendered to this tyranny with hardly a whimper, and many have now become snitches against their still-freedom-loving neighbors on behalf of the government. But there remains a remnant of patriots who will not submit!

Consider the extent of “cognitive dissonance” on display in the increasing lionization of “first responders” by people cowering in their homes, as afraid to defy their rogue government officials as they are of the vastly over-stated health threat the officials are exploiting. But what exactly is it that First Responders do that makes them (rightfully) worthy of praise? They run toward the danger when others run the other way! They voluntarily risk their lives and health. We laud them for making the choice to be courageous in the face of danger instead of shrinking back in fear of the consequences.

I am an American. My right to freedom of movement, to assemble together with others, to risk my life and health in the process if I so choose is not granted to me by the government. It is not a privilege given to me by the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, or any of the branches or agencies of the state or federal governments, but is an aspect of my very being as a sovereign creation of God!

I do not cede authority over myself to the unelected health department officials who presume to claim that power over me, nor any of the elected officials now operating beyond the legitimate reach of their offices.

The reason I have supported my government in the past is respect for the rule of law. I am a Christian and Constitutionalist, so I believe strongly in the American political premise that our government has only the power that I delegate to it, in cooperation with my fellow citizens. Love for that ideal has sustained me through decades of steady erosion of that foundation – in the belief that the America I love could be repaired and restored if we just kept fighting for her against all the enemies working to transform her into a Marxist regime.

But this! This abomination of dictatorial national socialism – this perverted “rule of man” we face today is NOT AMERICA and I do not grant it my permission to rule over me. This IS the Marxist regime we’ve been resisting for so long – suddenly burst upon us with the speed of the Bolshevick revolution in Russia.

I am publishing this letter as a warning to whatever leaders we still have who love the true American dream. If you don’t fulfil your duty to put down this Marxist revolution yourselves, then we the people are going to have to do it ourselves, sooner than you think, and if you’re not doing your part to restore this constitutional republic, you will be numbered with the enemy.

I am not a violent man, and I am not calling for violence against anyone, even the despots themselves. But I know that if I, a mature Christian pastor whose self-control and fortitude has been forged over many years by many difficult personal tests and trials, am this angry and passionate, then I know there is a large number of more secular-minded populists out there seething with rage against the traitors and tyrants. They WILL become vigilantes in America’s cause if the current trend continues. That’s not a threat, nor encouragement to do it, but a fact of human nature beyond anyone’s control.

If you allow that dam to burst by continuing to acquiesce to the Marxists, you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

Pastor Scott Lively,
A “First Responder” of the Black Robe Regiment

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