Scott Lively Gets Angry With Trump Critics

Dr. Lively chastises conservatives who condition their support for Trump on whether he agrees to violate the 10th Amendment and send in federal troops to end looting and arson in Democrat-controlled states and cities in defiance of state governors who are deliberately encouraging the chaos. Lively contends this is exactly what the left wants, and that the antics of BLM and Antifa anarchists are a form of violent street theater designed to provoke military response to advance the Marxist narrative that these thugs are “resisting fascism.” To put all of this in perspective, and showcase why conservatives should be more loyal to Trump, Dr. Lively has penned an essay on what American would now be like under a Hillary Administration.

Scott Lively Imagines the Hillary Administration

The American public is a fickle beast with a short memory. One minute we’re gushing with sycophantic praise for “first responders” and the next we’re debating whether they’re all just racist brutes unworthy of public employment. One minute we’re overcome with relief that Donald Trump’s election saved us from an unsurvivable plunge into Marxist hell and the next we’re condemning him as a sellout because he won’t trash the constitution and deploy the military on American streets against the wishes of Democrat governors (who are doing everything in their power to provoke him into over-ruling them so they can transform what is presently only media-exaggerated Dem on Dem street theater into an outright “Socialist vs Fascist” civil war). Thank God Donald Trump is a lot smarter than Tucker Carlson and the Hillary-supporting Murdoch children now running Fox News.

Just to put things back into perspective for the conservatives, I’d like to take a few minutes to ponder where we’d be today if Hillary had beaten Trump in 2016.

First of all, on the positive side, we wouldn’t have the utter chaos that is presently on display. There would have been no Russian Collusion Hoax, Impeachment Scam, Covid 19 Plandemic, or BLM/Antifa rioting, because these were all designed to overthrow Trump. Our intelligence agencies would not be tarnished with shame for staging an attempted coup. Our media would not have abandoned its pretense of objectivity and become blatant partisans. Our Democrat governors and mayors would not have been granted dictatorial powers over the citizens. Religious liberty would not have been officially deemed a “non-essential” service.

None of those things would have been orchestrated by the deep state because their champion Hillary would be at the helm. With no serious opposition to globalism, there would be relative peace and order and all that corruption would stay hidden. We’d be full speed ahead with the left’s agenda, spurred by non-stop media praise for her progress in “social justice” and the astonishing unity of vision among corporate America, academia, NGOs, labor unions, and foreign heads of state. There would possibly be some street protests by the “deplorables” – an occasional pro-life demonstration, perhaps a few pickets of Drag Queen Story Hour — but they’d be largely impotent and ignored by the media. Then again, the First Amendment might no longer protect “hate speech” and vigorous criminal prosecutions and non-profit dis-establishment for such “anti-social activities” could be a Hillary priority. The Hillary IRS would gladly help with that.

By now, both houses of Congress would be controlled by a super-majority of Democrats, the fruit of a fully-implemented “open borders” strategy and the perfection of “ballot harvesting” and other “voter franchise protections” by the DNC. The Bush Dynasty would control the GOP and offer token resistance while selling out for a share of the plunder and some plum gatekeeper positions for key agents such as Mitt Romney (on the condition they keep the conservatives suppressed – much like the Dems agreement with RINO Governor Charlie Baker in Massachusetts).

The courts would no longer protect us. There would be 150+ new Hillary federal judges. None of the federal circuits would have been flipped conservative. At SCOTUS, in the place of occasional “conservative” weasels like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh (blame the Heritage Foundation for them) we’d have jurists in the mold of Gloria Allred and Maxine Waters. Ruth Bader Ginsberg would resign to allow Hillary to replace her with Obama, for whom the groveling John Roberts would relinquish his role as Chief Justice. Never again would SCOTUS issue a conservative ruling as it finished jack-hammering the Bill of Rights into rubble, starting with the 2nd Amendment.

The biggest difference we’d see is a globe dominated by Communist China (and prominent Chinese representation in Hillary’s inner circle). The US would have continued to transition to Obama’s “lower expectation” economy and our manufacturing base would have shrunk further. There would be no economic boom, no employment miracle for Blacks and Hispanics, no shredding of bureaucratic red tape and over-regulation, but instead a vast expansion of government, including the total nationalization of our health industry, modeled on Obamacare.

Our military, while fully homosexualized, would not be rebuilt, and our capabilities would be greatly diminished. Taiwan, Hong Kong and the South China sea would likely be fully under Chinese control. South Korea would possibly be under Northern control. Iran would have nuclear weapons and control of Yemen, Syria and perhaps Lebanon. Netanyahu would have been ousted by a pro-Clinton leftist and Israel would be in some form of civil war over surrendering land to the Muslims with no friends outside its own borders. Brexit would never have been implemented in the UK and the European Union would have consolidated its power as the model for global government, crushing all nationalist opposition.

The United Nations would have a much expanded role in the United States and its “2030 Agenda” would be the “Roadmap for World Peace” pushed in our public schools, media, government agencies, and liberal churches (led by the RCC under Pope Francis).

Speaking of public schools, they would by now be openly and overtly teaching Marxism. There would be Planned Parenthood “health clinics” in the bigger high schools and middle schools, and new government agencies tasked with educating parents on LGBT “realities” and removing children from “unsafe” homes where Queer Theory is not fully embraced. Home-schooling would be banned.

Bill Clinton would be Ambassador to Epstein Island (where pal Jeff would still be alive), but the worldwide crackdown on pedophilia and sex trafficking would never have begun.

This is just a quick, incomplete glimpse into the parallel-world Donald Trump saved us from. If he did nothing else but play golf every day and left it to us citizens to take back this country for ourselves, we’d all still owe him a massive debt of gratitude. But instead he’s fighting tooth and nail for every inch of ground he can take, against the most intense political blitzkrieg ever seen in America. Next time you fair-weather friends of our president feel the urge to gripe about his supposed flaws, take a moment to consider how you personally would be affected today if we’d gotten Hillary instead.

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