Scott Lively on Mandatory Face Masks

Covid 19 is a serious disease, and the fact the left has politicized it, and that perhaps the globalists created it for nefarious purposes, should not cloud our judgment in responding to it as a health risk. Even if, as seems likely, Covid 19 turns out to be the disease equivalent of a bad flu, a bad flu season hurts and kills a lot of people, and encouraging policies like better attention to disinfecting public areas and increasing voluntary face mask usage in bad flu seasons would probably be a good idea going forward. So there’s a concession to the pro-mask people.

HOWEVER, these things must be balanced against the disastrous consequences of surrendering personal liberty to over-reaching government, especially regarding mandatory face mask policies, which are in some ways worse than police-enforced lockdowns, because they represent a literal “in-your-face” exercise of statist power like Islamist head coverings for women, or the Nazis “yellow star” for Jews. Unnecessary public mask wearing – as opposed to reasonable usage – is no less a statement of psychological submission to a higher authority than a dog collar.

My position is that face masks are helpful in group settings where the same set of people will be in close proximity for extended periods of time, including public transportation and enclosed workplaces, and in places where one might spend more than a few seconds face to face with highly vulnerable people, such as a hospital or nursing home. They are next to useless in an outdoor setting except as a protection for other nearby people by symptomatic people who are coughing and sneezing. They are unnecessary in settings like supermarkets where nonsymptomatic people, even those who may be unwittingly infected, are simply passing by each other, and in places with advanced air filtration systems, such as some churches that have been in the news. It’s all about viral load, and universal mask mandates ignore that fact and remove discretion from the citizens as to when and where they conclude it is important to wear them.

By imposing nanny-state mandates on people, governments are pushing liberty-loving Americans into a much stronger contrarian position than they would otherwise take, especially those who correctly perceive that public policy related to Covid 19 is heavily driven by 1) anti-Trump politics and 2) Big-Pharma’s predatory scheme to impose mandatory vaccines on the world. The problem here, as in so many left vs right battles, is lack of objectivity and an unwillingness to concede any facts that support the other side’s perspective, even in the slightest degree, especially by leftists, but also by many on the right. And it doesn’t help that at every step in the process various lies and manipulations of the “experts” and “leaders” are being exposed as politically driven when contrasted with hindsight-proven fact-based reality, such as the national and global death rate projections.

And in the greater scheme of things, I believe Liberty is more important than Security if one is forced to choose between the two. Those who don’t believe that are ripe for the Mark of the Beast, which is what this entire season of chaos is really about, in my view. I would rather die or be maimed from Covid 19 — or be beheaded by a mob of Anarchists and Islamists — than become a “safe” slave in a global totalitarian government.

Thankfully, that isn’t the choice today, because we still have the freedom to civilly disobey government overreach, such as mandatory universal mask orders and bans on church and other public gatherings — so long as we exercise those rights in open rebellion for the cause of liberty — while voluntarily following reasonable precautions on our own initiative.

When it comes to mask wearing policies in private settings, like restaurants and department stores, we should acknowledge that business owners have rights, too. If they want to mandate mask, so be it. We can each decide for ourselves whether that’s a deal-breaker regarding our patronage or not.

When it comes to self-evidently symptomatic people deliberately refusing to use a mask when they know they’re risking other people’s life or health, that’s an entirely different matter, and such conduct should be publicly discouraged, and perhaps punished if it results in harm to others.

But by the same token, those who are not symptomatic and choose not to wear face masks in higher risk settings, like indoor church services without effective air-filtration systems, should have the right to take that risk. Let me rephrase that – not “should have” but “do have” that right, because this is still America, whose legal system still rests upon the recognition that rights are from God, not government.

So I suggest that we all think very carefully about our personal choices in the matter of face masks and similar things and don’t get trapped into the false choice of total surrender or total rebellion, but make sure to separate truth from error, wisdom from folly so we don’t lose our balance on this political tightrope America is being forced to walk during this season of widespread irrationality.

Lastly, since hidden conspiracies to do evil are a very real part of the Marxist strategy, I always look for them in the form of leftist media manipulations and in the form of disinformation and social engineering campaigns supposedly from the “right.” In this case, I wonder how much of the less reasonable anti-mask rhetoric we’re letting influence us might be globalist trickery to get more of us infected.

Keeping our balance based on facts and reason is the only real antidote to that.

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