The Prodigal Son Prophecy Intro

This is the first installment of Dr. Lively’s book “The Prodigal Son Prophecy: God’s Amazing Plan for the Restoration of the Two Hebrew Houses, and the Salvation of the Gentiles,” which he is publishing as a series in both text and video forms. This segment features the front matter of the book, including the Introduction, a Foreword, a Short Summary of the Prodigal Son Prophecy, and a commentary on The Hebrew Roots Movement as a Manifestation of the Spirit of Elijah. Dr. Lively’s novel and refreshing approach to teaching prophecy is to emphasize study of the Bible itself and to promote individual critical thinking and reasoning skills, guided by the Holy Spirit, rather than to review or compare-and-contrast the opinions of “expert” interpreters from the various eschatological camps or pre-set denominational doctrines. He teaches this approach simultaneously with the development of his own analysis and conclusions, without presenting his views as dogma.

To watch the video, click on the graphic above.

To download the text version click the button below.

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