Scott Lively on Trump Unmasking Obama Terrorism

On the road to hold a planning meeting for the upcoming Black Robe Regiment Summit, Dr. Lively films a commentary defending President Trump’s delay in ordering federal intervention to quell Marxist rioting across America as a necessary acknowledgement of State’s Rights under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. Lively argues federal action was only justified by the obvious ineptitude and in some cases complicity of Dem governors (and mayors).
He characterized President Trump’s latitude with these state leaders (and their media co-conspirators) as another example of unmasking bad actors to public view, just as his Justice Department is unmasking Obama and many agents of the Deep State by the release of documentation of their criminal culpability. He reiterates his contention that the current wave of anarchy is designed in significant part to deflect public attention from Obamagate, starting as it did just a day or two before the heavily damning Flynn Transcripts were released.

A Separate but Related Article:

Obamagate and the Race Riots

(Scott’s WND Column of Today)

Isn’t it interesting that Black Lives Matter and Antifa Anarchists launched a national campaign of mayhem and rioting at the start of the weekly news cycle in which the fully exculpatory Michael Flynn transcripts were finally released to the public? The trigger, was, of course, the outrageous and possibly deliberate George Floyd killing, conveniently carried out in full public view and captured on video for instantaneous social media virality. I predicted on April 22nd 2020 that the elites would orchestrate a new crisis as soon as it looked like America would regain her equilibrium, and it seems this may be it, or at least the first salvo in a new campaign of chaos.

The main purpose of the rioting, as was true of the now-waning Covid-19 Plandemic, is to spread fear. Fear is what keeps a sizable portion of the American people “sheltered-in-place,” and that phenomenon of social destabilization is the key to preventing economic recovery. An orchestrated economic depression is, of course, the cornerstone of the elites’ plan for taking down President Trump (which I again predict will fail).

That’s what this Season of Psy-Ops, with all its disinformation, propaganda and political intrigue, has always been about from its very beginning, when Barack Obama first began to realize that Trump could actually beat Hillary, thanks to the sabotage of the HRC campaign and the DNC by Bernie zealot Seth Rich, the Wikileaker Whistleblower who was (I opine) murdered in broad daylight for that act of treachery.

The timing of the rioting, and his immediate, highly inflammatory public statement, betrays the hand of Barack Obama behind it all. I predicted that also, in my WND column of January 3, 2017 . I compared Obama’s actions between the Trump election and inauguration to Hitler’s sabotage of France’s Cherbourg harbor just after D-Day in WWII. I then noted that Obama had taken the highly irregular step of setting up his own post-presidency political base in Washington DC. I closed with this prediction: “I have no doubt that Obama is planning his own Battle of Bloody Gulch [Hitler’s Cherbourg counter-offensive after the Americans had taken the city and began pushing east toward Germany] but one which he assumes he will win. Megalomaniacs cannot surrender graciously. Backed by armies of social justice warriors on the streets and in the hardened leftist bunkers of media, academia and big-money foundations, Obama will fight like a cornered rat to protect his legacy and it’s underlying ideology. Be certain of it, and never stop fighting until freedom has been restored.”

The very next day (January 4th), I published an article titled “Obama’s Desperate War-With-Russia-Gambit” in which I theorized that Obama was literally trying to orchestrate a hot war with Russia.

My WND column of February 17th 2020, titled “Heroic Michael Flynn May Have Prevented WWIII,” updated that argument with new facts. . In a May 9, 2020 follow-up post to my own blog, I boiled the essence of the case down to a set of media screen-shots in chronological order, and posted a video of myself explaining it all. That one was titled “Why Obama Targeted General Michael Flynn.” A big part of my assessment was vindicated with the release of the actual Flynn Transcripts, which I urge everyone to read. Those documents show that General Flynn did exactly as I suggested he did.

How does this all fit together with the new phase of inner-city rioting?

I predicted this rioting in my WND article of June 22, 2017 “The Purple Revolution is About to Run Red.” I was three years too early for some aspects of that prediction, while other aspects have come to pass. The unfulfilled remainder are pretty close to what is now apparently unfolding. . Per that title, I believe the entire campaign of anti-Trump machinations since the 2016 election is best characterized as Obama’s “Purple Revolution.” The Clintons are certainly at the top of Obama’s all-star team roster (and the Bush Dynasty are obvious co-conspirators also) but this pantheon of political evil-doers is clearly headed by Obama. And the regime change strategy and pattern of tactics are unmistakably those of the George Soros “color revolutions” playbook.

From 2016 to 2019, the Obama team’s extensive criminality at home and abroad was not obvious to the general public, though we constitutionalists knew it was virtually certain because of Hillary’s presence in his administration, and we got a few glimpses into the corruption with incidents such as “Fast and Furious” and Benghazi. In 2019, as facts began to emerge about “The Democrat Crime Scene Called Ukraine” (another of my WND articles) the anti-Trump ferocity of the Democrats seemed to rise in direct proportion to the disclosures.

In retrospect, due to the hard documentation of an array of criminal actions and conspiracies that has recently begun flowing into the public view from the still-ongoing investigations, I suggest that the “Purple Revolution” has been motivated as much or more by the Obama team’s fear of exposure and prosecution than by pure Marxist ideology. Thus, I am claiming vindication for my January 3, 2017 characterization of Obama as a “cornered rat.”

Lastly, I am also offering a different take on the significance of the riots. Yes, the fear-mongering agenda is still in play, but I think there’s a new target for that fear added to the mix: Democrat leaders who now realize heads will likely roll for the Obama team’s actions and want to distance themselves as much as possible without being too obvious about it. I think that’s why the race riots (and Antifa aggressions) are taking place in Democrat strongholds and not places like Ferguson and Charlottesville. They are reminders that pain can be inflicted on potential “traitors” as well as established enemies by the ones who wield the real power on the left.

And, call me crazy, but if that’s true, I predict master deal-maker President Trump may actually flip some Democrat leaders to his side by the time of the election. It’s a rare group of crooks that doesn’t turn on each other when actual prosecutors (as opposed to media pundits) start to draft actual indictments of their known associates. ###

Here’s an Excellent Summary of Obama’s Culpability from SkyWatch TV: “WHAT… AND WHO… Is Really Behind Antifa Groups Hijacking Protests Of George Floyd’s Death And Turning Them Into Riots?

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